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  1. 6 hours ago, adeleyam said:

    Oh that explains a lot.. thanks @Rania Zeid for the secret codes!

    Below are the rough translation:

    1st key: the release of the 1st stills are the back view in the comic.

    2nd key: leaves and butterflies differentiating the dimensions..

    3rd key: holding of hands opens the door to the other dimension.

    4th key: YJ's father holds the key to the whole situation and YJ is a big fan of the comic character that her father created.. to be continued..

    We were right! :D

    6 hours ago, Rania Zeid said:

    Thnx for the trans, i edited  those to make it clearer  :D




     THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :wub: 

    I can't wait for the rest of the secret codes!! :D

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  2. 50 minutes ago, irenetan said:

    Haha yea... I'm wondering that too! Till date they've filmed many rooftop scenes and most of it (it seems) were filmed throughout the night so probably not just this scene that they did 20 over takes. 

    you're right!! we have to wait and see what all these rooftop scenes are about!! 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Rania Zeid said:

    thi may have been discussed before when the 1st teaser was released but I wasn't here back then so I'm sorry in advance!! from what we can see Yeon Joo had 3 different outfets at the 1st teaser and everyone was linked to an event/incident!! the 1st one is the jacket and striped shirt where we see her waking up in Kang Cheol's world wondering why is she there and she'll find him wounded with that outfet, there is the black dress with white flowers/disine on it where she was on the phone while trying to escape the police and she got caught eventually and there is onther dress, the one she wore when she met Kang Cheol for the 1st time and slaped him ( :lol: ) ... which means that she was on Kang Cheol's world before (when she slaped him) then why did she woke up wondering why she's there? and why did she get caught since I don't think it's because of her slaping Kang Cheol even if he's the richest man on Korea!! 

    @sara523 you're most welcome!! :) thank you for Lee Jong Suk's BT stills!! he looks really handsome!! :wub: well that's nothing new right?!! :D 

    5 hours ago, irenetan said:

    According to the person who tweeted this, Jong Suk filmed the same scene repeatedly (for nearly 20 times). 

    20 times?!!! I'm wondering what is the scene is about to put all that effort into it but I admire his and the team's hardworking and I can trust them to give us a high quality drama!! W team fighting!! 

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  4. 4 hours ago, i.am.bugz.funny said:

    so many info 'bout the drama are coming out... 


    IKR! KC's life is so tragic ... If they killed KC in the story too...then it will be too evil... to think he got all the money and fame but then again he's not happy ...rich people seemed to be liked that... because money isn't about everything.... the only happiness that Kang Chul can get is Oh Yeon Joo... so I hope writer-nim will give him the right happy ending... 


    still hoping they will release a teaser this week...

    it will be super evil!!!...now that I look at it, Kang Cheol's life was always in danger for some reason, 1stly his family getting killed, then him being attacked by MANY men on public (?) then him almost getting killed on the rooftop!! what's the reason behind all this? I don't think his family's mudering was a simple murder case, it was a brutal one which shows that there mast be some kind of personal grudge against them!! they didn't kill one member of the family, they killed them All minus Kang Cheol who got framed to be the murderer!! was it part of the plan to keep him alife to use him to cover it up or was it just a coinsidence that they used to their advantage? I can see the reason behind their persistent attempt to kill him after his big comeback since coming back as the most rich and respectful chaebol who's uncoveing the wrongdoings like his family's case through his broadcast isn't something they can stand still infront while he's getting cloe to uncover their own dirtiness on public!!

    if it's true that Yeon Joo's father is trying to kill off Kang Cheol's character then what could be the reason behind it? it's imposible for a writer to kill off his main character since that will mean the end of his story and in Kang Cheol's case his story can't end yet without revealing those who ruined his life and making them for their wrongdoing, unless the writer/yeon Joo's father is willing to make a really bad ending for his story with the bad people winning which is nonsence becaue why even bother to make Kang Cheol powerful and in a position to fight to right the wrong only to kill him before reaching his goal? plu he will risk the unger of the manhwa fans who were waiting for Kang Cheol to uncover his parents murder case!! 

    and why did Yeon Joo's father disappeared exactly when Kang Cheol was dying on the manhwa if it wan't for Yeon Joo who managed to save him because of the whole in the barrier between the two worlds? many questions are popping in my head!! waiting turned me crazy!! :crazy:

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    28 minutes ago, Rania Zeid said:


    i don't see them look like just their milky skin maybe .. but just that,  something is wrong wz my eyes maybe ? :blink:


    not sure if today , tomorrowor  on Saturday maybe 

    @Rania Zeid  @i.am.bugz.funny   maybe they had the same gaze while preparing for their scene but don't see them alike visually, other than the milky skin and being too beautiful/handsome :D

    I'm happy with anything and everything they'll give us at any time - don't take too much time though MBC!! please!!

    13 minutes ago, uknowahah said:

    Last teaser was on Friday.. so maybe this Friday? Then next week we can have our first trailer. Sounds like a plan no?

    oh...a trailer!! :o the stills and teasers were enough to make me lose my mind while waiting for the drama to start!! how/what the trailer will be/do then? :wub: I can't wait!! :D 

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  6. @Rania Zeid @andy78 @irenetan @i.am.bugz.funny  thank you for all the goodies (article/memes/fanarts/stills/videos), I'm sad that I can't be an active member like you but the leat I can do is showing my gratitude!! :) 

    @sara523 hi chingu!! nice to meet you too!! lets have a great time all of us here enjoying and spreading our love for the drama!! :D 


    Kang Cheol has a sister too? and she died alongside his parents? no, please don't let that be true, that's too much!! :tears:

    and we have a still of Kang Cheol and Yeong Joo at the hospital after savig his life!! I can see him looking at her with: "aren't you the z woman who slaped me for no reason in public? and your a doctor?!!" :lol: at least he can forget the slap incident after her saving his life!! :D though it's really hard to forget such a 1st meeting!! :lol:

    @skyangellove I loved it too!! :wub: 

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  7. thank you everyone for all the posts!! :) I was laughing outloud seeing Yoen Joo slaping Kang Cheol in the new stills but now I feel like crying seeig the still of him with his mother when she wa killed brutally, I knew that from the synopsis but still I was shocked to see the gunshot on her forhead!! did his father got killed the same way at the same day too? :tears: and on top of it he will be framed on this crime!!! :tears:

    I have to run to my studies now or my mother will kill me if she finds out I'm still home!! :P see you all soon!! :) 

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  8. 56 minutes ago, parmma said:

    Drama 'W' releases still cuts of Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo's first meeting

    By beansss   

    so it is their 1st meeting like I thought!! that's more reasonable than meeting him the 1st time while he was wounded only to slap him the 2nd time when she see him again!! but still not the best 1st meeting but it's a memoriable one for sure!!!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    52 minutes ago, chyantrils25 said:

    the girl was at total lost!:lol:

    yeah!these stills looks cute and funny surely it'll be cuter & funnier in motion:D

    oh yeah!there was a rooftop stills before,let me rephrase it's Yeon Joo & Kang Chul's 1st stills with them interacting:D...the rooftop stills there's no interaction between the two, Kang Chul was just basically bloody lying down:D

    yeah that scene was so amusing....hahah that's remain to be seen(if Kang Chul will only get slap by Yeon Joo):lol:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hopefully that will be all of it (no kicking or punching from Yeon Joo)!! hhhhhhhhhhhh

    yes I noticed myself that @Rania Zeid wasn't around for quiet some time, I missed her too!!

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  9. 1 hour ago, uknowahah said:

    @sakura2016 yeah perhaps it was too dark on the rooftop and they do not recognize each other. 

    Met her perfect dream man for the first time and slap him to leave a lasting impression. Girls should definitely learn from Yeon Joo.

    Yeah reminds me of BL as well. Expect that guy deserves the punch. XD

    I don't know really, she saved him back then so how could she not see his face?!!! 

    even better, met her dream man for the 1st time and slap him to make sure he's for real!!!! and this time it's literal!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    yes, I read how a rude character he was!! 

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  10. 19 minutes ago, chyantrils25 said:

    yeah i also think for now we had enough for teasers & guess it's time for some stills and i believe these are Yeon Joo & Kang Chul's first stills in one frame(?)

    did anybody also got the BL vibe from the 2nd pic when eung sung punch hwan infront of the elevator?hahah that scene just suddenly popped up when i saw the 2nd pic!:lol:

    there was a still of them together when she found him wounded on the rooftop I believe so this count as the 2nd time!!

    she punched him? hhhhhhhhhh (I didn't watch that drama, I only wached the MV of its ost sung by K.Will)  it's good then that she only slaped Kang Cheol!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor men!! hhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  11. 46 minutes ago, ohnoitscindy said:

    New teaser came out?!

    Nvm looks like they're just new stills TT-TT

     OH MY HEART!!! I'm in love with this drama and I want it to start now!!! :tears: thank you so much for the stills!! :) 

    hhhhhhhhhhhhh that was so funny!!! is this the 1st time she meets him here? it's as if she freaked out to see him in her world (not realising that she's actually in his world)!!! that's hillarious!! :D so she's shocked to see him (the manhwa character that she wa just fangirling over) in flesh and he being anaware of anything is like: "are you crasy?" hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    @uknowahah hhhhhhhhhhhhhh well she wa like that for most of the time but who can blame her? she just found herself in a manhwa world where the man she was fangirling over and the world she was reading about turned into some kind of reality!! but I believe the 2nd teaser and the gifs and too short videos of them standing in their separated worlds then their worlds emerge together when they hold each other hands are the moments she was the most on ease and calm in them!! :D she just need it to understand what was going on but poor Kang Cheol had to be slapped in the process!!! hhhhhhhhhhhhh his face was priceless and how he was standing there with crossed arms!!! :phew:


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  12. 2 hours ago, myinnerbattles said:

    LOOOL so the aegyo/skinship king is back in action haha HJ and JS are both cuties, though she totally gives off the noona vibes though haha 

    if i understood correctly, is this a drama about a parallel universe??? :sweatingbullets:


    yes!! Kang Cheol is the main lead character in Yeon Jo's father's manhwa and she's a fangirl of his character in our real world :D how great is it to come face to face with the manhwa character you was fangirling over?!!! :D actually it's more than that since she saves his life when she was searching for her father who suspecially disappeared, Kang Cheol ends up determined to find her believing that she ha the key to his life and she believe that he's the key to reach her father and so their lives gets interlocked!! 

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    @irenetan thank you for the translation!! that's so funny and they are so cute!! :wub:

    3 hours ago, chyantrils25 said:

    woah!..i knew MBC is going to give us something today and again this teaser got our curiosity awakened hehe:D

    ^Hyo Joo & sukii's visual is just so eye candy...i really have my fingers crossed for them to have a photoshoot together to promote W though i've no doubt that they can pull off great shoots together without a sweat i'm still curious to see how they would look like i mean these two is just a killer in a photoshoot!they sure know how to pose!:P^

    >>just noticed that our thread just got more fans recently as we're getting close to our premiere:D

    -*-*-*Welcome everyone! welcome2.gif yeheeyyy!the more the merrier!-*-*-*

    thank you for your warm welcoming and I believe there is many ho are still waiting for the dama to start to be part of this thread to share their love for the drama with all of us here!! :D

    I can't wait myelf for their photoshoot!! everything about this drama was/is great and the photoshoot will be as great I'm sure!! :D

    @i.am.bugz.funny yes!!! please writer-nim we're puting our faith on you so give us a great drama and a happy ending!! ^_^

    2 hours ago, shin.u said:


    the actors might hv no benefit but the production or actor mgt team need those attention, as same as entertainment editors/reporter

    specific case as JongBin, u ll see something s definitely going to happen once both dramas air :) history remarked so does the future, sadly. 

    I'm sure that thee kind of things will be benefitial to the media or the production but I believe that this will end up harmful in some way at least for one of those puted on the light spot wich I hate!! the should think about the benefit of the too sides and that will be benefitial for everyone but they chose the path where they'll be the only benefiting ones!! that's sad for the actors!!

    2 hours ago, i.am.bugz.funny said:


    although I don't want to say this...but there is already a competition going on ...even with fans... been reading comments here and there...and people are comparing the two dramas already...It's sad because I like both actors but for the ratings I'm choosing this to get high ratings...


    I'm sorry for cutting your post!! I know there is competition and that's natural and a healthy thing when it's on the right way, this is why everyone will do his best which will increase the quality of the dramas, my problem is on the fact that they're not comparing the two dramas, it's more about puting the two actors face to face which is wrong and in the proces the fans start a war against each other for no reason!! we can discuss about the differences between the dramas and question who may have the better shot to reach more audiences but why use the actors as the main comparison subject not the drama as a whole? I know it's more fun for them but not for me!! the actors made their best and the rest is on the production and the quality of the drama itself!! I like KWB but I love LJS and I'm so excited about this drama and I want it to be the most successful one among other dramas of the same time slot but I still wish success to everyone and I won't put KWB into a comparison against LJS because that's useless and meaningless!!

    @leekyuphii thank you for your kind welcoming!! I just wanted to say that I loved your post and the best part for me was


     cr: dramabeans

    "everyone please step aside.... W will come to conquer your real world and your fantasy world:D:D"

    this was perfectly said!!! :D I'm so excited and can't wait for the drama to start!! :D 

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  14. 57 minutes ago, hongjxng said:


    thank you for sharing!! I'm so happy to see such rational comments!! maybe this is my 1st time seeing many people standing by the too actors (not specifically LJS and KWB) not falling for the medias play and I hope it won't be my last time!! I really hated when people/media trys to put actors against each other!! I don't see what's the fun or the benefit of it!! can't they be friends or have a good relationship as colleages from the same indutrie? can't they both succeed? do they need to be rivals or even ennemies so the media can enjoy covering and creating more "false" news about them? I hope more people start realising this old trick and stop falling for it!! anyway I wish them both to have a successful career and a great life!! :)

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  15. 8 hours ago, i.am.bugz.funny said:


    I bet they will release this on wed. ...oh yeah!...can't wait ...and I think we're gonna have a real glimpse of the story....

    my first impression on LJS clothes in the photoshoot looks like a sleepwear... hehehe...


    the teaser gave me hope that it will be a happy ending after all when that wall was broken....

    YES!!! I'm so excited!!! the new gifs (from the new teaser?) are tooooooooooooo AWESOME!! I beleive they (we) will have a happy ending!! there is no way they'll give us such a hint then break our hearts!! I can't wait for the drama to start!!! :D 

    @Rania Zeid thank you so so so much for all your posts!! you made my day!! I'm so happy and excited for the drama to start!! every news/teaser/stills about the drama makes me more impatient while waiting for 20th July!!! :w00t:

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  16. 3 hours ago, Rania Zeid said:


    hi & welcome here :) yeh i agree wz u , also when kC tried to break the wall but he couldn't, only when  him & YJ touched hands that wall  disappeared   

    yes!! that was too powerful!! the drama didn't start yet but I felt really sad for him being desperate to reach her and was so happy when the wall started to break and he started emerging in her word!! I loved that moment so much!!! it's like I had my happy ending before even the start of the drama!!! hhhhhhhhh :D 

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  17. Hi everyone!! I'm new to this thread, I used to have a soompi accompt (ilchul) but forgot the password (how smart of me!! :D ) and I made a new accompt today to be able to share my love and excitment for this drama and Lee Jun Ki's drama "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo"since I couldn't remain as a silent lurker for too long!! :D 



    cr: kdramakisses

    one of the best moments in the 2nd teaser is when Kang Cheol ang Yeon Jo touched each other through the barrier between their two words and the barrier started to shatter and Kang Cheol started emerging in Yeon Jo's world!! the way it was portrayed and the mix  between his comic self/world and Yeon Jo's real world!! that was really great!! :w00t: :wub:

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