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  1. @fiesty8001 Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and the few things Ive tried from Vietnamese cuisine . I’m sure what I don’t love is because I haven’t tried it. I love all kinds of dumplings most of all! Additionally, I love chinese-peruvian food. We have “the largest ethnically chinese community in Latin America” (quote from Wikipedia) and particularly our cuisine is very influenced by chinese cuisine. And we have a lot of chinese restaurants that are truly exquisite with a wide variety of dishes ranging from very traditional to fusion. And to keep things “on topic” I agree about FTLY. Not the typical kind of show I’d go for but it was so well done. It feels very unique.
  2. I don’t know guys! I think we are weird! Cause I feel exactly the same. I have these friends that I almost try to avoid talking about kdramas with. They try to get me to watch dramas that don’t appeal one bit to me and they certainly don’t see the “big deal” about JH so I feel like we have nothing in common! Why even bother touching the subject? Anyway, maybe being JH fans also turned us into unicorns like him? I watch kdrama to be moved! More than “intelectually stimulated” Kdrama usually is not super logical honestly. But JH is the only k-actor who hits all the notes in my cold heart. 90% of the time, he makes me feel deeply for his characters. I like other actors but I don’t crave watching any of them like I do JH. Especially his sad, trying to hide the pain but failing due to his beautiful expressive eyes, moments.
  3. @phoenix24 So cute! And he was actually good at the game apparently? I like the graceful motion he does with his hand Unrelated but I remembered this post by JH on IG saying how much he wished to grow his hair long again. I miss that short period of time when he suddenly got into IG https://www.instagram.com/p/4JoABgFIsZ/?igshid=r0y0qbqxaawq
  4. YES! I miss him sooooo much!!!! I miss his emotional acting! Thats why even though he is adorable in variety I STILL miss him! I even miss him WHILE I’m watching him! Yes, I’m poisoned too @azureblue7 He is so so so so SO good in Robbers, when showing pain and sadness and vulnerability. I just want to hug him and make everything better (after I slap and punch him a bit during first eps)
  5. I think what you are referring to is part of method acting, which JH doesn’t do. Kim Muyng Min is a recognized korean actor who tends to do that. BTW he is not “pretty” and has been a lead in dramas, The king of dramas, Beethoven Virus, Six Flying Dragons etc. But anyway, my point is precisely that JH does not “uglify” himself. He is merely trying to look the part and if we find some look “ugly” its because of our personal taste. As you can see we don’t all find the same things ugly.
  6. It is definitely personal taste. He looks eccentric in Beautiful Mind and quirky in WOL. That is what I think they were going for. He wasn’t playing “ugly” guys, just “odd” guys. And he certainly didn’t look ugly to me. Anyway, you have a theory that others may agree or disagree with. I don’t find it convincing but if JH himself confirms this one day, thats ok too. Not the first time I’ll be wrong
  7. @Biology Lesson I disagree but I guess its not that important. I just don’t recall him ever saying his attractiveness prevented him getting any roles he was interested in. I personally found him attractive in Chuno right away but I had already found him attractive in the middle of TWDR so the idea of him being handsome was already in my head. But my point is, its completely irrelevant wether Daegil is “pretty” or “handsome”, its not part of the role. It is probably just enough that he is manly and sells the rough image. Also, attractiveness, imo, is something that a) goes beyond aesthetic features b) It truly is in the eye of the beholder. I find Jang Hyuk to be very handsome but even hotter than handsome. But there are those who don’t find him handsome at all and still are attracted. And of course those who simply are not attracted. So why go through lengths to “uglify” yourself? Its most important to simply fit the role. P.S He looks good in the picture you posted. But his eyebrows looked thin in the drama. And that wasn’t as flattering or “masculine” imo. Anyway, I know many here actually liked Iris 2 and I respect that (like many also respect that I gush over FTLY etc even if its not your favorite) but eek this drama gives me PTSD. Even stronger than Voice. I really can’t stand it. So I go on automatic bashing mode but I will shut up now
  8. @azureblue7 True! Remember that makeup they put on the actress who played the team leader in Tell me what you saw? She mentioned it was the typical makeup they put on men to make them look more rugged, tough. It’s like they literally throw dirt on their faces
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