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  1. If there will be season 2 I want EH to become JH’s ghostly presence
  2. So the drama with which I've been distracting myself for the past couple months ended. It's sad but I'm glad it wasn't unnecessary stretched out for no reason. Thankfully, the final episode was not disappointing but as a loyal viewer from episode 1, I want to share things I liked and didn't like. So the final was ok but it also felt...anti-climatic. Probably because for me Eunho's episode was the most emotional one and left a lot deeper impression. Also, we've been speculating about WK and GDG's story for so long, in the end, it was like 'yeah so that what happened'. Another thing that felt confusing was SY's plot that was thrown there for the last couple of episodes as if creators were like 'we forgot she's one of the leads, but yeah she was/is being abused as well'. I think if they made her just an introverted person with RBF and without tragic past, it would've been better like not everyone who looks pitiful and can understand abused people's pain had a childhood trauma or at least explored her story earlier. On a personal level, I'm mad that stepmom was given a chance to live while Eunho wasn't . Not that I wanted her to die, but EH was such a broken and tortured soul I just wanted him to get a chance in life that was unfair to him from the beginning But I'm glad they ended drama with WK and JH visiting the place where he died, showing that there are still people who cared about him, who will think of him from time to time. And JH constantly showing remorse and guilt for killing him, even if he knows he did what he had to, felt compelling. I remember he said murder is murder no matter who is killed, so it fits his personality and I think he also felt sympathy for EH knowing him personally and hearing his tragic story. They woud've been adorable hyung-donsaeng couple in another life. Overall the drama was great, and I will definitely be recommending it to people. Don't know if it's going to affect people but I wish my mom saw it when I was little... I liked that the plot, tone and theme was consistent from get-go, it was a pleasure to watch the actors, everyone including child actors did a great job. I discovered Yi-kyung and Hak-yeon and will definetly keep an eye on their upcoming works. It was a risky choice to explore child abuse, especially being Asian myself, I know how in lots of cases here, it's treated lightly, just as strict parenting so I'm very happy they went with this theme and ended without making RC a total unjustifiable psycho but also not making him some sort of vigilante god either.
  3. I think this episode pretty much answered most of the questions without clearly answering them. GDG is our WK's real sister SK, who probably died/was killed. And current SK is stepmom's real child. Something bad happened to real SK, WK lost her memories and stepmom's child, who lived with granny was brought as a replacement. Now we only need to know what terrible thing had happened. Dr. Yoon is Eunho's brother and another RC (he probably is the founder) the question being how much of the crimes are on his hands. I also think Dr was the one to unlock Eunho's repressed memories about the desk, therefore, pushing him to seek vengeance along with him. I only wonder what are his motives? Was he abused as well? He is also clearly a person who might have a god complex. Did he genuinely care about Eunho or was he another person in his life who used him to take advantage of? Ugh this episode was practically Eunho-less but I can't stop thinking about him, my heart still aches for him.
  4. To make it worse, it was 25 years of abuse, fear and loneliness... Too bad they decided to kill Eunho, I wanted him to find at least some sort of peace, but I'm glad it seems like he's not behind all the murders. When I was suspecting Eunho as RC I was expecting revelation to him to turn full mode psycho, who was playing the innocent nice guy all along, but now after knowing his heartbreaking story, it really doesn't add up that he could be torturing and killing someone like that because for me it looks like even being broken by things he endured, he's still a tender-hearted person (murder of old director I understand) As for GDG, I think we need to keep in mind that memory that are blocked/repressed were too traumatic, so I don't think she was just physically abused. I'm not implying that it's not a big deal but still it must something really bad. And the worst things that I could come up are: 1) she was sexually abused 2)tortured 3)murdered. In all cases (except for 3) GDG might've been WK herself or if not she witnessed it, or took part accidentally. I personally think GDG was 'real' SK, the current one being Stepsister who took her place, but that don't explain why WK was given full fake childhood memories, unless she forgot everything before that event.
  5. @bebebisous33 @cyan5tarlight oh my god my mind just didn't want to accept that he was that damaged, but seems like him saying about 'showing love', and placing his hands on his shoulders means exactly that. But when during the last episode when old fart said something like 'i need you to comfort me in a long time again' did he mean he wanted to and did that again? Now I just wish Eunho to survive, escape and live far away with good people and heal his scars.
  6. This drama just shoot up in the list of my favourite k-dramas. And I thought the previous episode hit me hard, guess who was wrong. And I need someone to clarify to me: was poor Eunho sexually abused by the head director? If that so, I'm one of those few people who does not condemn his actions, or him murdering that f**king bast*rd at least. Yes, murder is bad, but I don't feel an inch of pity for the death of such 'people'. And on one hand I don't want Eunho to die, I want to see more of him and the actor, just when we got to see him in all of his troubled and vicious glory, but I also don't want the character to suffer more in jail, the poor thing endured enough in his life.
  7. This episode broke my heart into million pieces. I'm glad we finally unveiled a major part of EH's backstory. I grew up physically abused myself, and this episode made me cry at how all of this is was so understandable... his behaviour while being beaten, trying not to make any sound as you know very well it will only irritate the angry person, avoiding eye contact bc it will mean a defiance which leads to more violent outbursts, his adamancy to outright state that he IS being abused, because family can't hurt...I have to give props to the actor, I didn't doubt for a second that he was mistreated badly for a long time, and that the Director's message shattered his last hope in his decency during a scene with WK. Also, have you noticed how he trembled a little when he heard the noise and was already scared/cautious when the director was coming and felt at ease when the director said abt him being lucky, thinking he was in a good mood? Devil in the details as they say. That being said, the last 5 minutes really felt like the rug was pulled from under our feet. EH's call to WK sounded like someone would make when he finally finds peace of mind, I was expecting him to announce that he's leaving far away, but as we see that's not it. Also, I think the show framed the scene in an interesting way: the head director, the main monster in EH's life miserably trying to walk with the help of someone else, while he's there young and strong, standing tall. I think that was the moment EH realized that he's not a helpless, lost and scared child and head director is not a scary big bad figure anymore. And when he was reading the poem to the director, that was also menacing, if we keep in mind that SK's change in state always occured when something related to RC was happening. Is it a way to say the grand final act of RC will involve these two?
  8. Ugh I know we’ve all been speculating that LEH was abused but actually seeing him still actually being abused made me angry, and if we are correct that he was being abused since childhood that makes everything so much worse, my blood is boiling. If RC found out abt it and avenged him this makes a really interesting turn in story, so far it was only people who are abusing children at the moment that were punished. But it might not be the director who was murdered. Anyway I Can’t wait to see the next episodes, I think we will have a lot to discuss.
  9. Btw about the posters, when it first came out I noticed that only LEH’s child is smiling, while others are in distress. I though it was probably because he’s the one to hang out with children and understand then while others don’t, but now we know that’s not the case. Other characters are good with children too. So now think maybe it’s because LEH is the one ‘returning them their smiles’ aka RC? He’s intriguing me more and more, I really hope we will get to see his story.
  10. LMAO I was lowkey expecting him to say 'sorry I don't play for that team'
  11. While watching the latest episode I was 85% convinced that RC was LEH, the hands shape and skin tone are pretty similar to actor's, but the last scene looked like it was totally another person, even their movement and body shape etc, which is hella confusing. But I think it's early to judge actor's skills because he's presenting us right what we should be seeing - nice looking, not suspicious, mysterious children loving guy, if he turns out to be RC and got to show his e-evil side then I might talk about it. And was it RC who send an invitation to the website? Why did he do that given the fact that WK is actively helping the police, didn't he think they will try to lure him? Or he just didn't know WK's connections to the case? (he probably doesn't) I think the introduction of the director's father and director's gambling is somehow important to the plot. The way LEH looked uncomfortable lying to director's father also suspicious, was he abused by the director (is his desk memory related to that?) Anyway I think we will find out RC identity in 2-3 episodes and the last ones will focus on how police will try to catch him + backstory maybe
  12. lmao thanks, @bella1025 @twin-twin I was suspecting something like that XD.
  13. We are nearing the end and the story is getting more and intense and compelling. We can now limit out guesses abt RC or ppl connected to him to WK, police trio (well 4 if you add their boss), Eunho, WK's co-worker/doctor, and child center head. I think now Eunho is the most suspicious one. I was surprised by his aggressiveness when confronting JH, as we always see him with a pleasant smile or in a neutral state at worst. Was it because he was feeling guilty about Bit-na's mom's death, or rather than that: her witnessing it? Forget about him being too green etc as I really want to see him in full villain mode. When discussing that something really terrible must've happened to Hana, and when later 'the dad' came to her room it scared the s**t out of me, I thought he was a predator, thank god, it wasn't the case. p.s. since I'm really new to this forum, can someone explain me what 'richard simmons' means here? I saw lots of people using that in their posts.
  14. I totally agree with you on this, it also hit me hard as something relatable, when just someone being there holding you silently is enough to find comfort during the hardest times. My standing ovations to Kim Sun Ah, she is a phenomenal actor.
  15. Are you referring to that time when LEH was in greenhouse with WK's daughter? I thought green dress girl appeared cuz WK was having miscarriage at that moment and has nothing to do with LEH, or was there other instances I dont remember?
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