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  1. Thank you so much @rachel98 for clarifying things for us and I agree with everyones words here!! I was already baffled by the news of YSH in talk for a 3rd rom-com in a row and one with a shallow story and character but now I feel even worst...what did he or his agency even think still considering this drama? this is not how YSH think nor consider his roles (he's a respectful man) and what good would it give his career or make use of his talent but give fanservice which YSH always kept away from as much as he could and with last real life scandals this is even worst timing for such project guranteeing him being cursed for this role if he takes it...he wants to play villain? we all wish for it knowing how good he'll pull it off but this is not a villain role, it's only a sleezy disrespectful man which I won't and can never see YSH play!! really he and his agency need to put more thoughts into his project choices and not jump into 1st project he get and stop with rom-coms for now!!

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  2. 15 hours ago, Berou said:

    YSH insta update



    translation : I had a fun and a happy time with the fans  in Japan . Thank you for your unwavering love. I hope  the fans will remain in  a special memory  : ) I will come to you in a better way . Let's see each other next time!


    @sakura2016 I think you've already watched it lol


    he looks really handsome and happy here :wub:


    yeah I did but who'd say no for a rewatch ;):D


    9 hours ago, Berou said:

    Being active again on instagram means he has resumed his job and his break is officially over. If you remember the initial statement from BS when they revealed YSH had signed up with them, they stated after MSH he would take a break. He is prepping his return to acting behind the scenes. 

    I would say his unshaven pic made quite a big buzz and the big increase of followers is due to that pic. 


    can't wait for his returning project...I'm looking forward for his comeback with a great project hopefully :blush:

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Berou said:

    What made you came back ? YSH's recent activity in Japan or  his unshaven beard or his new hairstyle ? :lol:. He has now become a NAMJA. You know how I much ranted about his looks that made him younger and trapped him in his child actor image. 


    I got another video of him being adorable and witty, it was during Joseon magician promotion. 


    ALL ;):lol: ...yeah I remember and I felt the same but now he's showing us his manly look, it suits him ALOT :wub:


    where is it? I'm sure I watched it before but I'll never say no to rewatching you know :D;)


    3 minutes ago, Berou said:


    I think that's the only thing most of us are whishing for right now.

    Indeed very shocking. YSH must have thought while in army that he needed to make a grand comeback and be everywhere. But his plans fell apart. 


    all we can do is waiting for his comeback with a good project that makes him and us happy hopefully!!

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Berou said:

    WHO am I seeing here ? :w00t:


    Welcome back !!  \(^o^)/


    * Hugs


    I missed talking with you about YSH, those good old days...


    Yeah it's a very funny interview, surprisingly YSH has a sense of humour. 


    There was a video of him doing his army service. A crew went to film him training the recruits. You can watch it if you're interested seeing his manly side ;)


    Hi, long time noe see indeed, I missed talking to you too but here I am now :D  *hugs back to you*


    yeah, he was pretty witty ;):lol:


    I watched it before but watching it again because... ;)

    11 minutes ago, Berou said:
    10 hours ago, rahma92 said:

    YSH still nailed all the characters tho. He just picked the wrong script. :(

    yes he nailed the characters, I got the impression he rushed and hopped on every project he deemed interesting. What he did in 2015 was a bit superhuman and I felt he cloned himself in order to film all those acting projects. He was everywhere, for example while Remember was airing he promoted at the same time joseon magician and I don't know how he was able to film a mini-drama just before Remember knowing he finished filming Kim Sun Dal around September 2015 and Remember's filming began  in early November. Lastly, while he hadn't finished filming Joseon Magician he choose another movie and began the filming almost right away, so for about a month he filmed two movies at the same time.  


    yeah that was pretty surprising/shoking then, I only hope he'll be back with a challenging project worth his talent because he really have the talent only picked wrong script!!

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  5. 10 hours ago, Berou said:

    This is the video if you're interested 







    Male Interviewer (In the background) : Is the siren sound okay?

    *At the right time, there is a civil defense exercise drill going on.*

    Yoo Seung Ho: Wow, Civil Defense Training…..*Such a distant memory*

    Yoo Seung Ho: Well, I was in the reserve forces.

    Yoo Seung Ho: Starting from this year, I’ve been in the reserve forces for a year.

    Yoo Seung Ho: I am now MR. reserve forces man.

    Lady Interviewer: We really missed him. He returned after making a  transformation from being ‘THE NATION’S LITTLE BROTHER TO THE NATION’S MANLY MAN. Hello, Mr. Yoo Seung Ho! (This interviewer woman is annoying)

    Lady Interviewer: Let’s Win!”

    Yoo Seung Ho: “Let;s Win!” (Seung Ho looked kind of surprise by this sudden salute)

    Lady Interviewer: Oh My gosh, he is so handsome!

    Lady Interviewer: “You didn’t miss Noona( Older Sister) ?” 

    Yoo Seung Ho: Ummmm………..

    Yoo Seung Ho: I watched you a lot on television while I was in the military.

    Lady Interviewer: Oh Really?

    Yoo Seung Ho: Yes, Yes…

    Lady Interviewer: So what were the reactions of your fellow military men?

    Yoo Seung Ho: ……………………… (Seung Ho seems to be lost for words)

    Yoo Seung Ho: Well, I can’t really recall…

    Lady Interviewer: Oh, it’s because you don’t really remember right?

    Lady Interviewer: We haven’t seen you in awhile so there is a dessert for you.

    Lady Interviewer: When your mouth is bored, what do you usually eat?

    Yoo Seung Ho: I usually snack a lot. I really like to snack. (He names the kinds of snacks that he eats but in Korea its not legal for you to name the companies on live television so they had to blurt it out)

    Lady Interviewer: You are like a talkshow gangster.

    Lady Interviewer: You are just blurting it all out like nobody’s business….This is just his charm.

    Lady Interviewer: We just can’t help but to love this part about you. 

    Lady Interviewer: I saw you filming earlier with your sweet little eyes. Can you please look at me with those sweet eyes of yours?

    Lady Interviewer: Are you shooting out those sweet eyes towards me?

    Yoo Seung Ho: I was shooting them to you.

    Lady Interviewer: I feel so happy! 

    Lady Interviewer: Since it’s not cool for me to be the only one on the receiving end of this so, we should do this for the viewers as well…..Seung Ho is sighing for some reason…..

    Seung Ho with his irresistible smile…..but he still looked really awkward by the woman’s demands.

    Lady Interviewer: OMG, he is soooo sweet. 

    Yoo Seung Ho’s video clip that he posted before he went off to the military.

    *I didn’t tell anybody and decided to enlist to the military on march 5th, I will be back safe and sound.

    Lady Interviewer: How could you not tell me and go off like that? 

    Yoo Seung Ho: You have to go the military at some point so, I thought that it would be a good idea to go and I also thought that it could be fun as well. Once I got into the military then I saw some men with the red caps on, You know those assistant instructors….The moment I saw those guys I said to myself, “Ahhh… I don’t think this is what I was thinking of…..The moment I went in, I regretted right away.

    • Right Now I am an assistant instructor for the recruit training center*

    Lady Interviewer: He traded spots and became the assistant instructor himself. He was famous for being harsh to the rookies like a demon.

    Lady Interviewer: So what was your responsibility in the military?

    Yoo Seung Ho: For me I was responsible for, personal arms and equipment. (Fire, shooting)

    Lady Interviewer: So did you get a prefect score for that then?

    Yoo Seung Ho: I can do it with my eyes closed now (Seung Ho is such a funny dude here);;;I could even shoot it with my foot.

    Lady Interviewer: You are so full of wit so I feel like you have changed a lot.

    Yoo Seung Ho: I think I have learned this kind of social skill in the military.

    Lady Interviewer: Oh ok…why don’t you tell us how people can be good at shooting…You know to the people that will be replacing you in the future.

    Yoo Seung Ho: When it comes to shooting….

    Lady Interviewer: Yes…!

    Yoo Seung Ho: The fast way to learn is to get in trouble from your seniors…Get scolded and punished by them….

    Lady Interviewer: You know the image of an assistant instructor is on the scary side.

    Yoo Seung Ho: I really worried about this a lot because, when the trainees come for the first time, and when they see me their reaction isn’t  “That guy is our assistant instructor” but rather they say stuff like, “Oh, that’s Yoo Seung Ho!” When I heard such reactions and it kind of got me angry so when they whisper amongst each other saying, “There is Yoo Seung Ho” I didn’t hesitate to go and punish those newbies. I was very mean and harsh compared to the other assistant instructors.

    Lady Interviewer: If you get a role for an assistant instructor  then you would be able to do it easily…

    Yoo Seung Ho: That would be a piece of cake…

    Lady Interviewer: You would be able to do it with your eyes closed right?

    Yoo Seung Ho: Yup, I would be able to just do it with my foot. (My gosh Seung Ho is so humorous and quirky)

    Lady Interviewer: This is a humor for sure!

    Yoo Seung Ho: Yes….


    Cr: jenskdramareview


    hhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you for sharing the translation, I remember when I 1st watched the video with no subs, it was funny but now it's even more funny :lol:

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Berou said:

    @sakura2016-ssi where art thou ? Our cutie pie has made his move and chose his new agency. What do you think ? :). Your presence is missed :(


    Hi chingu, I'm here, I knew of YSH's joining a new agency and here I am!! :D I'm actually happy though I have my dissapointing side just like you as you said above...but I'll just hope for the best and we're to wait and see!!


    4 minutes ago, Berou said:


    Since fans like to find links and coincidences between actors. I also tried to "play this game" and tried to link YSH with one of his new co-workers. To my great delight I have found out the REAL reason why YSH chose BS company. His bestie is just an excuse and a shield !! :lol:  Guys, don't fall into his trap haha. He signed up with BS because his ideal type and his favourite actress is a talent under the same agency . It is none other than the great actress Kim Tae Hee, one of top three beauties of SK entertainment. He confessed in a past interview she was his ideal type.  He went moved to BS actually for her !! You sneaky YSH ! :lol:




    Rough translation 


    "Kim Tae-hee noona  is my ideal type."




    "Kim Tae-hee noona is my ideal type."
     Korean younger brother Yoo Seung-ho is drawing attention by revealing his ideal type.


     Yoo Seung-ho, who appeared on SBS Live TV Entertainment broadcasted on the 7th, said "A cute girl is my ideal type," and said "I like actress Kim Tae-hee."


     Born in 1993, Yoo Seung-ho showed a much more mature appearance with a new height of 171 centimeters.


     When asked about Yoo's future dream, he said "I want to be an actor who people acknowledge with all my heart," demonstrating his desire for acting.


     Meanwhile, "Do you see Seoul?" starring Yoo Seung-ho will be released on May 8 as a family movie about children in Seom Village who traveled to Seoul in the 1970s. 




    OH MY!! THIS IS FATE!! :lol: we can now see why YSH chose BS, make sense!! :smirk:

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  7. https://www.soompi.com/article/1252831wpp/male-actors-amaze-kissing-skills


    Yoo Seung Ho has grow up to be a masculine, mature actor. With fierce gazes exuding various levels of charisma, his kiss scenes are definitely strong yet tender!! and I’m so happy seeing him FINALLY being praised for his kissing skills and wowing fangirl’s hearts with it!! now I’m unticipating his kiss scenes in his 2nd rom-com and especially knowing how Jo Bo Ah can kiss too!! I expect some "fierce gazes, charisma, passion and tenderness". :wub:;) 

    On 10/22/2018 at 11:09 PM, Berou said:

    First script read for rom-com drama Revenge Returns

    by stroopwafel


    Rest of article http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/10/first-script-read-for-rom-com-drama-revenge-returns/


    PS : I went to look for the definition of hoedang. According to the fangirl verdict, it  " means “empty-head” and has the sense of someone who speaks without thinking, who might be smart but still says silly/funny/things that don’t make sense. Also described as innocent naïveté". 


    I'm MORE EXCITED for Yoo Seung Ho's character and the drama more now!! I can't wait to see him playing this character showing more of his manly side we all highly anticipated this side of him. Remember how he has shown that mature and manly side to us shortly before here?!! :wub: :wub: :wub: 



    cr: ellekorea


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  8. On 9/4/2018 at 1:39 AM, Berou said:

    @sakura2016 Do you have some cristal ball ? Because Jo Bo Ah has received an offer :lol:. I am quite relieved because I saw her in Monster drama and was quite good in there. So she is an actress that I know.  She is around his age (born in 1991). 


    Naver article : https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0001057278

     Jo Boa, SBS 'Revenge is back'  "Under review"


    Well I trusted his last two dramas and then..:mellow:. The writer is really a rookie, with no drama under her/ his filmography. So it is natural to get worried. It looks like YSH likes to experiment dramas with new writers.  No matter what, I will support him even though I don't approve all his choices. You are partly right about giving a chance, at least it is not a MBC drama and the quality of the drama will be better. Let's hope for the best !



    hhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm happy one of my wished female actresses were actually offered the role to be YSH's female lead here!! I really like Jo Bo Ah though I got irritated by two of her characters (Sweetest stranger and Temperature Of Love) but she's a good actress and I can see her making a good pair with Yoo Seung Ho!! really hope she takes the offer!! :wub:


    agree with you!! this drama have a potential to be really successful so let's hope they sue it to the fullest and not keep the plot on its surface like Ruler and IANAR did sadly!! 


    On 9/5/2018 at 12:07 AM, Berou said:


    @sakura2016 became the victim of my nagging and rants :lol:. I'm sorry to her. Everytime a casting news came out, I went  to her for ranting, wondering why YSH was refusing to come back. Trust me. Even though it is a revenge drama with a highschool background, it is still  light in terms of " YSH's dark and melo" dramas. The melos he did before were full of drama, anguish and tears. He cried or had an anguished expression in every scene. Bullying is a sensitive topic and viewers might feel uncomfortable watching characters getting bullied, but we don't know what the writer has in mind for the plot. Maybe the drama won't touch on the bullying issue. 



    no worries chingu we were felling the same and ranting to each other after all!! :lol: 


    hhhhhhhh I agree on that!! YSH's new dramas as dark and melo they can be they still give us a light side of him that we didn't get to see in his past dramas!! I'm thankful for that for sure!! :P :lol: plus there is other dramas that adressed such sencitive topics in high school and did pretty well like Angry Mom!! I didn't watch it but I heart great things about it!! School 2013 (loved) and School 2017 (want to watch) did adress some topics too and they did well raiting wise if I'm not wrong!! 


    On 9/5/2018 at 2:25 AM, evie7 said:

    dragonhiplz.gif?1  Thanks for the tag. Count me in, I can't wait to see YSH do goofy.:love:


    @sakura2016Hello my friend, it's so nice to you again.  I can't believe you mentioned Jo Bo Ah for  Yoo's leading lady, she has been always been one of my favorites. I hope she takes it. It seemed like she was only getting evil second lead roles for a while. With a chance to act w/Yoo, she should be dancing and saying yes yes!crazy-monkey-emoticon-169.gif   (as long as she doesn't have to do evil)  


    Hi chingu!! happy to see you joining us!! missed being with you on same thread!! :wub: well I was away from threads in general for months now!! :lol:


    she's a good actress even if I only saw her in self-centered characters and I quite liked her dispite that in Sweetest Stranger which says something!! ;) like you I hope she takes the offer!! she'll make a good pair with YSH I'm sure!! :wub: 


    hhhhhhhh let's hope she would!! :lol: 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Berou said:

     My partner is back ! :w00t:


    Long time no see ! 


    That's the first thing that crossed my mind :rolleyes:, highschool drama = young actress partner. To be honest he looks a bit old ( I mean in age) to play a high school student, he is 25 y.o. So the female lead shouldn't be someone over 26/25.  We should start make our list and guess who it will be !!


    YSH is continuing to be true to his principles and making unpredictable choices. I'm suuuree most expected him to go back doing a dark melo or play a villain ;). But he is doing what he likes and what he wants. And a light romance-comedy- revenge drama looks good. Even though it is a light drama, there is still some substance and plot , unlike his past drama I am not a Robot :unsure:. The synopsis looks promising and the drama has potential since it is stated he will get expelled wrongly. So I expect the drama to take a critical approach about highschool system, the corruption/ shady dealings within it. 


    The only negative point is the writer, she/he is a rookie. I am not very at ease about it. His last two dramas had rookies writers too and we all know what happened. If the drama turn out decent, I will be happy. I don't ask much. I don't care about some plotholes here and there. The nightmare will be a trainwreck show. 


    Hi partner!! :D well Yoo Seung Ho is back so I had to be back right?!! ;) 


    well as we got to know the highschool part isn't the focus of the drama but his adulthood part so he'll be fine!! ;) now as for the female lead!! hmmm this is what came to my mind: 


    1/ Kang So Ra: they acted together in 4th Period Mystey as student so it be great if they get to work together in this contination like drama!! :lol:

    2/ Ryu Hwayoung: I really loved her in Mad Dog!! (hated her character in Grand Prince but she was a good actress there!! )

    3/ IU: she was great in My Ahjusshi!!

    4/ Jung Eun Ji: she one of the few good idol-tured-actresses!!

    5/ Gong Seung Yeon: she was pretty good in Are you Human too!! 

    6/ Lee Seun Bin: I heared good things about her in her drama Sketch with rain!!

    7/ Jo Bo Ah: I hated her (the loved her) in Sweetest Stranger but hated her and didn't love her back in Temperature Of Love :lol: but she's really a good actress and it would be good match with Yoo Seung Ho if she's casted!! :D 


    hhhhhhh I know that being a newbie writer can be worrying but we need to remember that All big names started newbies so we just need to hope for the best and trust Yoo seung Ho's choice in the drama!! ;) 


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  10. OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH!! Yoo Seung Ho is Back with a revenge-romance-highschool drama!! AWESOME!! the character's description looks perfect for him and I can't wait to see him being this goofy adult-small Hero!! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:


    @Berou oh yeah I'm thinking about the same thing!! he's to play a sweet-revengful romance with a younger actress and I'm trying to guess who it can be!! this would be supper fun and sweet!! :wub: 

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  11. @Berou thank you chingu!! :wub: sadly I couldn't be around for months now as you said having personal problems but still as Yoo Seung Ho's big fan I had to come by and wish him for his birthday!! :D and I add my voice to your wish as well!! he deserves all happiness and success being the source for our happiness with his heartwarming smile and humble heart of his beside his great talent!! :heart: 



    and this is how all of us look wishing him a Happy Birthday!! :D



    cr: yooseungho_fan_love


    so loved this fanedit!! :wub: lacky his cats!! :lol: :wub: 


    cr: yoopiesbd

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  12. 6 hours ago, Berou said:

    It's finally past midnight in Korea and YSH's birthday :blush: !

    Happy birthday to yoo !


    His chinese fanclub created an amazing video for his birthday 



    Some talented Yoopies wished a happy birthday through fan edits



    YAY!! it's our Mr. Yoo Seung Ho's birthday!! :heart: wish him a long happy life fill of love and success personally and profetionally!! :heart: 


    I so loved the fan made videos/edits congratulating him for his birthday!! they were so beautiful!! :wub: 

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  13. On 08/05/2018 at 3:26 PM, Berou said:

    YSH has already said in past interviews he is a bad singer and his mom forbid him to sing because his singing is noise pollution :lol:. He is not that bad , I've seen him singing at his fanmeeting. He can sing low songs that don't require too many vocal tehniques like using chest voice/ falsettos etc. 



    Ahhh Harry ! Indeed I'm happy with his pick ! you know me so well ^^. I wonder why he chose him for a blind date . KMK  and Lee Sun are the perfect ideal boyfriends though. 



    I also can't wait for his next drama, I believe he will start filming it in the upcoming months. 



    Maybe he  reiterated it because media and fans don't believe a healthy young handsome man in his 20's is single. He knows some people don't believe, perhaps he wants to make thing clear.  In the past he was quiet about the dating topic. But now he is giving us more crumbs. He said he dated before, huh ?  I assume that's why he was quiet about dating and didn't say anything. I'm going to take at face value his answers since it is so unlike him to deceive his fans and to lie. We'll see in the future in interviews if what he is saying is the truth. If he goes back to his words,  I'll just shrug 



    I'm happy to know he is finally letting go of himself, I've always criticzed him for being too reserved, practicting self-discipline and self- control. He has finally understood his fans will still love him  even if he shows his real-self and it is okay to not be too upright and to not show a perfect image. 


    yeah I remember it and I loghed at it!! :lol: he always mentioned how he can't sing and in one of his VLives (can't recall which :sweatingbullets:) he said he promised his mother not to sing publicly when he was asked to sing!! that was so cute and hillarious!! :lol::wub: but I heared him singing in his fanmeeing in Japan after I Miss You I believe and he wasn't bad and did well actually, he only need to sing songs fitting his voice that's all!! :D


    hhhhhh I do for sure!! :wink: I think Harry is more fitting since he can be playful hhhhhhh while KMK and Lee Seon are more strict and shy characters!! I think so at least!! hihihi


    uhhhh I'm impatiently waiting for it too!! I really missed him and I'm sure he's excited like us to be back to us with another drama and character!! :D


    yeah, I think so too!! and I think he's more exposed now to these kind of faulse theories from shipers especially that he's showing more of his boyfriend image through his new dramas Ruler and IANAR that broke his child actor image so he wants to get things clear!! plus he voiced how he doesn't like lying and admitted thhat he dated before so we have no reason to doubt his answers!!


    me too!! we can see him accepting more his actor side and the non-actor side in him and acting on them with more ease and enjoyment which is great to see!! :wub:


    12 hours ago, Berou said:

    More or less accurate translation of the related part :  Solbin, who picked Lee Soon-jae, Bae Jong-ok, Jeong Yoo-mi and Yoo Seung-jun as the actors she want to perform with, explained: " I love Bae Jong-Ok's acting. It's the best. Teacher Lee Soon-Jae is really nice and great, too. I love the acting of Jeong Yu-mi, and Yoo Seung-ho is so cool that I want to act with him. There are so many things I want to learn".



    Solbin is asked about LABOUM's rival, her last relationship, + which actor she'd want to work with


    She also revealed that she would love to be the female lead in a romantic-comedy drama and was a fan of Yoo Seung Ho since she was young so would like to have a love line with him.




    it's sweet to see more celebreties wishing to work with Yoo Seung Ho or/and wish to work with him!! :D I don't know her so can't tell if I'd wish for her to be a leading lady in his dramas but I'd be happy to if she was talented enough, if not then she can work with him as a supporting role or wait till she improves and get a good chance to work with him!! :)


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  14. 2 hours ago, Berou said:


    @sakura2016 aww no worries. Yes I checked it again, he really  prepared a coffee truck for his fans. And the FM lasted 4 hours( 2 PM - 6 PM).  This is also my favourite one, I'm contempling to use it for my background cover ! :). His fans actually tease him when they ask him to do embarrassing / weird poses. Last time they asked him to do sexy and cute poses again. They know him the best haha. They know he is shy and has an aversion of being put in spotlight like this. I laughed at his version of being " sexy". Is passing through your hair with your hands sexy for him ? 


    Oh I forgot about that poll ! :o But still is it a legit poll ? not a random one trying to attract traffic on the site ?  I looked at the website and investigated, there is no mention about any trophy or award at all. I prefer to use my free time on legit polls like baeksang or soompi awards, at least our efforts will be concreted through a material thing if YSH wins. Even if you vote and YSH wins, he won't ever know the existence of that poll. 


    awwww his fanmeeting lasted 4 hours?!! lucky fans and he must've been really happy receiving their love and sharing his love for them too!! :wub:...I want to use it too but need a smaller size which I can't do being the teck dummy that I am!! :lol:...hhhhhhh that's what a good fan is!! LOL :wink: I bet they want to see his shy reaction more than him doing those poses for reall!! :lol: he's that adorable being shy!! :lol::wub: and I WAS RIGHT!! I guessed it was about him doing a sexy pose and I was right apparently!! :lol: and well, that's Yoo Seung Ho's "sexy" for you!! :lol: but really he's sexy by only talking so he's always sexy whatever he do!! :wink::blush: well other than when he's being adorablly shy!! :lol::wub:


    oh yeah!! I think it's not legit!! that's bad!! :(


    awwwww thank you so much chingu for the IG translating posts!! :wub: I was so impatient for translation and here it is!! :w00t::D I couldn't stop laughing reading how his friends wanted him to stop singing!! :lol: shame on them!! LOL we'd love to hear him sing though!! :wink::wub: and he's always handsome!! :love: he chose Harry "psycho" as his character to use if he had a blind date with his fans?!! :lol: you must be happy with his pick!! :wink: hhhhhhh and I can't wait for his upcoming porject!! :wub: beside I felt he was like me again saying how he wakes up around 10-11 am!! hhhhhhh that's when I'm waking up too!! LOL


    and there is more!! :D:wub:


    this young man is really like me, I bought a new PC too!! :lol:


    owwww stay healthy and well Yoo Seung Ho-ssi!!


    this is second time he answered this question!! he's so strict and open about it!! Why does he need to say it another time? is there an underlying reason? we understood!! :) but I love how he doesn't lie or hide or pretend and name things as it is "I've done it before, but not anymore." simple, clear and in point!! that's Yoo Seung Ho's way!! :wub:




    and that's why we love this young tanlented actor/man!! :heart:

    hhhhhhhhhhhh what I was to say too MC-nim!! :lol: our sneaky Yoo Seun Ho!! hhhhhhh so cute!! :wub: I love how he's showing more of his playful side!! :wub:

    I'll be waiting whenever you chose to do one!! being you is just fine to us!! :heart:


    cr: as tagged

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  15. @Berou thank you chingu!! :wub: I'm always happy to be of help though I got busy again and couldn't post more till now!! :( but I'll try to be as useful as I can still!! :tongue::D


    I wish I can uderstand it too though I can understand few words like him mentioning how he kept "encouraging" himself I think with repeating "one more time" though I can be wrong still!! :sweatingbullets: but though I couldn't understand it well I had the sense he's grateful to his fans!! :wub: and he prepared a coffee truck for his fans?!! that's so sweet of him!! :wub:


    my favorite white-black pic of his is this one!! :wub:





    cr: as tagged


    I don't know how to describe it but it has more deep than a simple smile and I love it like that!! :tongue:


    oh and him making those poses!! :lol: I always love that part, it needs no translation :tongue: and he's always supper adorable turning shy at it!! :lol::wub: and the part where he was wearing a suit this time, they were clearly teasing him asking him to do that pose!! :lol: I knew his brain will go on fire not knowing how to go out of it!! :lol: his gasping laughing breath not finding a word and then sut on the chair!! :lol: so cute!! :wub:



    @OMiHO thank you for sharing!! :) I noticed Yoo Seung Ho was also nominated for Best Actor didn't you see it?!! :tongue:  http://www.kpoparazzi.com/awards/2018/best-actor/ let's keep voting for him!! :)


    and he have his drama Ruler too beside IANAR nominated for Series of the year :Dhttp://www.kpoparazzi.com/awards/2018/series-of-the-year/ he's a loved hard working actor like we can see!! :D:wub: but how I am to chose now?!! I loved both dramas!! *biting my finger nails" I'll just vote for both equally I think!! hhhhhhhh :tongue:

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  16. Yoo Seung Ho's Fanmeeting "Spring Picnic" :heart::blush::love:








    hhhhhhhhh his shy smile/laugh!! awwwwwwww :kiss_wink::heart:



    cr: owners


    @Berou Hi chingu!! this is my comeback gift here!! :tongue::sweatingbullets: sadly I couldn't be around being busy for different reasons but had to come when I got my healing pill aka Yoo Seung Ho's Healing Smile :blush: I'm so happp seeing him happy and enjoying his fan's love and company!! :heart:


    @imnotarobot chingu!! Hi, long time no see!! happy to see you back!! :wub:  

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  17. @Berou thank you chingu for sharing!! :wub:


    your post of Yoo Seung Ho with So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye brings old memories of my early days knowing Yoo Seung Ho!! oh those old days!! :wub: I can't believe how far I've got since then!! :D I'm really happy I became his fan finally and joined his thread here!! :wub: thank you for inviting me chingu or I may've never had the courage to do it!! :wub:


    and Yoo Seung Ho's fan's project for his birthday!! awwwwww his fans are really caring and thinking about doing charity work just like him. They really reflect his personality and spirit and represent him really well!! they are his fans after all so we're to be like him for sure!! :wink::wub: I really like the yoopie family because I never read any bad comments about us on blog/youtube. We are a nice, friendly and caring family!! :)


    look at this!! awwwwww :wub:



    I really love seeing him showing this side of him!! :blush: and he's working on another CF for NH Bank?!! this is great!! :w00t::wub: our young man is on fire right?!! :wink::wub: 

    cr: owners


    he is working without resting and is always busy doing something. I like it !! such a hard-working man. This is why he will comeback to us soon with a drama!! :w00t::wub: 

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  18. 1 hour ago, Berou said:


    Hi @ninno95 :D !  To my surprise I found out your tweet while browsing YSH tag on twitter. I'm very happy to know you still follow YSH soompi thread. You were one of the senior Yoopies who heated up this thread, along with ilwoo_aein, cristurbat and others. I think I've already said I'm grateful to senior yoopies who contributed to this thread but since I have the proof you still do it, I'm going to say it again : Thank you for posting daily updates of YSH. When I got to know YSH, I followed his soompi thread and YSHbiased SNS accounts to be informed about his whereabouts. I was a silent reader for many years before doing the big jump. Without your contribution and other yoopie's I don't think I would have been knowledgeable about YSH. 


    Another reason I'm posting this twitter link is because of the recent incident. This is the right way to give credits or to mention the source ( although the tweet is a bit misleading, however there is the link thus it is still okay ! :)).  This rule  isn't exclusive to soompi and is widespread in real life. When you get the information from a second or third source, you have to mention it.  


    awwww I'm so happy knowing senior yoopies are still lurking in Yoo Seung Ho's thread and still supporting him their way like we do here!! :)


    giving credits is a well know rule even in our school days!!


    1 hour ago, Berou said:

    ooh It is a really well-done FMV.  The creator was really clever and mixed  IANAR and Ajusshi.  I think they will get paired in a project because IU and YSH have a tendency to work again with past- co-workers.  IU reunited with KSH in producers, with  Jang Ki Young in  Ajusshi, with Yoo Ina in You're the best Lee Soon Shin. So a reunion is possible. Ah yes these two have been shipped for ages, I think since 2010 ? Their fans are still waiting for them to work on a drama. 


    yeah both of them have a trackrecord of reuiniting with their co-workers so I believe they'll get paired in a drama together!! hhhhhhh


    really?!! that's too long!! they are faithful fans and I'm sure they'll have a celebrating dance when that day comes with both of them working together on a drama!! :)


    1 hour ago, Berou said:

    I'm happy to get so many news about him. It keeps us busy somehow. I'm sure he is very happy about the positive response IANAR got in the Philippines and Ruler in Japan. I'm not surprised he is promoting alone IANAR because since the beginning he is the face of the drama and needed to attract investors/ viewers/overseas broadcasting companies. As a male lead he has a huge burden on his shoulders. Even the early promotional articles talked about him ( and the PD ! the PD is well-known !). I think the reason IANAR got sold to many countries, way before the airing, is  because of YSH's star power and the PD's fame of directing hit dramas. The production team intended to make another hit akin to W's or She was Pretty's. They got the international attention but didn't get the domestic one :mellow:.


    I hope we continue to get news of his dramas and his upcoming dramas.  


    yeah I agree with you, Yoo Seung Ho was the face of the drama since day 1 and I remember posting about it in IANAR drama thread before the starting airing of the drama!! :D




    and it's no wonder the drama was on high demand from the very start with successful and trustworthy actor like Yoo Seung Ho working with W and She Was Pretty's PD!! the expectations were really high then and it didn't dissapoint by the quality of the drama even if the domestic rating didn't give it what it did deserve but it did have it internationally still!! :D

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  19. YSH's interviews magazines for Ruler and IANAR!! :wub:






    cr: owners


    I'm so happy seeing more updates of Yoo Seung Ho promoting his dramas!! :D you can see how happy he is with his dramas being loved and on demand internationally!! :wub: he's been promoting IANAR alone since it ended and he must be happy with his drama's success and now Ruler followed it!! it's great thing for him seeing how much he's loved and his talent is recognised and good for us to see more of him and his bright smile!! :wink::love:

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  20. I found this!! :D



    awwww they look really compatible visually and IU has proved herself finally as an actress with her ongoing drama so I'd really love to see her paired with YSH and in a revengeful drama would be great for them I think!! :wub: what you thing @Berou chingu?  :D


    I can see she's been shipped with him all along these years till now and if that day really come and they'd work together it would be like dream came true for them!! hhhhhhh


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  21. 6 hours ago, Berou said:


    Ohhhh :o Revenge-romance is a very good option ! #fingerscrossed.  Then, the romance between leads is going to be intense, that means more intense kisses :rolleyes:.  I have never seen yet YSH in a intense romance drama, and usually I really like those types of romance . I liked, for instance,  Nice Guy and Secret love. These dramas are both amazing in my opinion.


    Now my pervy mind is activated and I can't help to go back watching the carpet kiss scene from Operation Proposal. I wish YSH to do another kiss on the floor ... ( coughs inbedifpossible coughs). 




    why are you doing this to me!! yesterday I was rewatching some MVs from Nice Guy drama and I kept wishing for Yoo Seung Ho to take is such a drama/role!! and now you mention Secret Love too and I'm doomed!! he'd be AWESOME in such roles/dramas!! :wub::w00t:


    not only yours!! :lol::wink: this was the 1st time I saw Yoo Seung Ho's kissing talent and you can guess my state then and now watching and rewatching it!! meeeeeeeelt!! :blush: if he was that good then, can you imagine how more intence and sensual it would be doing another kiss on the floor scene now?!! my heartou!! fanning myself!! :blush:

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  22. 10 hours ago, kaoriharang said:

    Se Joo comes looking for SH. He is really angry. (why?!)

    Se Joo is the one that told TH about the bet. Se Joo shows her the video. This video is edited to show all the times they talked about TH.

    TH thinks back to SH running into her on the bus.

    @sakura2016 @USAFarmgirl @icyphoenix @triplem @leeeeeecx @enzek


    can use see me fuming with anger?!! because that's how I feel seeing what Se Joo did!! I kep helding my hope in his despite my fear always being there but I wanted to trust his friendship with Shi Hyun and he won't stab him in the back for Soo Ji's sakeand he'd be better than that but he proved me wrong and now he can suffer with Soo Ji endless for all I care about!! I don't care about his reasons nor would it change any of my anger toward him!! Shi Hyun is no angel yes, he had his share of what they did wrong by Tae Hee yes but making him the big bad guy is too much and making Soo Ji the innocent one makes me angrier!! and they stabed him in the back taking his chance to tell her everything and beg for her forgiveness only for him wanting to start a better life away from them!! can they go to hell?!! I'm really sorry but they really got on my nerves big time!! :rage:

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  23. 14 minutes ago, Berou said:


    I was about to translate some feedback but the recent incident made me change my mind. I don't want to post/ share anything deemed interesting. I'm also in the process of subbing his recent interviews because I wanted to share them so that his fans would know what has been said ( I planned to make everything ready by the weekend).But again the recent incident made me change my mind, I'm going to suspend the project. Some ungrateful and lazy people just want to benefit from your hard work and wait for you to hand over your posts on a silver platter.  At your back they try to seek attention and to receive lauds.


    No, in 2016( after Remember) he did some fanmeetings : In April in Japan and in August in Korea. 


    Let's just bet how his next drama will be ! I want more romance, so I'm going to vote for a romance drama, and with a mix of fantasy/ action. 




    owwww that's sad but I totally understand you and I'd do the same in your place as well!! it's a total turn off to be used by such people who take credit of your own hard work with no shame!! :rolleyes::unamused:


    oh really?!! that's good to know!! I feel hapy knowing he allowed himself to feel his fans love back then :wub: though he was hard on himself feeling unsatisfied with his acting in the drama when he was great there!!


    ME TOO!! ME TOO!! we saw his melodramatic love in Ruler, we had his 1st rom-com in IANR and now we're still to see him in action-romance drama, thriller-romance, revenge-romance and many other kind of romance stories and there is many!! :wub::D

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  24. On 23/04/2018 at 1:34 AM, Berou said:

    I've finally found some info regarding the airing in Japan. Ruler is doing very well in Japan and doing better than IANAR. Ruler is within the top 10 most popular korean dramas whereas IANAR is at #88. @sakura2016



    Some reviews/comments posted by Japanese fans can also be read. I could try to translate some of them. 


    IF it is regarded as a hobby, in my humble opinion  it is a harmful and unhealthy hobby. There are tons of other ways to have fun and much  healthier ways. 


    That fan had conscience she encountered him in his private time and sneakily took a photo of him. She infringed his privacy, that's why she mentioned about deleting it later if issues happen. 


    YSH did some photoshoots for a japanese magazine in his ianar  interview attire :


      Hide contents





    oh really?!! I'm so happy!! :w00t: wait IANAR #88?!! :o looks like japanese fans love intense-melodramatic-action projects more?!! hhhhhhh I hope IANAR gets higher ranking too since I loved it too and YSH would feel happier seeing both his dramas doing well!! :)


    would you translate some if you can?! I know I'm asking for too much!! :sweatingbullets:


    it's sad to see people wasting their time in unhealthy way!! all we can do is hope for them to see and realise it eventualy before getting to regret it later!!


    awww that's considerate of her!! she's a fan who loves him and was happy to encounter him but still think of his well being!! that's Yoo Seung Ho's power over his fans!! his well being is our priority!! :heart:


    woah :w00t: we're getting lucky lately with all these updates!! :wub:


    regarding your recent incident with tha soompi member, I feel really bad and angry myself seeing such behaviours!! they can't spend all that time searching or translating or not that capable to begin with? fine, they just need to credit the one who did it and they had it easy to repost!! why the need to lie and pretend instead of reflecting on their mistakes and opologise?!! what a shame!!


    3 minutes ago, Berou said:

    @sakura2016.  Im happy and excited with this indirect confirmation.I was really anxious and restless these past weeks when I read casting news day after day, and no words about YSH .


     Sometimes  he is so charming and has the right words to express his love for his fans. He doesn't do it often like some other stars. But when he does It, you just melt  ~~~:heart:. Meeting fans are a gift to him. I'm going to remember this quote. 


    He looks so boyish here, like a teen:




    tell me about it!! I was like that till earlier today, before your post, reading many more casting news and I got more depressed (though happy for the other actors I like :tongue:) till I got your shared news!! you made my day then!! :w00t::wub:


    he does!! :heart:...well I think he didn't do fanmeetings after Remember for that reason as well, it's like he felt not deserving of such gift which is sad to think!! happy to see him more accepting now after Ruler and IANAR!! he's actually gifting us not himself!! :heart:


    yeah!! that's one of Yoo Seung Ho's unique charms being boyish in one second then oozing smexiness the other one!!  :wub::blush:

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