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  1. On 5/16/2022 at 11:30 AM, chickfactor said:

    If anyone is the center of this omnibus drama, it's Eun-hee. She depicted her hurt, the damage to her self-esteem, and other complex feelings towards her "best friend" so well. Another powerful tearfest ahead.


    Yes and it makes me so glad it's her character because I really like the actress' professionalism and acting depth. Her character is written so well as well. So relatable. It's too bad she broke up with Ho-sik when they were younger. He may not be rich but seemed like a really decent guy. 


    I felt that Eun-hee is still too generous to Miran. If I were her, after that incident I would have stopped speaking to her after that. That was the absolute straw to make her so worried thinking she was suicidal. Drunk or not, that wasn't funny to someone who cared so much for her welfare. 


    I wished she didn't bottled up her hurt for that long. She is going to explode that's for sure. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, chococarmela said:


    But OYH's corpse had no broken leg and it was reported. Secondly, killing off a main character is rare in most dramas.


    Maybe Eugene had gotten a new drama and needed a fast exit. 


    There is still one more episode left OYH could still be alive. 


    All I can say is that the writer and PD should have just decided to end it in season two. Third season is a horrible mistake. 

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  3. Just imagine the look of surprise and disbelief on BHR and SPY when they find out SB is not interested in either of them. I'm pretty sure it is the writer. 


    And I already could see that NGB will dump the professor. Good that will be karma for the guy who never appreciated his wife's efforts and felt burdened by it. 


    Just please don't let the the writer forgive the husband and reconcile. I am okay with SB with the writer. Because if she is with SB she will have the last laugh. It also would prove that you don't have to be pretty and young to attract a rich bachelor. 

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  4. 16 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

    I guess I am the only one not appreciating BHR’s revenge. She has every right to do that, but she is despicable in putting up a good person front while doing so. She kept calling the Pans deceiving her yet she is the one who is truly deceiving them. She has also lost her chance to score points with Seo Ban for sure, because I believe he sees through her tricks. Yes she got people to sympathize with her and “win”, but I am disappointed in her playing tricks. She is a bigger betrayer of trust and love, I’d say. She already has her eyes set on Seo Ban, son of chaebol’s group, a bigger fish, which is why she agreed to the divorce. I am disappointed that she is written this way. 



    No you aren't the only one. I didn't like her revenge as well. But I wasn't surprised. 


    I already knew something was off the moment she asked for a divorce and parted amicably. 


    She was right to ask for alimony but to put up an act like she was the victim didn't sit well for me. 


    SH craves for affection and a lot of pampering which he didn't get from BHR. Which is why he fell so quickly for SW because of her personality. I also know it was still wrong for him to not divorce his wife first before jumping into another relationship. After all he married a celebrity. 


    The parents should have not dissuade BHR when she initially wanted divorce. The faster those two split the better. She would still ask for an alimony because she deserved it. They were married for the wrong reason anyway. I'm pretty sure she only married him because his parents are rich. 


    Anyway she might have won sympathy points but she won't get SB nor Dong Ma. She could marry some random rich guy and just be who she really is. 


    Many are pointing how two-faced the PIL were but I could see why they took a liking for SW. She is an ideal daughter-in-law.  She isn't faking it and is truly respectful of her elders. She also truly likes SH. She knew what she did wrong and was trying to put a distance between her and SH. She also isn't a gold digger. If I were the PIL I would have sided with her, too.


    The one to be blamed is really SH. He married BHR for her looks and only realized he didn't really love her when he met someone else. He should have divorced her right away citing personal differences as reasons. He isn't cut out to be a lawyer anyway so he should just consider a career change. 


    1 hour ago, hsmz said:

    I think I have saw this PPL before, in what drama, I don't remember. In drama Start Up or Vicenzo maybe... They use the same lipstick on face, than lips and neck too. I find it gross too... 


    It was prominently displayed in the The King: Eternal Monarch. It was used by Kim Go Eun's character in that drama. I'd say the PPL was done better in this drama because Ami works as a model. She certainly looks young, her skin fresh and dewy. The fact that she is recommending it to Dong Mi is a good use of product placement. Unlike The King where KGE plays a cop on duty. 


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  5. Episode 4 was so much better than episode 3. It is interesting that they get what they wish for.  But the heavy price they have to pay for that wish shows how utterly desperate these people are. 


    The singer will lose her beautiful voice for someone so not worthy of her. How sad. 


    It's a shame that I have to wait for the next episode. Maybe I should have waited until it's completed before watching this. 

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  6. I really like Young-do but whenever DJ and Chase are onscreen together I couldn't help but wish they are the OTP. 


    I think the ratings has to do with the Olympics. A JTBC drama I am watching didn't broadcast due to this. I wish they chose not to broadcast because the articles would only focus on the huge ratings drop. The low rating is really not what I wanted for SHJ's long awaited drama. Sigh. 


    For me I didn't like the friend's imaginary scenes. Instead, I would have liked more scenes at the police station. Somehow I found myself comparing the way AOHY and Beauty Inside director handled comedy scenes with YAMS director. Scenes with chilly undertones are fine but scenes that are supposed to be funny seems forced to me. 


    And what is with the unnamed couple in the coffee shop? Are they a relative of the PD? They kept showing up. 


    Someone might tell me why bother watching YAMS if all you write about is negative. Sigh. I dropped the drama preceding YAMS in just one episode. But it really is disappointing because I find myself fast forwarding and feeling bored. Time to decide whether I should continue or just drop this. 

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  7. It's already episode 7 and the rating seems to be fixed in the 2-3% ratings. I am disappointed because Black Dog was 4-5% in ratings and I think Beauty Inside was in the same range. 


    I just hope it doesn't go down to 1% because the story is interesting and the cast are trying their best. Good to hear that it's doing well in tving and Netflix. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, hola2jin said:



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    The wounds of a seven-year old in the play become traumatic and complex even as an adult. They heal each other and grow. "I have only a short memory of that time. It's only from  fragmentary memories like going to the East Sea to catch fish, dancing at a senior citizen's party and getting pocket money." She traced back to the past that would have made her who she is today. "The drama is not very bright right now. It's about taking out the dark past and bringing it to the surface, so I'm also bringing out that past. However, what made me who I am today is 'the me who danced', the me who was at dance school and boarding school', 'the me who did group MILK' and 'me at the time when that didn't go well', everything overlapped I think there is."


    In fact, Seo Hyun Jin said that she feels like she is receiving psychological treatment like Kang Da Jung in the drama rather than acting these days. "Other actors also told the writer, 'It's not like a drama, but a long psychiatric consultation. There are times when I feel that way too. Obviously there are parts that aren't smoke. In the meantime, if you've been acting neatly, you'll be a bit scruffy, and even if the texture isn't pretty, real moments are popping out. It could be the direction to good acting, but if you do it wrong, it might look like a creaking, these worries come and go." Perhaps the boundary between reality and acting has disappeared. "You may not notice the difference. Because there is such a thing as inertia. But I feel like I'm doing something different in the field." Now that episode 4 aired, I couldn't feel the rough texture as expected. Writer Lee Mi Na said at the production briefing, "Seo Hyun Jin appears on the scene with the cast and herself attached with glue," which is probably thanks to the strong adhesion.


    In the meantime, Seo Hyun-jin has continued to introduce people to the world who could have lived anywhere in reality. <Let's Eat 2> Baek Soo-ji, <Oh Hae-young Again> Oh Hae-young, <Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim> Yoon Seo-jeong, <Temperature of Love> Lee Hyeon-soo, <Beauty Inside> Hansegae, <Black Dog> Go Ha-neul. Even Sangmi in <Goodbye Single>, who appeared as Ma Dong-seok's wife for a short time, was curious about how she is doing. Everyone thinks it's normal, but when you get to know her, she has a lovely corner, a sharp corner, and a 'RickRoll'D it' corner. A person who embraces others in the end even when the world is secular. It could be said that the genre of drama has a character who can empathize as the main character, and Seo Hyun-jin mainly takes on such a character, but simply that setting did not make her special. There is definitely a big narrative that makes up the drama, and changes in emotions that anyone can recognize. But there are many more moments in our lives than that. Words that only linger in my head that I can't get out of my mouth, and so many emotions that I can't convey and stay in my diary. Seo Hyun-jin remembers and lives with her whole body the emotion that everyone omits because it is hidden. There was always a figure of us that only we knew in the face looking at the other person, the back figure waiting for the bus, and the tears flowing while driving. She lives for us and shows us. Is that so? I always felt refreshed after watching her drama. Because dramas are always on a winning streak.

    It must be a lot of training and hard work, innate talents and instincts, but I just wanted to ask you about your acting approach. Where the heck does the amazing power that brings fictional characters to life come from? “There was only one acting teacher. From the start of the drama properly, I just did it alone. At that time, what I learned from the teacher was 'If it's not real, don't do it'. So there is no technique other than putting me in that situation.” Seo Hyun-jin continued speaking with the expression that the secret to studying for the first place in the entire school was a textbook. “I learned something from Han Seok-gyu while doing <Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim>. The teacher always said, 'Let's see, hear and speak!' speak up That's the basics of acting. In fact, there are a lot of cases where I’m nervous and I only talk about myself and I can’t hear properly. 'I just need to see, hear, and speak,' and I always think about it.” So Hyunjin Seo said that he is not the type to act stably in any situation because he has excellent technique. Even if it's not "the feeling of hitting the middle of the game with a fastball". “I didn’t major in acting at university, but I was envious of my friends who once learned acting systematically. Because I did not experience a variety of curricula, sometimes there was a complex. Now I'm just doing what I can.” He added that he still admires such acting. “But in terms of fun, it’s much more fun to do it with your heart.”


    TASTE THE SWEET Velvet jumpsuit and sandals, earrings and rings by Bottega Veneta.

    Before attaching himself to the character with glue, Seo Hyun-jin looks at the character's past. This is what the author, the creator of the character, wrote on three or four A4 sheets of paper. “Things that are in the synopsis or given by the writer. I do it to the extent that I can digest it, but I tend to attach people with 'wounds'. If it sticks, it rolls on its own from then on. Even if a scab sits on a wound and it hurts again, we live. “Where is the uninjured person? Still, everyone lives. I guess that's life. No matter how difficult or big there is, you go to work unless you break your leg and go to the hospital. It is the saddest thing to express such a life calmly and casually and I want to express it that way. It is the most difficult to express the lives of ordinary people. I don't think there are any ordinary people. If you look into it, every single one is special and strange (laughs). I think that kind of work makes sense.”

    The moment when you can't even step on the subway you've been waiting for in the depths of the water, the moment you say farewell and cry for days and days, and then pour in the rice. Everyone has those moments. It's because we don't just love or just work, that's us outside of the TV. When I checked it through Seo Hyun-jin, my heart sank. That's why <Beauty Inside>, which had the only fantasy setting, felt real. Yes, you can change your appearance to a completely different person for about a week or so. “It doesn’t matter as long as the setting is like that. The first thing I thought about in <Beauty Inside> how to make it look sensible. If I do a work in which vampires or zombies appear, it might seem like I am living in reality (laughs).”


    SCENT OF A LADY Knitted dress with cutouts from Givenchy.

    Another interesting point about Seo Hyun-jin is that when the work begins, the character and her blend into one body. “Once I get into the work, I am the type of person who loses much of a distinction between the character and myself. Even on set, I do it on purpose so that people don't notice whether it's a character or me. No matter what I do, people won't think I'm weird, right? With this in mind, in the beginning, I acted like a character on purpose, but later it became spontaneous.” Writer Lee Mi-na said at the production report, "Actress Seo Hyun-jin says, 'I'm crying, but I don't know whether I'm crying or Da-jeong is crying', but when we think of it, Seo Hyun-jin is Kang Da-jung herself, so it seems like she just comes and goes", director Jung Ji-hyun said. “Seo Hyun-jin came to the filming set and is doing well,” he said like a filming review.

    Although it was previously expressed as 'wound', the characters played by Seo Hyun-jin did not remain in the wound. I was frustrated and sometimes compromised with reality, but in the end I got the courage. I said what I had to say and acted in the direction I had to go. To me, that point was considered a fantasy that I always wanted to see. “The characters in the script have always been better than me. So I think it was embarrassing. While acting, 'It's really great', 'How can I live like this?' I did.” I wanted to hear about the human figure she personally finds attractive. The word that Seo Hyun-jin picked out and heard was 'Survivor'. “People who live their lives with good self-discipline, people who do not shake their heart even in difficult situations. It's a little different from being timeless or pure. People who take good care of themselves and live without losing them, I think of them as survivors.” Seo Hyun-jin added quietly. “I want to live like that.”


    STARE DOWN The bra top is Recto., the trench coat and pants are Le 17 Septembre, and the earrings are ink.

    From the first encounter with the script to the departure of the work, Seo Hyun-jin's favorite stage is 'when he is on set'. He said it was really fun when he was chatting about acting. “When we go to the filming set, we basically chat a lot behind the monitor seats. We were trying to figure out how to play, then we acted and chatted again. All of that process is fun. But I think it's good only when I'm really on set. I'm bad at other things. I'm still very nervous, and it still doesn't seem like my job. It’s a little stressful, so I’m most comfortable when I’m on set.” Suddenly I remembered the classroom of <Black Dog>. The teachers of the college entrance exam were tied up with their mid-term exam questions, and they kept their student books organized, and stayed up all night while having coffee. All were for the children. “While filming <Black Dog>, I only talked about acting with Miran unnie and Changhoon oppa. It's really fun to say we're talking about the same thing for 3 nights and 4 days. 'Unnie, I want to make the acting too detailed.' 'How much?' 'Up to one eyelash.' 'It's boring, it's really boring.' While doing this (laughs).” In fact, work is not only a means of making money, but it is also part of the identity that makes us. To my confession that I cannot deny that my job is dominating my life, Seo Hyun-jin said, 'I do it because I love it.' When she said she wanted to express even a single eyelash, the answer that Ra Mi-ran gave is always the same. 'just do it.' “I think that’s what I mostly talked about when choosing a project. 'Hey, don't worry and just do what's in front of you. When you look at it, you can't do anything. If you do, you will get good things.' But I think he is right.”

    Other than that, when Seo Hyun-jin is acting, it is ventilated or 'Aww!' What gives me strength is to listen to other people's acting theories. These days, I am reading <Kiki Kirin's Words>, a collection of interviews with Kiki Kirin, directed by Hirokazu Koreeda as an interviewer. “It’s a story about the two of them being daring for about 10 years before Kiki Kirin passed away. I cry and laugh and have so much fun watching it, but it's a pity that the pages are getting smaller, so I'm saving it. Sometimes I think, 'I'm not going wrong', and in some parts, I think, 'That's right!' It gives me strength.”

    He says that the job of an actor and the acting process make Seo Hyun-jin a better person. “If it wasn’t for the drama, I wouldn’t have known people well. It's really stagnant because it's only inside the house. The field of view is narrow and the routine is there. I meet a lot of people while doing dramas and look into the characters in the script and look into myself. I am growing up while doing drama. I'm a much better person when I do it than when I don't. My job as an actor makes me understand people.”


    SMOKE SIGNAL Knitted dress with pleats is Ports 1961, and the frankincense burner is Otide.

    However, even in an era where exposing personal life has become commonplace, Seo Hyun-jin belongs to an actor who does not reveal his appearance other than his work. Her current situation is only revealed at a glance on the Instagram of actors who are known as best friends. The life of a natural person, Seo Hyun-jin, can be summarized in one sentence: “I cook at home, play with my dog, and lie on the sofa.” I carefully explained the reasons for not doing social media or not, but in the end it came down to an actor. “Some say I’m not a perfectionist, but rather than that, I think I’m just not very satisfied with myself. So as an actor, I can run away as a different character.” Therefore, it seems difficult to see Seo Hyun-jin, a natural person, on social media in the future. Seo Hyun-jin said, "I'll keep doing the drama," he laughed.

    The actor may be a being who has been densely endowed with the cells of the senses. In particular, looking at Seo Hyun-jin, who manages the character's lines and gestures in detail and lively, I thought my hypothesis was correct. We were filming today with the motif of five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. “It’s hearing. So, even when I'm acting, if I hear even a small sound, my concentration is quickly broken. I’m not really good at tea.” There are also points that are helpful as an actor because they are sensitive. “I hear my voice. So the catch is good.” Seo Hyun-jin's vocalization and diction are unique as much as her sensitive hearing. A loud voice that many fans use as ASMR. A somewhat reassuring voice. When asked about the principle of using dictionaries, he said, “If you play ASMR, you won’t be able to sleep. It's so kawaii," but "To the extent that when the other actor is acting, he speaks the same lines as I did? That way, the other actors can act the same way.” To tell you one TMI collected through conversations like this, the ASMR that Seo Hyun-jin loves is the sound made while cooking. The sound of sizzling frying, the sound of knives on the chopping board. “If I turn it on, I fall asleep without realizing it (laughs).”


    TOUCH THE BLUE patent trench coat and knit top by Bottega Veneta.

    The modifiers 'Romance Craftsman' and 'Roco Queen' are valid, but like us, romance depends on when and in what state. After finishing <Let's Eat 2> in 2015, her eyes twinkling that she wanted to have a romance, and Seo Hyun-jin, who is working on the healing romance genre in 2021, are the same and different. <You Are My Spring> has a genre called healing romance, but it is closer to living. Of course, the hybrid genre is the trending drama these days. Nevertheless, when asked about the virtues of romance, Seo Hyun-jin answered concisely. “I do it all. Everyone loves it.” It seemed that his heart toward romance had widened. “Not long ago, a rookie friend who I was working with asked, ‘Does your sister really get excited when she is acting?’ I asked like this. 'I'm mostly excited,' I replied. But I have to be really excited. Really (laughs).” Seo Hyun-jin's romance target seems to be expanding. Her next project is <Dimentia>, a movie about dementia, and <Why Soo-Jae Oh?>, where she will appear as an eccentric and rude law school professor.

    “I don’t want to be remembered by people. I always remembered Seo Hyun-jin's simple outlook on work, saying, "Everyone has a desire to achieve in their respective fields, and I also want to be that kind of person, so I work hard in acting." When I brought this up, Seo Hyun-jin said that he thinks unchangingly. “The reason I said I didn’t want to be remembered is that people know that they are the most important and that being remembered by someone is not easy. My mother, who was an elementary school teacher, said at the time that 'a teacher who is easily forgotten is the best teacher'. As a good actor in my work, you just have to have fun. I think that the function of popular art is 'a drama that you can enjoy watching while having a beer when you get home from work'. It doesn't have to be very profound. The creator has to make it very profound. Those who see it will enjoy watching it.”


    The HUG HER black coat is Alaïa, and the ear cuff is Sacai.

    He said that it also works that way for viewers Seo Hyun-jin. "of course. Even so, there are dramas and movies that I really like, but I think that’s because I’m an actor.” The desire to work for a long time has not changed either. “Having a good personality and being nice to people, doing what I do 'bumpy'. Then I think we can continue to work.” The words farthest from her view of work were also ambition, greed, and success. “That’s right. But I hope the drama will be successful. It would be great if I succeeded.”

    There are several months left until <You Are My Spring> greets the spring day. It seemed that Seo Hyun-jin's spring days were still there. “My spring day has not come yet. Oh, I wish I could come when I'm 70. I also want to go to the Oscars (laughs).” (VK)




    Thanks love the photos. :loveu:


    The first one reminded me of her Idol M. I. L. K DAYS with her hair parted at the center. 


    The second one showed her great figure. 


    The one with the flower pose is amazing. I wish it wasn't slightly blurred or dark. The lighting effect should have been different. Her pose is just perfectly graceful and elegant. 


    Love the last one, too. Wish Da Jung's hair be styled like this. 


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  9. Ami placing herself by YS's side and being so desperately clingy is just going to backfire on her plan to get the guy to marry her. 


    YS could barely look at her, let alone sweet talk to her. I have a feeling he is going to dump her sooner or later. 


    The only good thing in having Ami there in the house is to prevent the creepy Dong Mi from getting too close to YS. 

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  10. I miss the times when I used to walk past a korean beauty shop and would see her beautiful face each time. SHJ was wearing a traditional hanbok and looked so gorgeous. The store is closed now and the huge poster is already gone. 


    To everyone here I have a question. What is your favorite SHJ look? And among her dramas who is your top three favorite characters? 


    Mine is Han Se Gye's top actress look. 


    Top three fave characters

    1. Oh Hae Young

    2. Yoon Seo-Jung

    3. Lee Hyun-Soo


    I really like her guest cameo in Record of Youth. If only they could make a drama using that character, I would love to watch that. 

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  11. I felt the episode was kinda rushed and the next guest is immediately introduced. Will check out the next episode if the pacing continues in this way. 


    Somehow I like the first two episodes more probably because I liked the young leads. And the food served in this episode doesn't look too appetizing for me. Not a fan of dark colored chicken. 


    I think I agree with one poster who commented about Ji Hyo's acting. She doesn't quite nailed the part of a Witch. Her eyes lack expression or due to contact lenses could not convey what is supposed to be a chilling gaze or creepy stare. 


    Jang Nara's look in Sell your Haunted House looked more like a convincing Witch to me.  Ok Ja Yeon in Uncanny Counter also has that menacing look that will leave you trembling. 


    Well I guess I could only imagine which actress could have been perfect for the role. 

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  12. I've totally lost interest with this season.


    OYH's supposed death seems oddly out of place. First season SSR died at the end as a cliffhanger. Second season had LL blown up at the end also as a cliffhanger. So her being killed midway seems weird unless Eugene is cast in another drama and needed a clean exit. Or her death would be similar to Rona's in season 2. Meaning she could still be alive somewhere. 


    I'd say the writer should just end it this season. The fact that they made SK as SSR's real daughter made me so mad. 


    I have a suggestion for the ending finale. The whole building of Hera Palace engulfed in flames. JDT and his minions trapped at the top floor. SSR, her son and Rona will be at the airport to board a plane and leave the country for good.  

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  13. I finished watching episodes 5 and 6 today. In that scene where the two leads decided to wear traditional garments, I wished SHJ wore a gisaeng costume for a more dramatic effect. Such a pity that scene could have been so much funnier. 


    This is the first time that I find the second female lead more interesting as a character for me.


    I also really like the male lead's quiet personality and curious as to why he married the celebrity in the first place. 


    The other male lead is doing a good job as well. As Dr. Ian Chase, he is nothing like Chae Jun.  One is warm and makes me smile with his cheesy lines while the other one is like a dark hole. To be honest, I miss CJ's character. 


    I  wonder why the mom still looks so young. If she was in her twenties when she got married, she would have been in her fifties by now. But she still looks the same...


    I can't help but compare YAMS with another drama where the female lead was abandoned by her mom at an orphanage when she was a little girl. That drama managed to balance well the comedy and murder suspense. 


    I'm not sure if the problem points to the main writer or the directing but there is something lacking.  And I can't pinpoint exactly what it is but I had a hard time finishing episode 5. It started well but halfway I felt too sleepy to watch and had to stop and rewatch later. 


    Someone from one site mentioned SHJ seems to be in her comfort zone and I think I agree with that. 


    Despite my disappointment with her character, will still continue watching since I really like both main and supporting cast. 



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  14. 7 hours ago, Latte_Anyday said:

    Interesting eheh. It feels like a Halloween special though LoL. The Witch is quite sassy ain't she? 

        Be careful what you wish for~ The actor from "Nevertheless" is here too. He has such a charming smile & an interest for butterflies eheh. 

        Can't believe he's 28y.o. He's 3 years senior to the fl. I was shocked 'cause he looks so young LoL. Will there be romance for these 2?



    He's 28? He didn't look his age. I thought he would be younger. 

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  15. I don't know why but episode one was hard for me to finish viewing. I couldn't for some reason get into SHJ's character and her hair somewhat distracts me. I keep thinking is this her real hair or is her hair short and is wearing a hair extension.  


    But it's been a long time since Black Dog so I decided to try again and rewatch episode one before continuing with episode two. After getting past episode one I finally was able to watch all three episodes in one go. 


    I might be bashed for it but this is the first time I didn't feel an instant connection with DJ's character. Can't explain why since I loved all the characters SHJ portrayed starting from AOHY, Dr. Romantic, TOL, Beauty Inside and BD.


    Something seems off with SHJ's acting especially in the first episode. It felt unnatural like the character didn't fit her. So far I am liking the main lead character and felt that the other guy was gone too soon. The introduction of a new character Ian was quite a surprise twist. 


    I was about to drop this when I couldn't finish episode one but now will definitely continue watching. 

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