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  1. Miss those times too. We are still here but there's nothing for us to update and discuss already
  2. Missing them too! It's Tuesday today but there's nothing to look forward to tomorrow KBS still owes fans the last bts but well it is never going to be released
  3. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/468/0000533331 Auto translated It is possible because of Shin Hye Sun" ... KBS 'pride of being' single 'actor [SS star] S [Sports Seoul Jung Ha-ee reporter] KBS2 carol drama 'Dah, one love' which painted the love of angel and ballerina came to an end. It was the work of Shin Hye-sun, the actor who showed a lot of factors that led to the popularity of 'Dah, One Love' including the fresh story of heavenly romance, the transformation of Kim Myung Soo's acting that is divided into angelic dance. KBS 'solid, one love' solidified the popularity of the drama. In the second half of last year, your house helpers, today's detective, and good to die received poor reports, but afterwards, why did not you start with Dr. Koseo? It showed stable ratings and was promoted by the strength of cables and parts. It is not an exaggeration to say that Shin Hye-sun was at the forefront of the "Dang, One Love" show. In the early stage, the traumatized self-consciousness of trauma led to compassion, though it was cold. After meeting with Dahn and knowing love, the expression of love to Dahn made the viewers' hearts feel bad. Shinhyeon 's emotional performance, which changes every second as he moves toward the latter half, is even more prominent. When Dahn learns of the fact that he is an angel, he kneels in front of God to prevent his extinction and renders a chill, and instead of Dahn, Giselle stage, which expresses his desperate love while hiding his wounds, Was a scene in which his inner work as a performer stands out. View original The ballet performance was also a challenge for Shin. Although he could not perfectly follow the detailed choreography of ballerinas, which required many years of intuition, he filled his emotional acting with his ballet movements and his gaze and expression. KBS Kang Byeong-taek CP commented on Lee Yeon-seo, played by Shin Hye-sun, "I cast it with the thought that it should not be Shin Hye Sun." "What I was most concerned about was how to express ballet. It was sublimated by the expression of expression and gathered many topics. It seems that only Shinhyeon can do this. Other actors are hard to imagine, "he praised. It is also noteworthy that Shin HyeSeon has mainly played the characters of poisonous artists in recent works. He was a violinist with a talent in 'Thirty, but seventeen'. In the 'Psalm of Honor', he depicted the first soprano Yoon Chung - duk of Korea and the 'Genius Ballerina' in 'Dahn, One Love'. The situations that only artists experience and their unique agony are attractive elements as actors, but it is also difficult to express artistic sense not only because they are not easily accessible, but also because it is difficult to acquire empathy with viewers. It is a great way to see how Shinhyeon's thorough character analysis and fierce efforts have been. Shin Hye-sun's agency YNK Entertainment said, "Shin Hye-sun is a sincere actor who strives to change constantly and does not hesitate at present," and said, "It is Shin Hye-sun, who expresses the acting ability and various characters persuasive to raise the charm of the character to the maximum. Strengths we have. " In addition, Shin Hye Sun said, "I felt a lot of responsibility for the setting of Genius ballerina in preparation for this work." Since January of this year, I have been practicing ballet on an average of 4 ~ 5 hours a day. In order to make an optimized body line for ballerinas, I also care about the management, "said Shin Hye Sun's efforts for the character. Shin Hye Sun, who is taking a break after the end of 'Dah, One Love', is going to continue his acting act, taking a break from the movie 'innocence' and making a debut on the first screen. I am excited about the new challenge of Shin Hye-sun, who has been ranked among the top 30 actresses who can not be replaced by successive box-office successes and constantly changing characters.
  4. I think we've never need this more than anything. The amount of cut and deleted scenes... we all need those.
  5. I hear that you're talking about me. Wow Titania chingu, you are saying "A low move"? I quote Nymeria. That's the problem with you. You may not have realised, it is your words. Words can kill. I hated MGL because of the scandalous ML but never did I once say anything about HS. I remembered saying about how I hated MGL and how I wanted badly for that drama to end then BUT i also acknowledged that it was the drama that brought her to lead actress status and that was the only good thing for her out of that drama. You are like a long time friend in Soompi to me and though we had differing views on ALML i have tried my utmost to not rebuke with you head to head. But you didn't want to leave a leeway for a fella HS fan cum old Soompi friend. You went far with your words to say I'm insulting you and your new friends to which I chose not to argue further because I know what consequences will result if I reiterated. It will be never ending. I had many times stressed to you in ALML thread my views are based on the drama and not pinpointing anyone. I have no interest to continue this debacle here. If you do not already know, some people are watching us on another thread literally with popcorn to see how "fans of ALML lead actress are fighting among themselves". I hope this ends and move on. Let's love each other more and not fight please.
  6. I like how we are here consoling ourselves that other endings are even worse You guys are so funny!
  7. I'm not going to comment on anything till I see the subbed episode. But first I am so pissed with this writer who wasted at least half an episode and deprived us of DanYeon happy moments. It is like giving a happy ending which doesn't make any of us happy at all.
  8. I saw their photos placed on the table beside YS's bed in hospital. Could it be YS is in a coma for a long time and there's a dreaded time jump? If not why the photos there?
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