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  1. Thank you so much @rachel98 for clarifying things for us and I agree with everyones words here!! I was already baffled by the news of YSH in talk for a 3rd rom-com in a row and one with a shallow story and character but now I feel even worst...what did he or his agency even think still considering this drama? this is not how YSH think nor consider his roles (he's a respectful man) and what good would it give his career or make use of his talent but give fanservice which YSH always kept away from as much as he could and with last real life scandals this is even worst timing for such project guranteeing him being cursed for this role if he takes it...he wants to play villain? we all wish for it knowing how good he'll pull it off but this is not a villain role, it's only a sleezy disrespectful man which I won't and can never see YSH play!! really he and his agency need to put more thoughts into his project choices and not jump into 1st project he get and stop with rom-coms for now!!
  2. he looks really handsome and happy here yeah I did but who'd say no for a rewatch can't wait for his returning project...I'm looking forward for his comeback with a great project hopefully
  3. ALL ...yeah I remember and I felt the same but now he's showing us his manly look, it suits him ALOT where is it? I'm sure I watched it before but I'll never say no to rewatching you know all we can do is waiting for his comeback with a good project that makes him and us happy hopefully!!
  4. Hi, long time noe see indeed, I missed talking to you too but here I am now *hugs back to you* yeah, he was pretty witty I watched it before but watching it again because... yes he nailed the characters, I got the impression he rushed and hopped on every project he deemed interesting. What he did in 2015 was a bit superhuman and I felt he cloned himself in order to film all those acting projects. He was everywhere, for example while Remember was airing he promoted at the same time joseon magician and I don't know how he was able to film a mini-drama just before Remember knowing he finished filming Kim Sun Dal around September 2015 and Remember's filming began in early November. Lastly, while he hadn't finished filming Joseon Magician he choose another movie and began the filming almost right away, so for about a month he filmed two movies at the same time. yeah that was pretty surprising/shoking then, I only hope he'll be back with a challenging project worth his talent because he really have the talent only picked wrong script!!
  5. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you for sharing the translation, I remember when I 1st watched the video with no subs, it was funny but now it's even more funny
  6. Hi chingu, I'm here, I knew of YSH's joining a new agency and here I am!! I'm actually happy though I have my dissapointing side just like you as you said above...but I'll just hope for the best and we're to wait and see!! OH MY!! THIS IS FATE!! we can now see why YSH chose BS, make sense!!
  7. https://www.soompi.com/article/1252831wpp/male-actors-amaze-kissing-skills Yoo Seung Ho has grow up to be a masculine, mature actor. With fierce gazes exuding various levels of charisma, his kiss scenes are definitely strong yet tender!! and I’m so happy seeing him FINALLY being praised for his kissing skills and wowing fangirl’s hearts with it!! now I’m unticipating his kiss scenes in his 2nd rom-com and especially knowing how Jo Bo Ah can kiss too!! I expect some "fierce gazes, charisma, passion and tenderness". I'm MORE EXCITED for Yoo Seung Ho's character and the drama more now!! I can't wait to see him playing this character showing more of his manly side we all highly anticipated this side of him. Remember how he has shown that mature and manly side to us shortly before here?!!
  8. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm happy one of my wished female actresses were actually offered the role to be YSH's female lead here!! I really like Jo Bo Ah though I got irritated by two of her characters (Sweetest stranger and Temperature Of Love) but she's a good actress and I can see her making a good pair with Yoo Seung Ho!! really hope she takes the offer!! agree with you!! this drama have a potential to be really successful so let's hope they sue it to the fullest and not keep the plot on its surface like Ruler and IANAR did sadly!! no worries chingu we were felling the same and ranting to each other after all!! hhhhhhhh I agree on that!! YSH's new dramas as dark and melo they can be they still give us a light side of him that we didn't get to see in his past dramas!! I'm thankful for that for sure!! plus there is other dramas that adressed such sencitive topics in high school and did pretty well like Angry Mom!! I didn't watch it but I heart great things about it!! School 2013 (loved) and School 2017 (want to watch) did adress some topics too and they did well raiting wise if I'm not wrong!! Hi chingu!! happy to see you joining us!! missed being with you on same thread!! well I was away from threads in general for months now!! she's a good actress even if I only saw her in self-centered characters and I quite liked her dispite that in Sweetest Stranger which says something!! like you I hope she takes the offer!! she'll make a good pair with YSH I'm sure!! hhhhhhhh let's hope she would!!
  9. Hi partner!! well Yoo Seung Ho is back so I had to be back right?!! well as we got to know the highschool part isn't the focus of the drama but his adulthood part so he'll be fine!! now as for the female lead!! hmmm this is what came to my mind: 1/ Kang So Ra: they acted together in 4th Period Mystey as student so it be great if they get to work together in this contination like drama!! 2/ Ryu Hwayoung: I really loved her in Mad Dog!! (hated her character in Grand Prince but she was a good actress there!! ) 3/ IU: she was great in My Ahjusshi!! 4/ Jung Eun Ji: she one of the few good idol-tured-actresses!! 5/ Gong Seung Yeon: she was pretty good in Are you Human too!! 6/ Lee Seun Bin: I heared good things about her in her drama Sketch with rain!! 7/ Jo Bo Ah: I hated her (the loved her) in Sweetest Stranger but hated her and didn't love her back in Temperature Of Love but she's really a good actress and it would be good match with Yoo Seung Ho if she's casted!! hhhhhhh I know that being a newbie writer can be worrying but we need to remember that All big names started newbies so we just need to hope for the best and trust Yoo seung Ho's choice in the drama!!
  10. OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH!! Yoo Seung Ho is Back with a revenge-romance-highschool drama!! AWESOME!! the character's description looks perfect for him and I can't wait to see him being this goofy adult-small Hero!! @Berou oh yeah I'm thinking about the same thing!! he's to play a sweet-revengful romance with a younger actress and I'm trying to guess who it can be!! this would be supper fun and sweet!!
  11. @Berou thank you chingu!! sadly I couldn't be around for months now as you said having personal problems but still as Yoo Seung Ho's big fan I had to come by and wish him for his birthday!! and I add my voice to your wish as well!! he deserves all happiness and success being the source for our happiness with his heartwarming smile and humble heart of his beside his great talent!! cr:melchan7 and this is how all of us look wishing him a Happy Birthday!! cr: yooseungho_fan_love so loved this fanedit!! lacky his cats!! cr: yoopiesbd
  12. YAY!! it's our Mr. Yoo Seung Ho's birthday!! wish him a long happy life fill of love and success personally and profetionally!! I so loved the fan made videos/edits congratulating him for his birthday!! they were so beautiful!!
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