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  1. Oh~my~god! She's so adorable! So excited to see her on Running Man, used to be my favourite show. I'm actually looking forward to RM more than KB. Finally she's on a whole proper episode of RM. Next week is gonna be a great week for us Hyesun fans! Happiness. This bout of movie promotions are better than any drama promotions she have ever had. I'm not complaining! By the way her IG followers went from 694K to 711K in just one week from the start of Innocence press conference till now. 17K in just 10 days. That's impressive.
  2. She already had one confirmed work right? She said in Olive event that filming will start this year. But we still don't know what is it. Not a drama perhaps a movie. I wonder why still not announced. Actually I don't understand why she must diet? She's already so slim!!! She's too cute in today's interview! Gosh can't imagine I'm stanning and loving an actress this much. I need to go check out those videos and pics first. Thanks @immorethant for all the links and translations!!!!
  3. From his IG account profile, I think the host tomorow likes to speak and learn English since he wants to be an international comedian. Let's try asking in English lol! I absolutely love your video!!!! @immorethant just saw this. My wish came true??! Where to ask? Leave comments???
  4. Actually I'm wondering if the radio programme tomorow accepts fans questions or how and where to ask. @immorethant if you managed to tune in and there's really a space to ask questions, please help me ask her to consider organising a Asia Fan Meeting!
  5. No don't be embarrassed!!! We are just speculating and sharing our discussion and ideas! I think the same too that she's already confirm something but can't announce yet. Though I know that, I still cant help wishing the announcement will come soon! Wow can't wait to see the interview! Wish we could get to see this beautiful goddess in person one day! We can dream right? This is movie promotion so I doubt they will ask about drama. The radio interview is so early tomorow! Poor Hyesun must be up so early... luckily it's postponed to an hour later. I can't access the link on phone or laptop too. Will have to wait for others to upload the interview. I'm curious to see what will she be wearing tomorow!
  6. Amidst all the excitement on Innocent movie, I'm still waiting for that long awaited drama news. Can she accept a drama soon? Miss her in dramaland.
  7. 검 신혜선, 쌀화환 인증샷 공개 “감사합니다” [M+★SNS] 기사입력2020.02.07. 오후 12:26 최종수정2020.02.07. 오후 12:27 좋아요 훈훈해요 좋아요 평가번역 SNS 원본보기 신혜선 쌀화환 인증 사진=신혜선 SNS배우 신혜선이 쌀화환 인증샷을 공개했다. 6일 신혜선은 자신의 인스타그램을 통해 “감사합니다”라는 글과 함께 여러 장의 사진을 게재했다. 공개된 사진 속에는 팬들이 서울 강남구 CGV압구정에서 열린 영화 ‘결백’의 제작보고회 현장에 보낸 쌀화환과 그 앞에서 환한 미소를 짓고 있는 신혜선의 모습이 담겨 있다. 또한 신혜선은 고개를 숙여 팬들에게 감사한 마음을 전하기도 해 눈길을 끌었다. 신혜선이 올린 여러 장의 사진을 통해 그의 팬사랑을 느낄 수 있었다. 한편 신혜선이 출연하는 영화 '결백'은 아빠의 장례식장에서 벌어진 막걸리 농약 살인사건, 기억을 잃은 채 살인사건의 용의자로 몰린 엄마 화자(배종옥 분)의 결백을 밝히려는 변호사 정인(신혜선 분)이 추시장(허준호 분)과 마을 사람들이 숨기려 한 추악한 진실을 파헤쳐가는 무죄 입증 추적극이다. 오는 3월 개봉. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/057/0001418735 (Auto translation: ) Shin Hye-sun reveals the rice wreath certification shot “Thank you” On the 6th, Shin Hye-sun posted several pictures with the words “Thank you” through her Instagram. The released photo shows a rice wreath sent by fans to the production report of the film 'Innocent' held at CGV Apgujeong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and Shin Hye-sun smiling brightly. Shin Hye-sun also bowed her head to express her gratitude to her fans. Shin Hye-sun's several photos showed her love for fans Deeply touched by this girl. She bowed to the fans to thank them. This was such a genuine and truly heartwarming gesture. How can we not love her?
  8. I'm so overwhelmed with these many news and photos of Hyesun today. Feeling giddy after hours of saving and posting photos. On one part, Tae Hang Ho said Hyesun is her first love in the movie? Love her update photos. The way she bowed in that third pic is just too cute. Love this girl
  9. I think the March 3 date probably means the movie opens in cinemas on that day or/and the movie premiere day where many stars will attend. The Feb 6 date should be a press conference where the cast promote the movie before its opening date. Just my thoughts. Look forward to press conference!
  10. OMG!!! Wowww I hope that's real!! I want to see her so badly on a live studio interview show. I wonder what program is Civilization Express about? It doesn't sounds like a entertainment or variety program. Just saw her manager liked the post. I supposed we really can get to see her on the program!
  11. Bus ad for "Innocent" in Korea originally posted by Hye Sun's manager. 100 points to the movie promotion efforts!
  12. I love this caption. "Overwhelming Presence." No words needed. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/108/0002840264 Absolutely excited and happy about good reviews from the trailer. Though I don't understand a single word from KidariEnt's latest post, I know they are good praises and reviews of the cast (including Hyesun) and the movie. So happy for Hyesun! I hope this will be a great first step for more to come in establishing herself in the film industry just as what she had achieved in her dramas.
  13. OMG the trailer is so freaking good! Im so excited and can't wait to watch this! Hyesun is gonna nail this role again. I hope she gets all the awards in 2020!
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