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  1. HJ and his new woman should NOT have baby just doing their job and making money TW 's living in the nice house with good food but LONELY..we don't know what he will do in his future if continuing in that jail !!!
  2. Old Shin must let TW knowing and meeting his mother every week or month KS almost killed Mr old Shin , JY 's husband & baby..without HS company almost bankruptcy so let the kid meeting their mom or dad . they can live happy with anyone they want KS did toooooooo many bad thing .....can not forgive ... let her live alone
  3. rolisrntex Thank you so much I did not watch Happy sisters yet until you told me that ( with 20 episodes I've watched ) , in my opinion happy sisters is an interesting drama all of Happy sisters team did very good job , I vote for all of them golden award ) please tell me which drama you like @ I'll follow you many thanks$$$
  4. Ldy Gmerm KS is now lonely so she would like to live with Jenny ? that what I think
  5. the best episode 107 I really dislike KS but I vote for the actress who's playing KS "A gold award ", hopefully SBS and drama team voting for her too without her this drama would be so so … same same...( sometime I thought It's a real life not acting ) Thank you the writers and drama team !! happy halloween
  6. I do not like HJ ( stupid ) because when something bad happened he direct going & talking with KS , even she lies to him but he...always said " really ! " and forget it until too much problems … he running around !!! he's a good husband but not good chairman
  7. 107 KS will be kicked out ,hopefully ! SH 's brother is soo weak and stupid ….
  8. 2 rockets come together KS & JY 's brother will live together in jail very soon
  9. 102 KS shows her true color all of Shin 's members are very stupid
  10. until 101 we don't know who will hit KS ? JY'mom ? Jenny ? SH ?
  11. KS and JY 's step brother can be a couple instead of SH 's brother
  12. JY is very stupid ...I do not like her way , wearing high heel, running around, doing stupid thing she deserves having no more baby !
  13. The best moment of 93 is " Jenny holding KS' s hand and said " oma " , I don't like JY if she keeping secret ….
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