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  1. Justs finished the latest episode - I cried when Soo Jae overheard the conversation and when tried to ask his gf to leave him and when he cried in the bathroom... what a sad situations for him and he is very positive now he can have someone to talk to beside YJ...Joo Ran.... I didn’t cry when YJ cried after the phone conversation. But I do cry watching JY quiet and sad scene especially after he secretly visited and watching YJ from a far...... And furthermore the Sign “will you Marry me YJ.....” when the Car boot cover was opened...It was a sad scene..indeed... But even....I feel it is good thing that they broke- up. And it is a good thing he resigned. I am glad that JY did not go and beg YJ to go back again. Enough is enough.
  2. It does look like Cha Eun Woo is showing the LOVE sign to Im Sohyang - "I love you" and ISH is so happy...
  3. Hi @angel2013 am so glad that you back here finally....yeayy pls join us during the live in Monday and Tuesday......fortunately @supergal99 Is keeping her interest in BI so intact....regardless I will watch any SHJ drama till the end....lol promise..lol!
  4. @aSHJfan that will be sweet surprise if Eric can cameo and bromance with Lee Min Ki....
  5. Yes the rating is rising up....do u guys notice that many of the side characters are form OHYA....if they will earn the reward trip...they will go together again lol!
  6. @supergal99 DJ is too timid and strict hopefully he will slowly changing up in the coming episode...
  7. I am just confused....DJ is face blind so he cannot recognize SG (except smell) but is he aware if she changed to other person?
  8. It seems that my link doesn’t work tonite ....so keep on sharing @supergal99
  9. Actually I am in the same boat as you... It pissed me off too... But sometimes couldn't help seeing the little obvious..but I like your confident... Let's stop the rumors...
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