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  1. You know, I don't think any of the weekenders I've watched started in the past so I don't really know. But the backstory might last longer than I originally thought. I didn't realize Do Jin and his mom were related to JK and the Judge. I don't know how SA and Do Jin get to marriage given that.
  2. I'm not really a fan of sagueks, but I thought it was okay. Too long though. One thing I hate about cable dramas is the extra long episodes. It looked great which is not a surprise given the PD's previous works. The three leads didn't really excite me but they were fine. I'm glad Yang Se Jong's character is the one on Yi Bang Won's side because I like that actor the best.
  3. It very much applies to real life in S. Korea, unfortunately. Agree that HW's situation is pitiful. I don't really know what kind of ending they will give him. I just want him to get professional help.
  4. It was a nice, well-acted drama, but I agree about the drama straying from the original premise and ending up with a muddied message. I'm not sure what it was ultimately trying to say about euthanasia. I think there was some interesting stuff there but when they introduced YH's CIPA it seemed the drama shifted direction.
  5. Yeah, industry reps were throwing out names of people they'd like to see but there's no way they could ever get most of those people, especially with how S3 ended. Season 4 comes with so much baggage, I can't see many "names" or even up and comers, especially those that are actors and musicians, wanting to touch it. Even IF they ask CTH back, which is doubtful IMO, I don't see him accepting. As a family man, I can see him wanting to move on from this chapter. Honestly, I think he would have quit a couple years ago, but he was loyal and enjoyed hanging out with the members.
  6. Ducks and shares my unpopular opinion: I like SY and CYH together but the drama has set up a potential separation that makes total sense to me. I usually hate the separation trope in dramas but here I feel it would be good for both characters. CYH is a doctor and CIPA patient. As much as he may like SY, I think a job researching CIPA is a great opportunity for him and he should take it if offered. It's sad for SY if he goes, but she's a second year resident, and I kind of think it would be better for her to concentrate on work and not a complicated romance. I'm surprised they haven't done more with SY's dad and his situation. I would think that would be the major storyline next week but who knows.
  7. I definitely think CYH and the prosecutor will end up working together. I don't see CYH approving of the minister's actions and the prosecutor is actually a pretty fair guy despite his stalkery behavior. The nurse needs to be exposed for her own sake as well as others. Even if she ruins CYH she'll just find someone new to blame. She needs to be stopped so she can finally deal with her own pain and grief.
  8. I liked this week's episodes, but I have to admit, I prefer when the episodes center around the race to diagnose a patient. I found that really interesting, and I rather wish they had stuck to diagnosis of the week, Euthanasia debate, SY's dad issue, and romance and not added all of these illnesses (I don't mind CYH's but do both lawyers have to be sick too?) and conspiracies. The Prosecutor and nurse having an agenda was enough IMO. I don't think it was necessary to add a conspiracy between the former Minister of Health and lawyer and throw in a shady organization to boot.
  9. I'm confused too. I was happy thinking they had finally taken the extensions out but no, there was a hunk of long hair in the back. I do not understand it at all.
  10. They started shooting at the end of April, and IIRC I saw pics of the scripts for 10 and 11 posted about a month ago. I wouldn't worry about the storyline being altered. Plus, the ratings have been good and holding steady.
  11. I'm preparing myself for a sad ending for CYH, but I can see them going with a make the most of every moment you have left type ending with CYH and SY not knowing how much time is left but together, saving lives. They still have to deal with SY's father and it seems a little too heavy for SY to lose both.
  12. I’m so confused about the Prosecutor. He doesn’t seem like the type to lie about having cancer. I’m also confused about what happened to his kid. I thought his kid was one of Yoon Sung Gyu’s victims but from the latest episode it appears he was the Prosecutor of Yoon Sung Gyu’s case and the two kids kidnapped and murdered were the nurse’s. But why does the nurse think he should have a personal grudge as a parent? Well, I guess the goal of a drama is to keep us guessing lol and we’ll find out soon enough. I really enjoy the medical cases. I know in the descriptions of the drama it was said that they wanted the race to diagnose to feel like a thriller and it really does. I liked that the one male resident got his own little story with the phantom limb pain patient.
  13. The nurse’s child was a girl so it looks like the little boy they visited in the first episode was probably the Prosecutor’s though only in a kdrama would a Prosecutor be able to prosecute a case related to his child’s murderer. Dr. Cha should not be running. but I always enjoy watching Ji Sung run. Weird, I know, but I noticed how good of runner he is in Defendant lol. I’m getting the feeling that Dr. Cha will end up being one of the Pain Department’s cases.
  14. This drama keeps getting better and better.
  15. John would be an English version of Yo Han hence the English title of Doctor John. I think the original title would have been fine but English titles are often different from the Korean title. At least this isn't a big change like how What's Wrong, Poong-sang (also not hard that hard to pronounce) English title was Liver or Die.
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