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  1. @mamabear I will choose the former. Another fan made gif of the hugging scene. cdt owner
  2. This thread is getting more interesting with more shippers on board. Keep it coming mineun shippers, we have a lot of things to spazz about. I am waiting for kissing and hugging scene analysis to keep myself sane throughout the week.
  3. I just finished watching ep 10. And I got my eyes swollen for crying too much. Why does it have to be this sad for both of them? I really think we need group hugs until next friday coming. How do I live my life after tmrw?
  4. I just saw a few clips of the intense kiss on IG and I cried a bucket already. Why is tonight episode so heartbreaking?
  5. Now, can anyone confirm the sunset picture that LMH posted with KGE was in the scene tonight or it was just a BTS?
  6. Hello chingus, Keep spazzing about our couple. Btw I found this on twitter. Seems like there will be special episode for TKEM airing this Sunday? Wow. Cant wait for this.
  7. Guys, Here is what I found regarding the poem. Apparently its the poem Kim Shin read in Goblin meant for Eun Tak. Dont tell me that he is watching goblin now. Aigoo my weak heart. Edited: Sorry I overlooked that this is a diff poem from what goblin read. But the same book. Miannn. But the fact that LMH becomes so poetic makes my delulu heart wonders.
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