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  1. OST Part 9 Just released and thanks To Zico and o3ohn It was GREAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMnXzLs6M4k
  2. drama OST All Are Great really :) and I liked the song at the end of ep 12 . Hope they release it soon . but anybody knows about that song in ep 11 when Choi Yoojin goes to Jang and think about Ae-shin while shooting the Gun ? (at 28' - ep 11) please help me if you know :)
  3. Finally Illang Day :) is there any VIP Premiere ( for other stars )Today Like Cold eyes Or Not ?
  4. where can we read reviews and comments about Movie ?
  5. @ohnoitscindy Thanks dear friend For Videos and about today red Carpet I liked their outfit (except KDW - Why his stylist make him wear strange outfits always ) but he is Still KDW and so handsome specially with this Hair style . I think they had natural behaviors . do you think so ? I guess they try so hard To not seem awkward beside each other and the other were Calm Like Nothing special happened about dating :))) waiting for more pics and videos thank you guys for updates
  6. Hello everyone . it's Nice To Speak with Hyo Joo fans here I was Soompi forum silent reader but I decide to join you and talk about my favorite actors and actress here . I was jongjoo shipper since W because I am Hyolic and WithJS both ! but beside him I love many other actors like kang dong won- jung il woo - Nam Joo hyuk - lee min ho etc. so after dating rumors I was really happy ... love both of them . Now I don't know they are dating or not but support both for sure . I prefer to support them no matter dating or not and I want to respect their privacy and decision. so Hyo joo will take part in Illang events ! right? all of them? and also tomorrow red carpet ? I am really excited for VIP premiere . want to see many actors and actress and of course my favorite Idols there ! ( maybe Kim taehyung and BTS too? he is close friend with Hwarang co-star Minho ...Oh GOD ...any Army here? I think Hwarang cast will be there . park seo joon is close with hyo joo and minho ! Go Ara is labelmate with JWS) I have a request . I Watched an interview with kang dong won and a reporter told him about hyo joo and asked about their romance and KDW said what kind of romance do you mean and then added that : yes she is really beautiful every body knows! I searched again to find that interview but I cant find it now. can somebody please send it here ? Thank you
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