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  1. @melsmd01 & @silentjoonu Sorry to always burst your bubble of peace. But I think avoiding the problem is not going to work. I didn't talk to Andrea Fernandez in private because I know it's useless. The supposed leader of JoonU shippers in IG has talked to her in private, the reason she is now a free agent, a loose cannon by herself. Please try to understand my reasoning of doing things the hard way. I am doing this out of my utmost care to everyone onboard this ship. No one, and I stress it, NO ONE should be blamed for something (s)he doesn't do. You can obviously see that the whole JoonU ship is now seen as troublemakers, with fans of different fandoms already got offended. What I am doing right now is basically a PLEA to Akinahana to come out and take control of this now chaotic ship. I am now in the process of reaching out to other seniors of this thread as well. Read carefully to what I wrote in my 2nd last post. Everything goes back to my loyalty to JE, I don't want her to be hurt. Much less by the fandom that claim to care about her. Here is an excerpt of a pm sent to me by a former regular of this thread. She is someone whose posts you're always eagerly waiting for. Out of respect to everyone else in this thread, I will restrain myself from posting, but I will still try to reach out to some old members and ask them to come back.
  2. Oh, so you're back huh? Didn't even bother to address my previous reply, you just suddenly barbed to post that has ZERO mention about you. Solidarity much? Do you have an English comprehension problem? Because it seems like that you don't understand the content of my post at all. Tsk... Did I mention anything that editing pictures is a crime? Did I say anything that joonu_so_perfect should stop editing pictures? What I see as the problem are: 1. The caption that ma._estella put in her repost. Find anyone to tell me if that caption is not aimed to provoke the BongHas. 2. The timing that joonu_so_perfect chose to publish this edit. Just because JoonU ship is so used to have LJG-JE pictures edited by JE's other shipping fandoms, you MUST NOT make assumptions that LJG's fans will tolerate it. If they don't like it, you should respect it. READ: LJG's fans not the BongHas. And now are you trying to tell people here that JoonU ship is at the same level of that KookU? The reason JoonU shippers ignore the KookU is because JoonU shippers obviously can see that baby Kookie is a fanboy of his dearest SUNBAENIM JE. Nothing more nothing less. I don't want to invite other fandoms' wrath here, so I'll stop talking about KookU. Don't talk nonsense that I should go to LL thread and defend JE there. Why don't you go there yourself & try to defend your case.
  3. Sorry to burst your illusion of peace by turning on a new page. But sweeping the dirt under a rug doesn't make the dirt disappears. Hurtful words have been made, people's feeling have been hurt. Bad blood has started to form between LJG's fandom & JoonU shippers. @Lisbethj has mentioned in previous page that many of LJG's once neutral fans are beginning to have aversion to the idea of LJG&JE being together. Are you going to continue to turn a blind eye? Don't you all remember LJG's fans reaction when the news of him dating his ex was revealed? It's a known fact that LJG's ex didn't have the best reputation in his fandom. More fans were turning a blind eye as their reaction to the dating news, and pretended that his ex existed in a different universe. More fans were cheering their break up news than offering words of comfort. I can't even imagine how hurtful his ex's pride was. (Not that I'm defending her now, I am just speaking from a perspective of a woman) And now you shippers are setting up that very same path for JE. Will you not be hurt for JE if she were treated that way? If you really do care for JE, you will do your utmost to keep her safe and help to deflect any harm that may be aimed to her, the exact opposite of what these irresponsible shippers have been doing. I am sorry but I have to be a bad person in this thread. I will not stop until @akinahana89 or seniors of this thread come here and set things in order. Just when I thought people are starting to put a careful thought before publishing their shipping posts online. These are out now: read the caption and tell me if it's not some form of provocations. To Joonu_so_perfect, I don't know if english is your major obsticle to understand how bad the situation is now. Your edit might not create serious problems if you post them like 6 months or a year from now when the LL's hype has gone down & LJG's fans anger have simmered down. But now, your timing is again very very INAPPROPRIATE.
  4. @melsmd01 Ah... yes... I agree. LJG is a very inteligent & funny guy. He's such a cute dork, isn't he? And see what I found this afternoon. Our pretty & cute JE was so hillarious in this video, don't you all agree? Isn't it heartwarming to see the cute side of LJG & JE? They can be so cute & funny without making fun of people. And I am now presenting my version of the funniest ahjusshi in Kdramaland... (drumroll...) It's uri LJG's dearest sunbaenim Choi Min Soo. That is folks, the ultimate example of being funny. And again, to be funny he doesn't need to resort to make fun of other people either. ciao!
  5. @Hablando de Kdramas Oh I believe you will read my post, in fact I even believe you've been waiting for it. You're forever welcomed to reply though. I mentioned it in one of my last year's posts that I didn't have an IG account. And I still don't. If you insist that I do, why don't you ask that IG account if (s)he is Soereey from soompi forum. You set your IG open for public to view, everybody without an IG account can see your post from any search engines. Just because you do one thing, you should not assume everybody else does the same thing as you do. I have been posting messages in soompi forum for few years now. This thread is always the first result on any search engines when you search for JoonU. And for that very reason I purposefully posted my previous messages here. Even regular fans of LJG & JE, antis, haters, shippers from other fandoms love to drop by this thread. And this time I actually want them to read our conversation. Your worst attitude is: You do anything as you like with total disregard of other people's feeling, and when people make complaints to you, you put the blame on them that they don't have a sense of humor, and that is their own problem, not yours. You see... If it's only me who find your action is disturbing, then the problem is on me, that I have to agree with. But when a large group of people (me included) unanimously feel uncomfortable with your action, the problem is not on us, it is on you. Please give it a serious thought, it might eventually help you in real life. It's not my problem that you don't see the need to make friends in social medias. But surely you don't need to make enemies and make innocent people share your enemies' wrath with you. Don't you realize that the entire JoonU fandom is seen negatively, and largely it's because of your provoking posts? You claim that you are a Hajunse and you posted that angry bear video to show people that you were upset because not enough people pre-ordered the Blu-ray so it had to be cancelled? Then how can you explain this? What do you mean by LJG combined both dramas when he sent the foodtruck? Because all I can see was LJG sent the foodtruck to support JE, and he cheekily used the moment to promote his character in his upcoming drama. How can you see it as LJG giving you the permission to make edits of both dramas and make fun of the characters? You can make funny posts but you should never ever make fun of people, because that is already considered as bullying. You see it as a humor, but others see it as disrespectful act. And how can you deny this: https://www.soompi.com/2018/06/24/watch-cast-lawless-lawyer-love-joke-around/ Your comment as Andrea Fernandez is clearly bashing SYJ. I only recall there are some video edits comparing the interaction of LJG-JE with LJG and his past co-stars. I don't recall seeing edited pictures of LJG's kissing scenes with his previous co-stars other than the recent one with SYJ. If there is any, then I can only reason the anger is mostly because of the inappropriate timing of joonu_so_perfect's edited picture. It was released while LL still aired and people were still on high with LJG-SYJ's on screen chemistry. JoonU is so used to have LJG-JE's pictures edited by JE's other shipping fandoms. But it doesn't mean LJG's fans will tolerate the same thing. Clearly they didn't like it, shouldn't we respect their stance on this? And I personally don't think JoonU shippers need to "steal" and desperately make edits on other couple's romantic scenes. There are more than enough of LJG-JE's sweet moments that you can edit to your likings. It's very understandable that TvN & Viki (owner of soompi) heavily promoted the romantic side of LL. After all the majority of drama viewers are women. How can you sell LJG-CMS's off chart bromance to a group of women? Will the viewers be enticed seeing both of them hugging? Even LJG himself promoted the romance side story of the drama when LL was entering its final 4 episodes. It's crystal clear that LJG too was trying to pull in as many viewers as possible. It's all a marketing strategy. And TvN still promote LL after it finished its airing in South Korea because they're trying to sell the drama to more countries. They are trying to milk the drama for all it's worth. Why did you even bother to take this issue personally? It's an undeniable fact that this ship exists because shippers here can see that LJG & JE share a special bond. And this ship can last until now because LJG & JE continue to affectionately show support to each other. Some people will not like it so they made snide remarks here and there. Why can't you just ignore those irritating comments rather than waging useless comments/posts war? Those negative comments are meaningless when LJG himself consistently shows his intention to stay as a "close colleague" with JE. As you said yourself, LJG is an adult and he does whatever he wants to do. So why do you even need to worry and throw hissy fits when LJG doesn't even pay attention to those nuisance. Please just do your shipping thing without provoking others, the whole fandom will instantly be peaceful. Anyway, you should also stop your lame accusation that anyone who has different opinion with you must be a BongHa shipper. You can read all my post here on soompi, and show me if I have ever hinted that I am a BongHa. You want me to prove myself a Uaena and defend JE? FINE! I'll do it here because I don't have any IG account. WATCH ME! I don't think I need to describe how awesome Lee Ji Eun's musical achievement is. Anyone who dares to question her musicality must have been living under a rock. To LJG's fans and JE's fans that turn into antis because of certain shippers' misdemeanor: I can't speak much because I myself is a half shipper. But I can guarantee you, not all shippers are bad, only a few of them are. Most of them are really peace loving. Please don't judge them by the misdeeds done by a few irresponsible accounts. To haters who despise JE's acting on dramas: 아무것도 아니야 It's not a big deal. It's nothing when the great PD of Kdramaland Kim Won Seok has given his verdict: To other haters who hates JE just because... 아무것도 아니야 It's not a big deal. It's nothing when the reality in Korean Entertainment Industry is this: https://mobile.twitter.com/gayforiu/status/1013353604231651329/video/1 Say hello to someone at 1.13 mark. 사랑해 지은아!
  6. Thank you for coming back so early in the morning to edit your post, because this was my original reply to you before I gave up the first time I tried to compose this message. Don't worry. I'll come back later to properly reply your post.
  7. Since nobody here mention the latest "development" in IG world, let me do the dirty work. I will rant so I apologize in advance. Two reasons why I decide to trash things out here. First, a simple personal reason, I don't have an IG account. All the information I got is easily accessible from any search engine result. 2nd, the first result that comes up when you search for JoonU is this very thread. So this thread is supposed to be the main go to for anything related to JoonU. Apparently nothing can stop you @andreasia1 (a.k.a @Hablandodekdramas on IG), a loose cannon from going ballistic, can't it? My post on June 20th was actually me reaching out to you in the nicest way I could possibly put into words. I believe others too have unsuccessfully tried to talk it out with you. You repeatedly and continuously provokes LJG's fans and harass Seo Ye Ji in many of your IG posts, and being such a coward as you are, you put them under "just for fun". You just shrug things off with saying those who got angry have no sense of humor. Okay... That's a normal behavior, for an elementary schooler! Who still has a lot to learn about self responsibility. And don't you even try to claim that you never say anything bad about Seo Ye Ji. "That girl! To be silly does not look good." Does it ring a bell in your brain, Andrea Fernandez? Don't bother to go back to that post of yours to delete it, I've done you a favor screencapturing it. I can post it here anytime I want. You ridiculously and proudly claim yourself as an independent JoonU shipper, when the real fact is the shippers group has kicked you out of their circle because they too felt uneasy seeing your provocative posts. You claim that you've been a Hajunse long before you're a JoonU shipper. Do you think this post of yours reflects a true Hajunse spirit? You are very self centered and narrow minded. Yes, the BongHa shippers are ecstatic to get their hands on the BTS of LL. But they are just a small group of people compared to the true LJG's fans who really want to get the Blu-ray edition to show their sincere support to LJG's work. You're totally ignorant that it took a lot of hard work and negotiation just to make the Blu-ray available for pre order. That post of yours really deserves a big high 5 on your face. You're also waging an open war with a LJG fan that didn't even mention anything about you. Was your guilty conscience telling you that it was you that the fan complained about? I've read what (s)he wrote, whatever (s)he complained in his/her post is basically the same concern that I had (read my post on June 20th). I don't know which came out first, my post or the one that complained on his/her IG post, but simply said, you and JoonU shippers in general, you've been warned. Alas... It really happens. I've said it before, shippers in general don't have the best reputation. While other JoonU shippers tone down their activities and completely avoid bumping into shippers from different fandoms, you @andreasia1 just go ahead with your loose fingers and provoke people left and right. A loose cannon shipper like you really trashes the whole shipping fandom. Even neutral fans of LJG can turn into antis because of you. They now resort to post many pictures of LJG and his past co-stars and purposefully left JE out. All thanks to you! What exactly are you trying to achieve with your provoking other shipping fandom? You try so hard to prove that LJG's best chemistry is only with JE. Doesn't it also mean you belittling LJG's acting craft? He is an actor and he is paid to deliver a character in the most believable way. If he's not able to convey the emotion of a man in love in LL, doesn't it mean he's not a good actor? Please stop your double standard because you didn't flare up at all when people applauded JE's off chart chemistry with Lee SeonGyun nim in MA. Just because JE had almost zero skinship in the drama and the fact that LSGnim is already married, so you felt your ship is safe? And stop insinuating that SYJ was the one who always came up to LJG. They were both paid to play characters in love with each other. SYJ is a good actress and she is known to be one of those method actresses, which means she will keep herself in character, be it on or off camera. Whatever happen on screen and BTS are not the best indication of what actually transpires in celebrities' personal lives. And why do you keep pestering JG-JE to out their relationship in public (IF they are really in one)? This question is also applicable to @Pilar MisNovelicas. Are you truly happy for LJG-JE if they are in a relationship, OR you only want to feed your own ego by gloating over other shippers' sunken ship? What good is it if they prematurely declare their relationship only to break up later on? LJG & JE are high profile celebrities with massive fanbases. A single irresponsible media twist can easily trigger a massive fan war. This kind of fan war would make last year's war on LJG's and his ex's IGs a child's play. That's why I'd rather they go underground and only go public when they're rock solid in their relationship. Building a healthy relationship is a hard work, even for regular peeps like us. All the more for celebrities with all those scrutinizing eyes constantly on them. I am now assuming the underground chat for this ship has gone comatose, because nobody seems to have enough concern to seriously rebuke @andreasia1. May I also know where is thread starter @akinahana89? Wasn't she the one that assumed the captain position of this ship? She doesn't even care that this ship's reputation has been reduced to this sorry state? I apologize if I sound extremely harsh, but I really want this kind of irresponsible shipping behavior to stop. It doesn't do anything good for everyone. Why do you want to spread negativity that will eventually bring nothing but hates towards the people you (claim to) care about, i.e LJG-JE. @andreasia1, you usually have tons of words to refute other people's claim about you. Why don't you come here and give proper explanation of your motives or reasons you're doing the things you do in your IG.
  8. @summer2017 I am sorry if my last post offends you in any ways. I sincerely mean no harm to anyone onboard this ship. It's just that I am always on the more "safety-first" side in this matter. I respect your stance and I never asked you and everyone else to stop posting JoonU related stuffs on IG for indefinite time. I merely ask you to refrain doing so until LL finishes it's run. However, I appreciate that you never tag #lawlesslawyer in any of your JoonU posts. I hope everyone else do the same, let's keep LL & JoonU as separate issues. I want add another point to @jenny kim's post, regarding JG's praising SYJ's look with her new hairstyle. Apparently, this is the first time SYJ cut her very long hair short in more than 15years (correct me if I am wrong). She might be image conscious and feels nervous of viewers' reaction to her new image, while she has to portray a strong-willed confident woman in the drama. Being a good co-star that he always is, what he said during the Kakao chat is very understandable. @kathyrw it is not that simple for South Korean celebrities to announce their relationship. I know how ridiculous it sounds that celebs being caught dating is considered as a scandal (that might also be a career threatening one), yet that is the sad reality in South Korea. And things are more complicated in the case of JG & JE. In addition to that will be the fans. As @paulina79 has mentioned, some of JG fans don't like JE, likewise some of JE's fans don't like JG. You all can see the lukewarm reaction from both sides when JG & JE sent each other foodtrucks. Happiest spectators are of course the shippers. Neutral fans kept their reaction at minimum. The better anti-shippers reacted like the foodtrucks never happened, the worse ones sent hurtful comments that one was trying to ride on the other's popularity. Sad, isn't it? So, let's not put extra pressure on them. Let them take all the time they need if they really want to bring their relationship to the next level. Let's learn to be content with whatever crumbs they're willing to share with us. If they're meant to be, they are meant to be.
  9. Guys, I know many of you feel sad and frustrated by JG's last IG post. Yes, it shows much skinship and much "fun". But let's just be optimistic and give JG some benefits of the doubt, okay? Afterall his drama is entering the last leg of its run, let's assume that JG is pulling his all in promoting it. Realistically speaking, law genre dramas are not as attractive as romances. Despite JG's off chart chemistry with his senior CMS, it will not be as attractive to sell as his chemistry with SYJ. So, it makes sense if JG uses the romance side of the drama to give it a final push. 2017 was definitely a "let's skin LJG alive" year. It still amazes me that he managed to get thru all the adversaries with his sanity intact. I don't know how many of you shippers are Hajunses by heart. I know I am not, I am only here because of JE. Yes, I am not fan of LJG, but I ADORE JE, so I am happy when JE can find and build a strong relationship (be it friendship or more) with JG. If you shippers are also Hajunses, you will stop doing anything that in the end will sabotage Lawless Lawyer from the spotlight. Can't you tell that JG desperately wants this drama to be successful (at least in rating wise)? Like it or not, his previous dramas (including MLSHR) were considered rating flops in Korea, and Lawless Lawyer is the most promising to break the rating flop curse. So please everyone, let's just give him the chance, okay? Stop flooding the IG with all your joonu related stuffs. What worries me most with all of your JoonU related posts is that you will irritate JG fans that are not shipping him with JE. They have been holding their breath, waiting for JG to finally nails a drama that will send him back to his career high. Let's respect their wish and be a good and supportive shipping fandom. Don't be a stumbling block and let's avoid crazy posting war on IG. You know haters can always snoop in and use this as an opportunity to put the blame on shippers, right? Shippers in general don't have the best reputation, so you definitely don't want to give them more chances to tarnish this ship. And please do note that whatever bashing this ship gets, it will eventually reach JE too and sure enough Uaenas will be angry as well. It is completely understandable if there is a new shipping fandom born out of his drama, JG is a single man afterall (at least that's what the public and we know). Don't be anxious and pick up a fight. Let's just wait and see whose chemistry continues beyond filming and promoting obligations. Only time will tell. As I am not a fan of LJG, it actually doesn't bother me much if JoonU never materializes. What matters to me most is JE's being happy. Whatever makes her happy, I will gladly support her. If you are true Uaenas, you will agree with me. Likewise if you are true Hajunses, what you should care most is JG's happiness. Please ask yourselves before you decide to post anything on social medias, will your post make JG happy? So... be good shippers, okay? Just endure for another week and a half. You guys endured 2017 with all the makjangs, so why can't you now?
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