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    The only three dramas of him I wouldn't recommend are Iris 2, The Merchant and now maybe WOL, even though I love Chilsung.  I could give my reasons for disliking these three dramas, but to be honest, I'm a little lazy :p and we all have such different taste. 


    I completely disagree with Fiesty on this.

    4 hours ago, fiesty8001 said:


    He has bad luck with dramas. After doing IRIS2 many of his projects have poor quality.


    I have followed other actors and artists and it is hard to find one that has had more than 2 or 3 works that could be called a masterpiece. Jang Hyuk has done so much more good work than bad (regardless of ratings or box office success) that I find him an exception. He is truly a gem and the fact that he keeps doing works that captivate me is why I still follow him. Fated to love you, Beautiful Mind, Money Flower happened after Iris2 and they are all amazing in their own style. WOL is terrible for my taste but Chilsung is adorable. 


    Also, what is the difference in ratio of success or quality prior to Iris2? I think his works prior to that were also up and down in quality. SSBG was a success and it was cute but to me it wasn't what you would call "high quality" Daemang on the other hand, was really good, of course with the limitations of the production values of those times. Thank You was amazing, Robbers is my guilty pleasure but failed in ratings, Tazza, I loved it, but was it far superior to any of his current work? And Chuno was a masterpiece, but so is Money Flower. So these ups and downs, happened before, still happen and will continue to happen as long as Jang Hyuk keeps working (May God bless dramaland with his work for a long long time). Luck or bad or good decisions notwithstanding, I want to be the kind of fan Jang Hyuk mentioned on his fan meeting. I continue to support him, because besides being talented (above average in my opinion) he loves his craft, he is so passionate and hardworking,that I feel confident that if I don't like one work, I might like the next, or maybe the next. Because half of the odds are already covered (We know he will always do his best) so whenever he gets paired up with good writing and directing, its a WIN. 


    I also hope he does a good movie but I am not disappointed with the excellent work he has done and continues to do in kdramas. 


    All the good vibes to bad papa 


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  2. 1 hour ago, marrez1 said:

    it's curious, I feel that many people have deserted this post,:lol:   I do not see much reaction to this drama, it seems that the two main reasons are that jang hyuk is the second lead :rolleyes:here, and he does not seem to have the girl.:ph34r:

    It's a shame, because this drama is not bad, it is rather funny


    I know some people might've dropped the drama because JH has very little screen time, but that's not the only reason. Some people find it slow, boring, not interesting OTP (and they are the center of everything, so if a person doesn't like them, there isn't much to look forward to) Others never got into this type of humor. Honestly, if Jang Hyuk was making a cameo here but the drama was actually really good, it wouldn't affect its popularity. I think the problem for the majority here, is the writing. However, I know there's people still enjoying the drama (You can find them mostly on Dramabeans), and they will hopefully feel encouraged to talk about it here too.  

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  3. 9 hours ago, yoeda said:

    Never knew Nam Goong Min is 40! Btw, JH do age, that eye crinkle never lie but still looks good for his age. :D


    Well, to be honest those eye wrinkles were there more prominently in SoGC and I think even in his 30s they were already noticeable as well as eye bags. He hasn't "aged" dramatically after military service though. But he does look "younger" or "older" depending on various factors such as makeup, lighting and possibly filters. Money Flower's PD made sure he looked amazing. His weight also is a factor. When he loses weight his wrinkles become more obvious. 


    Still, I find his wrinkles so sexy and in person he looks younger, (but that has a lot to do with his demeanor, more than his skin, his attitude is "youthful") 

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  4. 3 hours ago, rocher22 said:

    CS was so cute while trying to cover SW with his eyes covered.

    But I liked how Poong did it.

    He simply covered her.

    It seems to me that CS is idealising SW a bit, while Poong sees her as a woman

    with both flaws and virtues.

    Yes, it has taken me longer than it did for you! (I think you are not all caught up with the drama?) I'm not going to spoil you but I believe now, you are on the right track, regarding the way the two guys see her and treat her and this is what will ultimately trigger her response. Hint: She does not want more over-protection as she has had it all her life, and in the end it only made her weak and vulnerable. I think its something to do with that...

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  5. 3 hours ago, watchumlots said:

    I dunno...  Changing my mind rather quickly about this series.


    The main boy/girl characters have slept together...remember their "one-night-stand" anyone?



    LOL! Did you watch a rated R version of this drama? LOL They actually didn't spend the night. They decided not to after having a conversation in the car. The most that happened was a kiss. 


    2 hours ago, turtle0217 said:


    This is my guess on what CS see in Poong that he's willing to become his guardian angel and help him improve and make Hungry Wok success. Could CS be seeing Poong as the younger himself? Like how Poong is was how CS used to be? Due to many mistakes that CS had made it turned him into a kkangpae, but from the looks of it, he's a good kkangpae for taking the ledger away from the other guy. He doesn't want Poong to go the wrong path and he sees the potential in Poong just like he used to be himself, that he'll help guide Poong the correction direction. Just my guess. 


    Yes, at some point I thought this could be the case. I imagined DCS being kind of hot-headed like Poong when he was younger lol. Although now DCS is the most zen gangster ever! but maybe it was life experiences that has given him some wisdom and patience. OR it could be the opposite, an opposites attract thing? Because in the present they are both very different, DCS is cool and calm and Poong is fiery and impulsive? And they have some things in common, like, honesty, loyalty, passion, hard work, a big heart, some loneliness and a craving to love and be loved. Awww cuties! Greasy bromance forever!

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  6. 1 hour ago, fiesty8001 said:

    Finally you unlocked your account.B) You also used to be @chunnogirl33. Weren't you?

    Yes tht's also me, I don't remember exactly why I couldn't recover that one. 


    DSW right now annoys me very much. I have many thoughts about her but I am so sleepy that I don't even want to get started on her. All I'll say is, I'm not sure if the writer is presenting her "honesty" as a good feature or not at this point. DCD is direct and honest but so far he has not hurt anyone. DSW "doesn't sugar coat things" but is rude and hurtful. For whatever reason, be it she wants to push someone away or be it she is mad at the person and wants to hurt them (like she did with Poong's dumplings criticism) and its not what she does (rejecting DCD WAS the right thing to do, being honest about Poong's food WAS the right thing to do) but the way she does it that makes her seem so obnoxious to me. She also has a childish demeanor that I found sorta cute in small doses but is tiring me. I love Jung Rye Won but Im not 100% sure Im enjoying this aspect of her characterization. 


    Instead of rooting for her "sort of" feminist statements, like I normally would, I found her words empty, shallow, imposed and out of place. All her talk about "I don't want men to tell me what to do"! What men are telling her what to do? Is she now reacting to her dad who probably told her what to do when he supported her economically and she was only a "woman-child"? Am I supposed to infer that her mom represents what DSW would've turned into if life never turned sour for her? A spoiled helpless woman? I kinda sorta "understand"the message but I'm not sure. Why didn't she defend hersef when Poong kept yelling at her but is now acting all proud? 


    And lastly, her attitude towards DCS is the most annoying. Whatever cuteness was between them got lost. She is choosing to only remember "the times she rejected him" and not the times she said " Awww why are you forgetting your crush so fast? Ahjussi, wait for me"" So NOW DCS is sort of a nuissance to her and he gets scolded for not properly forgetting about her. Like its so easy! Especially when you are given mixed messages! And no, the excuse that "the writer wanted to keep the triangle going" doesnt make it any less annoying to me


    Now the writer decided to change her tune abruptly and DSW looks more like a psycho than ever. Oh yeah NOW she is "honest" and we "Admire" her so much, because "It is her choice what matters after all"


    So I'm kinda glad the writer gave me at least the pleasure of seeing her  exposed by Maeng Dal for her rude and callous behaviour, and I'm glad Poong friendzoned her with mixed messages. See how much she likes his honesty! I'm not sure if the writer will make the character ever mature enough to at least owning up to her mistakes and to see how what she did/does is not nice.  Also, she was all "It's my choice" Well guess what, not it's Poong's choice :tongue: So whatever, he will cave to his attraction most likely soon but at least she got to suffer "rejections" a little. 


    The new loveline for DCS might or might not work. But his love for DSW doesn't have to be undying love especially since its unrequited. Otherwise, is DCS supposed to be a masocquist? DSW being her only love in forever sounds very romantic but she is never going to love him back so I don't care anymore. I'm not going to dismiss the idea of this new relationship until I see how that progresses. I hope they make it convincing because DCS is the only character I still can "feel" completely. 


    A dream I have is for DCS to choose to protect his heart from DWS, tell her she doesn't owe him any money because he'd rather not see her face again, so take the money as a gift and Kaaaa! at least from his life and presence. But that will never happen. DCS is still too whipped by her. 

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  7. 17 hours ago, kamkrna said:

    Maybe, Poong's pretty face melts Chill Sung...

    This is so funny!


    You make a very good point. Many times I've felt the drama just rushes and forces the relationships. I can't pinpoint if its the script, plot or editing, but something has always felt choppy and rushed. Why does Chilsung do so much for Poong? Is it because the script says so? Its a good question and I don't have a really good answer myself. What I can say is that, for some reason, as soon as they met, I didn't feel antagonism from Chilsung's side towards Poong, which let me to believe, at that time, that Chilsung saw something in Poong. I remember he said he was a jerk, but something in his demeanor showed me, Poong caught his attention in a positive way. At first he was trying to mediate between him and his "boys", later when Poong asked him for money, Chilsung was actuallly gentle, telling him not to borrow money from a gangster. Maybe he saw something in him, his idealism and innocence perhaps? as he said later? Also Poong is so hardworking, passionate about his work and does not give up easily. Then he sees his gangster boys being dependent on him, I had the feeling (of course this is me guessing) that he wishes his guys were more like Poong,

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  8. Hi, it’s me again! Now that I've recovered my password, I'll be spamming you! lolol (no worries, I won't, just let me get these things out of my system)


    Today has been a quiet day at work so I have some time to think about the drama. Here are some thoughts and possible topics of discussion (more than rants)


    Despite my current boredom there are moments that I care about this drama, at least enough to try to understand the characters and speculate what the writer might be trying to say or where the story might be going

    The triangle took a lot of the focus and it has been tedious and felt repetitive but, I guess the character’s reactions have revealed at least to a certain extent part of their personalities as they have been sort of “put to the test” At the same time, their reactions and the consequences reveal some of what the writer is trying to communicate through them


    So, let’s start with the easiest and move on to the most complex or hard to understand, for me


    Chilsung, I start with him because to me he is a pretty transparent character. His goals and motivations are simple and to be honest, as the supporting character that he still is, we don’t know that much about him (but we want to know more) From what we’ve learned in the drama Chilsung is super loyal, knows how to work in a team, knows how to be a leader, and is caring and like a father “Godfather” figure for everyone, although his guys don’t seem to listen to him all the time :tongue:


    But what does he want? What does he dream and why does he seem so desperate to fall in love and be loved? He fell in love at first sight. To some this may be a trope and a boring one (I’m not a fan of the trope myself) because love at first sight is simply attraction, how can a person “love” someone they don’t know?


    But love at first sight also implies, a romantic nature. It implies the person is looking to love and be loved, hence they fall in love with an idealized version of the person (its an infatuation, an attraction that may or may not develop into something deeper) But the thing is, DCS actually fell in love (for real) as soon as she called him Mr Light. That’s when his crush turned into something deeper, for him. This is another trope, where a person who has a bad perception of himself “I’ve been in jail three times. I’m not someone you should like” finds acceptance outside of his circle by a “decent” person, who sees beyond his “badness”. Someone who sees the “good” in him. And this person inspires him to be the best version of himself, etc Chilsung is not a saint, he is not simply a “good guy”. Being good for him is not simple and will continue to be an effort because he has had a life where he probably did very questionable things. So he is a sinner on the mend, making his best effort to lead an honest life. It can’t be easy, and his past will always come back to make his efforts difficult. Notice how he smiles every time anyone tells him he is a good man.


    DSW, saw him as something beyond the “boss” and now it will be very difficult for him to let her go in his heart. Since he is very direct and honest (although not hurtful) we know this for a fact because he has spelled it out. That’s the good thing about Chilsung, he never hides anything. I think he has the same dream he dreams for his people “To get married and have kids. Live a peaceful family life”. Such a simple dream and yet, possibly the hardest to achieve for some (Us 4everAlone individuals, understand this poor dude and his unrequited love)


    Another thing I read sometimes is that DSW has been clear with him and therefore DCS should not insist. Please, don’t let your prejudice blind you here. We need to admit and remember that DSW was NEVER clear with him up until the second rejection after the kiss, which is when it became quite obvious, the writer decided to end the triangle. Before that; Who was the one who asked DCS “Why did your one-sided love end so soon”? Who asked him for his cell phone number when he was trying to keep their relationship strictly professional? Who kept giggling and winking and calling him Mr Light? She can’t pretend to be innocent because she KNEW from day 1, the gangster was attracted to her! You don’t do that to a guy who has explicitly declared they like you and expect no reaction from him! Who then humiliated him by farting to his face and told him “Don’t like me” but then went and continued winking and smiling at him? Who then said “I don’t not like you, but I like Poong better, but wait for me ahjussi?” It was her her her and 100 times her. So don’t go blaming Chilsung for falling in love. This last time, she was finally clear and Chilsung has not “bothered” her again. He is hurt and figuring things out and will probably need some time to adjust but I don’t imagine him aggressively pursuing her since he never did it before. He has been super respectful of her and yet she keeps acting rude towards him. I felt good and vindicated when Maeng Dal exposed her horrible audio. I felt embarrassed for her and even for poor Chilsung but she deserved this. I wish Chilsung stopped tolerating her rudeness btw. It’s not nice.


    Poong, he has gone through a lot and that put him in a state of desperation that made him adopt a very irritating attitude. His arrogance and grumpy nature, came to the forefront as a defense mechanism. But it was mostly a phase. It’s sort of like all these bad things that happened to him brought the worse out of him, and even then he managed to sometimes, get out of his own head and his self-pity and was able to feel compassion and empathy for the noodle guy, Saewo’s mom when she was asking to work at the restaurant, etc After the betrayal he suffered he could easily not trust anyone ever again. Yet, he is already trusting again, forming friendships. I’m one of those who couldn’t stand his yelling but I understood why he was angry like that. That anger is what pushed him to continue living at least at first. The alternative would’ve been a paralyzing depression.  I was particulary bothered when he started yelling at Saewoo especially because she was simply taking it (I don’t like abuse from men or women). I’m glad that dynamic Is over.


    Poong is slowly at least progressing. He is still grumpy but his good qualities are surfacing and becoming more obvious. He is slowly but surely embracing his new family. This brings us to the bromance with CS which is in my opinion, the one relationship in this drama that has evolved slowly and organically. Certain “situations” have pushed it forward so we could argue they were also kinda “forced” (the hair washing and breakfast, for example) but it “felt” good. At least I bought it.


    I know some people are frustrated with Poong because he decided not to pursue a relationship with Saweoo in order not to hurt Chilsung. We need to consider a few things


    a) The OTP needs an obstacle and this is one, that for once, doesn’t feel forced

    B) This action reveals one of the good qualities of Poong, his loyalty and capacity for gratitude. He truly didn’t deserve to be betrayed by those ex friends at the hotel restaurant

    c) The tape where DSW rejects DCS must’ve shocked him. It was very humiliating and Poong knows first hand what it means to be rejected and how much it hurts. There is no way he didn’t feel a level of identification for DCS at this point.

    d) That OTP haven’t even started their “love” relationship, so it’s not super hard to simply decide to not pursue. d) Even if Poong is already over his ex (hard to buy, but anyway) I am sure there are some lingering feelings he needs to resolve regarding her.

    e) I’m guessing his love/attraction for her will become so strong  that he won’t resist pursuing the relationship soon-ish, he or Saweoo will most likely face CS, and once that’s resolved, another obstacle will arise.  


    And this leads us to DSW, the character that frustrates me most at the moment despite my love for the actress playing her. I’ll write about her later because I’m tired and this is too long already :)





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  9. 51 minutes ago, Prettysup said:

    @dramafan33 Glad to see that U have recovered ur password hahaha... Actually there are some Hyuk fans who wants to see DCS killed too, but not becoz they want more OTP moments, rather it’s becoz they can’t bear to see DCS suffering the unrequited love and his limited screen time, so they will rather he rest at home to prepare for the next drama. 


    I know, I said the same thing, although I don't really mean it :tongue: I'm not sure how they could justify that without making a further mess both on the screen and behind the scenes (where there is no mess, thank God) 

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  10. Hi everyone! Im Dramafan/It’sMeDF on twitter. I’ve talked to a few of you over there and also I own the blog Stuck on Hyuk along with a friend (our poor dusty baby :( we need to get back to it) Anyway I always read you, but I didn’t remember my password so I was only lurking. But, I recovered it and I felt like sharing my thoughts/rants on this drama.


    Disclaimer and summary of this rant: I’m still watching for Jang Hyuk’s character but I got bored with everything else. My expectations are now very low but I’m still trying to see the light. I know this opinion won’t be popular with those who are liking the OTP story. You guys are the lucky ones, since this drama focused entirely on that. But for those of us who are not feeling them, this is a major drag (that is really the bottomline)


    I won’t say If this drama is good or bad. I can only say what it makes me feel. I liked it at first, as I was getting adjusted to its quirky humor and waiting for some character development and plot. I feel like I’m still waiting and that’s the problem. All the characters seem promising but they are going around in circles and we don’t get to know anything new about any of them (except only slightly, the three leads). I know many people find meaning in the whole drama, since it has a lot hidden messages, and symbolism, parallels, etc. I understand the triangle guessing game was fun for some while it lasted but I am tired. Basically, that is what this drama is to me, exhausting. 


    1.- Cooking scenes are too long and feel draggy. I usually love cooking videos but these are excessively long. I know the ones among the OTP were supposed to bring them closer, and are full of messages and some innuendo maybe, but I have not been able to make myself care about them (no offense to the fans of this couple, we all have our taste)


    2.- Bias is a thing and I’m not going to claim I don’t have it, but even though I’m watching this for Jang Hyuk mostly, I also love the supporting cast. Lee Mi Sook is a Queen and while I admire her ability to create two very different characters, I still wonder, what is the point of her characters? Same with every character imo. I really WANTED to like this drama for everyone involved. It’s just, difficult.


    3.- I dreamed of Jung Ryeo Won working with Jang Hyuk someday, and so far, their scenes have been delightful in terms of performance. They are both great charismatic actors and very in synch acting wise. But I accept they are not the OTP and the triangle was dragging everything else. So I’m glad its over, but I’m not glad that the writer seems to be improvising this plot as she goes. She gets stuck in places and whenever she moves, is at a snail’s pace.


    4.- Jang Hyuk’s performance as a sad puppy kills me time and time again. I am bored, but whenever he does that, I feel him. The power of his extremely expressive and beautiful eyes. Also, I still love his character and I consider that a blessing. Hopefully the writer will allow him to keep being adorable.


    5.- I find it funny when non-DCS fans ask that his character gets killed or disappears along with the gangster storyline to allow for more OTP scenes and romance. Really? I know it’s a matter of taste but the fight scenes are 100 times more exciting than the cooking scenes. Kill him and the drama becomes even more boring imo. Also, his sole purpose shouldn’t be to be in service of the other two leads. He was supposed to be a third lead! If he was only there as Godfather, they could’ve casted any other supporting actor and not put him in the posters. He doesn’t even have as much screen time as the others, so I really don’t understand how the OTP fans want even MORE OTP moments.


    6.- If the OTP wasn’t so boring (to me) and if they had not forced every initial encounter, hammering in our heads how “fated” they were, I’d probably be on board and complaining less. It’s not the actors fault, even without chemistry a well written development would’ve made them convincing. Chemistry is in the eye of the beholder too. Many of you see it, and that’s great. Congratulations! It means you are probably not as bored as I am. But even if I was on board with the OTP, I would still be concerned about the lack of development for the great supporting cast.  


    7.- I don’t care about ship wars or fan wars. I only want this writer to get her act together! I didn’t like her Pasta, but her Miss Korea was close to a masterpiece to me. And she was excellent at giving all characters importance and depth. Why is it that all her characters here feel so shallow and undeveloped despite the great cast she has on her hands? What’s up with the PD as well?


    8.- I’m not into the OTP but I accept it, can we now move on and develop the rest of the stories in a more organic and natural way? Or are we stuck with wok ladle wok ladle wok ladle chants for the rest of the drama while the rest of the characters, stare and either cheer or cry?


    Anyway, this is already too long lol! I have some other thoughts and actual “somewhat” random analysis on the characters, despite my being bored I can’t stop doing that when I watch a drama and since we are all in this together (some loving, some not) we might as well, share our views and impressions


    Talk to you later :)


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  11. 2 hours ago, ihyuni said:

    1. That's okay. That's what makes the conversation interesting. I never said he wasn't right to think so. I prefaced the thought with, "This is in no way absolving JMR of her responsibility. She's a murderer and a conspirator of murder too js". I love and stan JMR but I have no trouble dragging her too. At this point JMR would have like 5 counts of conspiracy to commit murder charges, 1 murder charge, and possibly 4 counts of attempted murder charges also. I'm asking who does he really blame for his life being the way that it is?


    2. I'm sorry but the minute they kidnapped JBC off the street. THEY (KPJ & Hyung) became the perpetrators in wrong and are no longer victims. There's no if, ands, or buts about it. They committed a serious crime. Had they not kidnapped JBC and just called the police in the first place none of it would of happened. JMR is willing to murder for JBC so I'm pretty sure she would of payed them to make it go away. I'm not giving JMR any credit for KPJ's imprisonment because with how it was revealed it looks like she genuinely didn't know.  KPJ made a poor decision that became his catalyst to get revenge against the Jangs and begrudge JMR in particular.

    My logic: If I go with my friend to rob a bank, then I feel guilty and try to return the money I saw them take, it doesn't change the fact that I am an accomplice to the crime. 

    • KPJ got into an accident and instead of calling the police he decides to go along with the plan and helped kidnapped someone. Then the hyung flipped on him and he's falsely imprisoned. Then his sick step father died while he was in prison. After being released, he tried to kill himself. This canon timeline is why I believe the first night he went to kill JMR may have been possibly due to the loss that he felt she had caused him and how wrong he felt. Then along the line it evolved. Because before we see KPJ was just a depressed kid living with his step father with no thoughts of revenge against JMR. 


    3. KPJ made a conscious decision to initiate a plan devised by himself and be scapegoat. So I didn't understand why you were saying JBC is responsible for KPJ going to jail. KPJ is responsible. Sure the Jangs are committing corporate crimes but just because you aren't masterminding doesn't mean you're not just as still guilty for participating. KPJ can't heave stones because he lives in a glass house. He's bribed, assaulted, etc. 

    4. In episode four, when the flashback scene is full there's no voice hear on the phone. So how do you it was JMR? It could of been a man. KPJ heard JMR's voice telling them to go to the villa at the funeral hall but that's it. So were is this concrete evidence (at that time) that she was guilty of having them drowned? And let's say she did call and he hear her voice? How would KPJ know that it was her who really arranged for this man to have them thrown in? It would of only had been an assumption. That's why to me him going that night to kill JMR for "his brother" is not adding up, and if he did then he was absentmindedly doing so on a "gut instinct" with no evidence. 


    You make interesting arguments in general but what I’m not understanding is why you think KPJ’s grudge towards JMR has anything to do with him being in jail? To me, his being in jail only gave him a chance to enter the Jang’s household, and it was a chance to read his mother’s letters. Btw that was a little too much of a coincidence, I mean the fact that he met JBC that way (but I guess this a fantasy where fate plays some role). But anyway, his revenge only makes sense if it is about his little brother, imo. That is the event that destroyed him and his mom, nothing else. It is the thing he keeps remembering and what gives him the strentgh to continue living. But his life is half a life. I’m sure he won’t mind dying after he destroys JMR, unless he starts caring about NMH enough that he’ll want to experience other feelings (other than grudge). KPJ also carries a lot of guilt but only in relation to his brother (so far). We’ll see how he reacts to NMH’s father death (or near death if he lives) that and deceiving NMH are the only things I think he should feel guilty about. I love how LMS plays JMR and her character is awesome to watch but I feel no mercy for her :p. I felt sorry and identified with her struggle as a woman in a misogynistic world at some point but she lost me when I realized she did kill KPJ’s little brother and has no remorse about it. She is even willing to kill her own grandson. Yeah she is cool but she is also mad so, I can’t really root for her (but I still love LMS :D)  

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  12. 2 hours ago, ihyuni said:

    I strongly dislike JBC but that's not the case. JBC is not responsible for KPJ's woes. The first time KPJ went to prison it was the grandfather who was responsible for his imprisonment. The second time KPJ orchestrated the whole thing. He imprisoned himself. 

    Side Note: In all honesty the first time he got imprisoned it was due to his poor decision making. Instead of calling the police because some minor is drinking and driving and hit your car you go along with your older friend's plan to kidnap him and extort his family for money, lol. They could of gotten far more money for reporting JBC's stupid self. Then when things go awry the older friend flips on you and blames you for stabbing him. It's not JBC's fault. KPJ was just young and stupid. #neednewfriends  

    KPJ loves to play semantics in regards for who is to blame for his sad little life. This is in no way absolving JMR of her responsibility. She's a murderer and a conspirator of murder too js. In his eyes, JMR is responsible for his brother's death but she literally did not kill him Secretary Oh did. Yet, his sole goal is to hurt h e r.
    Which is why I've always been curious the first night he went to their house and he went to JMR's room. Did he go to stab her because he went to jail for JBC, his father dying while him being falsely imprisoned etc., which he thought JMR was responsible for (which turns out she wasn't; what a mess)? Could of caught an attempted murder charge there buddy. And if that's the case why not go stab the friend who lied on you in the first place? It's really their fault, lol. 

    Or did KPJ go to stab her for another reason? Actually, when exactly did he figure out JMR was even responsible for them being thrown in the water or did he just assume? I mean it's been confirmed she did but when did he know that she did... Hm... now I have too many unanswered questions. Ahhhh...

    And don't get me wrong I feel for KPJ. I even pity him, but man I feel too bad watching NMH. How many L's does she have to take for him to realize revenge plan needs to be 86-ed especially when it's a woman he supposedly loves that keeps getting hurt? This is why I can't ship until she knows everything

    I agree with @kysy completely. I just wanted to add a couple more details that totally made it clear to me that KPJ already knew what she had done when he went there with his knife. After he tried to kill her and she took his knife, JMR made him the offer to become JBC's servant/companion/right hand man and help him become the chairman one day. KPJ then thought (and we hear his thoughts in V.O) "Yes, I'll help JBC become the chairman and then I'll take it all away from you" (something like that) This is when his revenge plan A (Just kill her) turned into revenge plan B (give the world to her and then take it away). He saw her when he was little and remembered her but then her mother's letter which he read while he was in jail probably filled in the blanks? Because it was after he got out of jail that he begged JBC to "become his friend" obviously with his initial revenge plan already in mind. On Ep 11 we saw a flashback of KPJ burning his belongings and we also see his knife by his side. This happened after NMH saved his life. He wanted to kill himself not because his adoptive father died but because he couldn't bear the guilt and pain in relation to his little brother and his mom. This is a kid who has never been happy due to what happened to them. Also, when he and NMH talk after she saved him he mentioned he was going to live, because "he had something to do for his brother". Meaning he was already planning his revenge, which was always related to his brother (although this became clearer with each episode). 

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  13. 4 hours ago, SeGafanlady said:

    OMG OMG OMG... I am in the awe that I’ve never been before.. in my 20 years of kdrama watching... finally I found the best actor ever graced the Kdrama universe... Jang Hyuk. 

    In every gaze of his eyes.. my soul sucked into that dimention.. in his sadness I cry my heart out.. in his anger I want to jump inside of my ipad and slap that old grandpa.. in his vendetta I want to be his accomplish and even risk my life for him... for Kang Pil Jo to experience such a gruesome events of life.. I have found that his anger and  revenge are the machine that keeps him alive.. his dissapointment is the main drive of the plan he’s been working out.. the blood that has been boiling since the unfairly death of his mother and brother is on the hottest temperature... too hot it even melt his desire of loving Nam Mo Hyun all for himself. 


    I was underestimating him and think he is just want to take revenge.. but it is actually much much more than that..he will get rid of all of them after taking what his mine originally.... 

    Jung samunim... the woman is an alpha female and she is the most powerful, smart and dangerous opponent. Pil Jo barely can handle her at the last conversation.. not because he can’t beat her.. but because he was so unbelievably hurt  to the point of being a zombie of himself to hide all sort of feeling in conjuction of his real identity.. 


    and Miss Nam... girl you are too naive and as a woman... I don’t know what to say....

    OMG! This wins best comment ever! Haha. This is how I've been feeling but didn't know how to put it in words. That scene with JML, when he is hiding the fact that the woman JML was searching is his mother! So much hurt in those eyes and voice. He is telling her half truths and it seems his mother had a really hard time trying to protect him. Pilju is hurt by so many things and it's like that family never stopped hurting him. Maybe this is why, it's so easy to understand him for many of us. It's easy to feel him. 

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  14. 6 hours ago, nyk said:

    Does JBC really want to inherit the company? He looks like a person who just wanna have fun in life. He is not serious about his work at all.  I think he is pressured by his mom or something. When JYC gets promoted, it's like he gets angry not because of jealousy but he is so afraid of JML. He felt like dying instead of facing her.


    My focus in this drama is KPJ's revenge and love. It gets me engrossed because I wanna know how KPJ can take revenge despite loving NMH.  If there is no sadness in his eyes , I would just be excited how he can trick every one because it seems so easy for him to take revenge.  But when love is his biggest struggle for him now I am not sure. And I am like will he find happiness in the end? 


    Exactly, I was into the revenge at first but we know "revenge" doesn't really bring happiness (I truly believe this, but it's also the message in every drama :p) and he really really really craves love. KPJ has dedicated his entire existence to plotting his revenge, to the point that he has sacrificed every other aspect of life, every other feeling. It is actually very sad. So at this point, I want justice (sounds better than revenge) and mostly love and happiness for KPJ. But, if he goes too far with his revenge, the last two things might not be granted to him :( 

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  15. 26 minutes ago, yoeda said:

    Agree with @dramafan33 but also kinda understand @fiesty8001 too. We as a fan got super frustrated for him to pick  a blockbuster drama coz we think he deserve it. But, people and viewers is so picky nowadays. Big name doesn't mean big rating. I gave you some example, Uncontrollably Fond, WYWS, Scarlet Heart and so on. UF and WYWS has penned by a great writer that always bring rating, once work with JH in Thank You. Also has a Hallyu star but still consider a dissapoinment. Even Legend of The Blue Sea is forgettable. 


    For Hyukie, I kinda see a pattern how he'll pick his project. And loyalty also his biggest strength but also a weakness. But, with everything he pick he always give all out. we gonna hate that project first but we gotta love it coz of him. for me BM is kinda hard to swallow at first but his performance make everything worth it. Rating can go to he88. Same with MF, the title itself sound corny but with Hyukie in it, we just knew there's nothing simple about the drama. And for me it's not a typical ahjumma weekend drama. It's more to melo and can be put in weekdays schedule. But, the silver lining here when it's in the weekend the rating will possibly be high. Weekdays drama the past week totally struggle to past 10% barrier. 


    At the end, I just accept his choice. Lol. And who dare to reject Kim Eun Sook? Only him. :lol:

    Hi dear Yoeda! Well even though "technically" he didn't reject KES, it was Sidus who made a mess of a negotiation, I'm one of the few ppl on the world that's glad he didn't do that drama. But that's my selfish thought, only because I didn't like it. 


    OMG I loved BM from the moment he was sipping tea on a plane.  But I know, and that's the beauty of the variety of works he has done, that not even the fans can agree on which is his best work.  He's got something for all tastes


    Some like him only in comedy or only in sageuk. Some prefer him in action, others in melo. I think he nails all of those genres, but he needs a good writer and/or PD to support him in creating a well rounded compelling character and story. 

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  16. 3 hours ago, fiesty8001 said:

    I'm watching Chuno right now as I've promised.  But I gave the try to two more episodes (and I've to fast forward multiple times since I found it so slow for my liking) and I'm leaving it. Even good looking Hyukie can't lure me.

    WARNING: too much 'WHINING' :

    Why on earth nobody is writing a decent drama for him? What's his agency doing for him? Nowadays there are many writers who are writing decent roles for his age group actors but why nobody takes him and why Sidus people don't promote him? Hyukie seems like a quiet wise person but I don't understand why does he not avoid these pitfalls? If it had happened just once or twice than it was alright but seems like it's unending circle of mediocrity. Poor him doesn't get to play a character which could showcase his nuances properly. 

    I want to whine much more but I'm overwhelmed with the range of emotions I'm experiencing right now(I can be quiet dramatic sometimes I admit).

    Dear Hyukie your worth is much more. Leave this mediocre world and try something new. So I'm continuing with Chuno and hoping my superstition turns out to be true. 

     Oh my ok. I'm sorry you don't like Chuno and yes it starts out slow but it is a very rewarding drama if you have patience with it. It's dense with too many characters but it all comes together beautifully later. I totally understand it can't be everyone's cup of tea but I would hardly call it mediocre (I'm guessing you weren't refering to it on your rant tho) After all, Chuno was his biggest success in terms of ratings, quality and he even won a Daesang. I also think it is in Chuno where he has displayed the widest range of emotions. 


    Regarding his more recent dramas. Honestly, yes, I wish JH had more recognition and "luck" but I don't think anyone can "guess" what is going to be a success in Dramaland. For example, I didn't care for Voice but was it really a bad choice? It did well. It had all the elements to be good. But the writer failed to develop the characters, something that is found after actors are casted. Beautiful Mind did famously bad in ratings but to me is nearly a masterpiece so I'll always be happy he chose it. He even called it "a good drama". I don't think JH is craving for fame and fortune, he is just craving to work constantly and that will imply a good amount of wins and loses. Those actors with agencies that are very "choosy" work less often too (they do more marketing, less actual work). But the more he works, the more he is able to practice his craft and the better the potential of getting a role where he can show that wide range of emotions. 


    BTW I think he is acting beautifully in Money Flower. 

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  17. Hi everyone! I'm DramaFan or It'smeDF on twitter :) also from Stuck on Hyuk blog. I know I've talked with some of you in other places. While I don't write often on Soompi I always read you on Jang Hyuk's thread (excellent work @Prettysup) and now here. 


    I noticed that the last scene of Ep2 was translated a bit inaccurately and has created some confusion. So I want to share with you, this translation by my friend Gumi who is a native speaker: 


    "You already think this is unbearable? With that hand (and the screen showed Jung Malan's hand right at this moment), you will pull your eyes off, tear your flesh off, and choke yourself to death. Until then, you should stay strong, Jung Malan."


    BTW I loved that scene. It was schocking impressive and it totally sold me this drama. This is the fastest I've gotten obsessed with a Jang Hyuk drama ❤️


    Saturday please come!


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  18. On 5/27/2016 at 2:59 AM, Prettysup said:


    Manage this thread? Sure, just tell me what I need to do :) 

     Hi @yoedaand @Prettysup I had to create this new account because I was unable to change my password for Chunnogirl33. :( I certainly want to transfer the thread to Prettysup, because she is much more active than I am in Soompi and is already doing a great job at keeping this thread updated.  

    I just asked @qwenli for help :)


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