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  1. 1 hour ago, LauLau said:
    So apparently, this one Taeunian on twitter spotted that Taemin has a couple of Calobye power shakes (for which Naeun is the brand spokesperson/model) sitting in his glass-door kitchen cabinet (aka not hidden in the fridge, where you would normally keep it, but out in the open like an Easter egg). So happy late Easter everybody ;) hahaha


    :w00t: like this! you guys really have sharp eyes.. Go Taemin~ Lol

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  2. 3 hours ago, taemdeok said:

    Random post but look at Naeun's pose for her drama poster... doesn't it remind you of someone's signature pose? ^_^ The mirroring effect is strong here hahaha




    :w00t: wow... i will wait for photo college of them with this pose. I miss them everyday T_T craving for crumbs kkk...


    @PikaQuinttt yes, i also noticed about taemin consume healthy food and protein drink, just like naeun did. What will we get on next eps? hmm...maybe taem will do exercise at gym Lol

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  3. Happy Birthday to our Queen Lee Ji Eun!! :wub: King Joon Gi wish happy birthday too at Jieun's latest post and give hug emoji, so happy!! 


    I'm agree to all your thoughts chingu about that 'fans' how they act to prevent fans who love SHR ask for season 2, it's really obvious how they can't handle their true feeling about it how the way they answered the comments and it's showed they dislike SHR also to Jieun, but they often on denial. Weird is they felt JG being threatened by those fans... On other side, we can see JG keep bring SHR thing on these days and keep support our Jieun.

    Asking season 2 and ask people to watch JG new drama just different thing.

    They can't push other fans to love JG the same way as they are. They don't allow people have chance and learn to love JG by themselves.


    Guess today some of that 'fans' feel jealous to Jieun again kkk...i hope they aren't ruin the comment there

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  4. 2 hours ago, Taeunforeverrrr said:

    I found this and Taemin is talking to Sungwoon, but they're teasing each other LOL


    Waa...i just listened this audio, i think my guess is right hmm...taemin confessed that he love stay there (in USA), i can say maybe he refer to LA :P


    1 hour ago, Fantasylife said:

    I'm confused, but in TMI news the house where he took a video with his phone has the same curtain and piano with the photo that he posted on Instagram. Isn't it the same home?


    I think it's different, all instagram live he did it at his own apartment where he live alone.

    For his parent house that appeared on TMI news, he ever showed it on his 'Xtracam : TheTaemin' on VLive.


    About taemin song 'exclusive' i ever listened this song (japan ver) but i'm not put much attention to the lyrics, and suddenly i'm curious... then i found the lyrics contained mature words and meaning LoL of course my mind goes to Taemin and Naeun, so i hope the korea ver will have the same meaning...(maybe someone can try listen and translate it??) 

    the part i like the most (from japan ver):

    "...let's go somewhere right now in secret...

    ...there's nothing to fear if i'm with you...

    ...we can make it right, guiding each other like destiny...

    i want to take you exclusively"


    is taemin want to say 'something' exclusively to us, taeunians? Kkk... 

  5. 48 minutes ago, taeunforever0 said:

    Wow imagine if he has seen all the Taeun videos on YouTube then!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! 


    I also thinking about it :wub: he must be watched it, i really want taemin share his daily activities just like this, more openly talk about himself and his private things and thoughts.


    Naeunah~ someone will be jealous :D and he'll miss you more kkk...

    I love how these two often updated or online on instagram in the same time/day :rolleyes:

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  6. 2 hours ago, taemdeok said:


    I think I've seen some shawols saying so... but tbh the thing with Taemin is that he is ALWAYS lying. He has definitely lied about the meaning behind the lyrics for Soldier & Day and Night, he has lied about being single for life, etc... 


    So who knows what's his preference is tbh... this brat is a liar and everybody knows HAHA


    Anyways, YES to Taemin's song recommendation... I see what you did there Taemin :wub: Recommending a song that has the name of the girl you have been heavily linked with for the past few years? That's BOLD. I love it 


    LoL so agree with you, i often laugh so hard whenever i watched or read interview of him and the way he answered that obviously he's lied and I said to myself 'i can't trust him haha...' 

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  7. 14 minutes ago, dididudi said:



    hi everyone, its my first time posting here, i've been a lurker for years :)  here is taemin 2nd song and the translation, i got goosebumps from how much it relates to our nangni, cheers for us!!!!




    hiiii...i'm about to post it too ^^ yess, the lyrics hmm...it's so relate to naeun, the melody of the song make me remember to Taemin's song 'day and night' 

    i can't wait for next taem_log episode, i hope taemin will give us more crumbs kkk...

    T_T i really miss TaEun so much!! i wish to see these two together again, pleaseee....

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  8. 2 minutes ago, taeunforever0 said:

    @watermelon2512 @chantaljaey @xoxo_yanna98 @hellostargazers57 


    Hello guys, do you know what if Retrouvaille on YouTube has an instagram or Twitter? 


    yes, she has twitter account, and not long ago she seems also came here to greet us...


    T_T this so sad~ i can know more about Taeun also because of taeunians videos. How many channel gone? I saw all two channels~ Why? I can't... :tears:  this so cruel huh..

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    Guys, do watch our pretty Naeun, she's showed so much her private stuff and those what taeunians ever talked about before... It's her ankle bracelet, bobbi brown lipbalm with her name on it, also she's wearing that pretty necklace kkk...what i'm surprise the way she changed her selfie camera to back camera and showed us the weather or street view, is it same as Taemin did for his last instalive? Taemin teased his manager and i think Naeun accompanied by her mother?! Now i'm waiting if this vlog has english translation... 

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  10. 15 hours ago, Taeunforeverrrr said:

    No I think Taemin still fears the reaction of the fans. I follow both of them. In the interview after Jonghyun's death, where Taemin mentioned he has dated before (which we all know), he said that his fans doesn't like when he mentions something about dating, and that's why he doesn't talk about it. So if he still has that mindset until now, I believe it still affects him. Even a few weeks ago, he posted and were scared that fans would leave him so everyone tweeted a supporting tweet for him. He cares about what fans thinks a lot, and I hate that.


    Right, we're facing with Korean idol/celeb where they can't said something about their dating life, it's kinda burden for them :(( because of that, we never knew about their real life...but we can sense it somehow Lol only 'you are mine' fans said we're delusional but the fact they're on denial state. 


    I also hate it, i thinking hard why you chose fans than your love ones, but i believe it's not what they want and uneasy to walk against the culture there. I also hope somehow there're time the culture will be changed to see idol have a freedom to do what they want (dating).


    I found it, few of fans thought why Taemin seems afraid they will leave him, it maybe he already prepare to convey something important in his life e.g his dating news :lol: i hope he will do it very soon but guess he's still waiting for right timing...

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  11. On 4/17/2020 at 9:52 AM, hellostargazers57 said:


    Wish success for your upcoming drama, stay healthy for your love one :lol: long live King and hope you're not feel lonely anymore, no worries - be happy :wub:


    Is JG come to this thread and read my birthday wish to him? Lol i'm happy for his instastory today, he said be happy everybody~ also use SHR behind the scene kkk... He seems always have good mood.



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  12. 4 hours ago, Danny said:

    I had watched this video too cause I always cant wait to see any update from taeun. However, dont you think those brands they are putting on just because they are famous brands and it could be a sponsorship for them too. Honestly Im a huge supporter of taeun but kind of losing hope recently, sad man. How much I wish the existence of eternal love is true. 




    Hii, it's not all the sponsorship, if they're wearing it often on their daily activities i believe it's their own stuff :) maybe you can watch first minutes of this video as reference kkk... 





    Guys sorry...are we suppose not to quote images? I saw many of us still doing it ^^ 


    So happy Taemin updated by today :wub: and he's sharing another song from his playlist, i can say he really romantic person ♡

  13. I hope it's not true that Taemin feeling sad and broken heart.... I have thought maybe it's kinda disguise act and only us taeunians who can actually know how these two usually did 'something' privately kkk... What's in my mind while Taemin support Naeun for Apink comeback and listening to Apink's song then he also discovered this harry styles's song ^^

    As we knew, Naeun also updated her ig story again after Taemin, what surprising thing...Lol. i just imagine these two already know how to use private chat on Instagram :wub: online at same time

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  14. hii taeunian ^^

    i ever visit the first thread and now i'm glad to join here too~ i think about this 1-2 months i'm addicted again with them kkk... I rewatched all the episodes also most of Taeun beautiful mv on youtube, i'm going crazy!! I can smile with heart flutter, but then i also cry :(how beautiful to see when they're together and showing their love to each other, but then we couldn't see anymore their interaction at all, it's hurt me a lot.....

    But i want to believe it's all their purpose to ignore all bad things towards them and strengthen their love, and they show it through rosary bracelet :wub:  it's like they communicate silently with us to believe them that they're real.


    I think why Naeun not wear the bracelet anymore, it's already worn out (i forgot in previous page i saw the part of bracelet almost broken), so she just kept it. Then maybe she changed with the gold necklace that she like to wear recently, ofc i hope it taemin who gave it to her and thank you so much to @chantaljaey answering my curiousity about the necklace info ^^ 


    T_T i'm really really thankful to you all who have sharp eyes Lol it's about taemin took photos in same spot as Naeun while he was in LA, i'm so agree that place is not famous tourist spot for people to come, what can i say...he's so romantic :wub: 

    Then what surprising us again... these two posted again with their LA things to say Valentine's Day hmm...so obvious! :D


    I really can't wait when the right time come they will show bravely to us, we're going to give them blessing.

    I imagine we will see their romantic or sexy wedding photoshoot kkk...how they smile to each other again and holding hands T_T

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  15. hello everyone~ i wish you all stay safe and stay healthy :) i hope this situation because of covid19 will end soon so we don't have much worry anymore...


    I miss our beloved otp so much! even they keep updated their posts, ofc we're waiting their interaction and crumbs :PJieun got me with her April's fool act, i'm laughed so hard...

    these two really funny, see how they did to us... JG expression when played with his dogs, so funny! I also happy he chose 'For You' song, he just always know how to save us LOL 


    I'm so sad to know JG could't make his birthday event and meet his fans but stay safe is more important for everyone now, how i wish he can do instalive then~ :wub: i imagine during his instalive he can invite Jieun, this app allow 2 person maximum to do live conference.


    Stargazers, let's hope we have another sweet moments from JG and Jieun this year, something good will come ♡ 

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