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  1. Recap EP9- Pond is the Lord of Porn and Manipulation- Tin failed to "cure" Pete- Can still remember the scent of Tin's breath- #AePete are practically a married couple - Tum tried so hard to understand Tar - Tar tried so hard to fight his nightmare alone - Chompoo is busy working on her PomPom for Ae Compliation of Pond's Love Cupid Fun Facts ! [Fun Fact 18+] #lovebychanceseries In The novel, Pond doesn't only just give Ae his spare condoms, but he put the whole box of special 0.01 condom and a bottle of lubricant (that he ordered them from Japan) into Ae's bag. So he did spend some money specially for his best friend. [Fun Fact 18+] #lovebychanceseries Pond knows Ae's real size because he ordered the correct size for his best friend. Although Pond always insults that Ae is "Tiny", Pete confirms that Ae is not as "Tiny" as Pond claims. He's quite thick as his stocky body too. (Based on the novel) [Fun Fact] #lovebychanceseries This is the first time Pond has his POV in novel. He knows Ae was virgin and so was Pete. Pond was so concerned that without proper equipment and guideline. The first pain will scare Pete. And their love will be in trouble. So he decided to help. [Fun Fact] #lovebychanceseries In the talk between Pete and Pond, Pond double checks if Pete is the Uke. So Pond asks if Pete is scared of the pain, and Pete answers "if he can satisfy Ae, he's not scared." And that impresses Pond very much. He even calls Pete as "Friend-in-Law" [Fun Fact] #lovebychanceseries What if I said Pete knew before Ae called to ask for staying over for a night. Would you be surprised? I'm not. This guy is the master of his plan. He controlled every single move. (Who knows? He might be the one who told Pete to clean that area too) Our Lovely Captain PondLOL Special add-on: Ae [Fun Fact 18+] From Ae's POV "I thought we were doing it only once for that night, but it turns out we are about to start it again for the second time. Moreover what if I'm telling you that the happiness we have had doesn't stop both of us at the second time?" LIKE THE POST IF YOU ENJOY THESE FACTS LIKE ME ! =)
  2. Pond is one of my favourite character... hahaha Cr : Hamaocha _Shim_
  3. Cupid Pond will help Ae to complete the long awaited "battleground" with the necessary "weapon"... Pete be well-prepared... 555
  4. [Fun Fact] ChaAm is the perfect girl for Pond. She's smart, brave, decisive, and discipline. If you think Pond can get her into bed, you are wrong. ChaAm never breaks this rule. She'll be a virgin until her marriage. But, don't worry about Pond. His collection will help him get through the cold winter night. Poor Pond being such a HORNY guy, ChaAm being his FIRST LOVE, with ChaAm GOLDEN RULE, I wonder how Pond gonna not have any REAL action until their marriage... looks like his collections is really his "life-saver"... POND needs to endure the long winter by the GOLDEN RULE... Like the post and share your thoughts and views ! =) haha
  5. They're so cute, right? If you agree, like the post ! Cr : chonticha.sai _Shim_
  6. Latest preview for this friday... haha #lovebychanceseries EP8- Accidentally, Pete checks out the new apartment- Accidentally, Pond asks ChaAm to be his GF- Accidentally, N'Yim's Birthday- Accidentally, Pete meets Ae's Mom - Accidentally, Tin shuts Can's mouth - Accidentally, Pete asks Ae to spend a night Like the post if you look forward to this friday episode 8 =)
  7. Does anyone miss this couple? Cr : chrrn.e_Shim_ This is the only BG couple in the show, however, I don't mind their screentime, Pond is the best cupid ever ! Like the post if you think alike ! =)
  8. during one of their interview, they've 11 takes on this kiss scenes... so yeah you're right... 11 TIMES !!!
  9. prepare to die for this scene, if you love this scene the most, like the post , haha
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