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  1. I think that the king will regret his decision to believe YM and "escape" with him, but it will be too late then as he will have lost the throne. I think the king will realize that his son is the one who was trying to repress the rebellion and he had messed it up with his own actions. So, history will be kept intact in that YM takes the throne, dethroning Gwanghae. ND will also be "dethroned", again staying true to history. ND and DJ will run off to live their lives together somewhere far from Hanyang, and YM will let them go since he'll have his hands full, and because he still loves DJ enough to let her go live her life. That's my theory of the last episode anyway.
  2. Probably, though I'm not excited about it for some reason. Because HB is playing a stoic North Korean military officer again, it feels to me as if this character could be a continuation of his character from Confidential Assignment (a stoic NK police officer with a military background). However, I loved that character so much that putting him into this bit of froth feels weird. Unfortunately, I think I'm one of the minority who is not totally ga-ga over this OTP pairing, probably because the Son Ye Jin is a bit hit and miss for me, though I enjoyed their last movie together despite the ending. But, it's HB and SYJ is not an idol actress that ruins productions for me, so I'm willing to give it a chance. Did I mention that it has HB? +2
  3. Me, too! I firmly believe that YS and DB will be together, with PG's blessings. The only question is when they will be together, not whether they'll be together. At least, IMHO.
  4. Yes, but that would be out of character, at least for DB, but also for YS since he's been hanging around DB. DB is an emotional sort who feels that she needs to give up the man she loves so that she can be the mother that she wants to be for PG. The tears are for PG who had thought that he was a burden to her and tried to do something about it at his young ate and for herself for being a mother who caused her child to feel that way, as well as having to tell the man she loves that she can't be with him any more. Plus, YS is the person that DB can cry in front of without holding back. As for YS, he knows that he can't PG is the most important to DB, and he wouldn't want it any other way since he respects motherhood. He also knows that as things stand that he and DB won't be together for the time being. And, watching DB cry causes his tears to come out as well because of all the emotions that he has and the conflicts that he and DB have weathered up till now, but now have reached an insurmountable wall. Actually, both DB and YS are written as emotional, instinctive people, so the scene didn't strike me as that odd. It's a bit unusual for a Korean man to be as emotional as YS was, but I thought within his character in this case, watching the woman that he loves so much crying.
  5. Ep 16 3 Year Time Jump. A mini recap of the final episode in the spoiler. Hmm, I still have mixed feelings about this drama as to whether I would ever recommend it. I think perhaps only true fans of JCW would appreciate it. It had good elements, but it never really seemed to all jell together. I think all areas had problems in this drama, frankly. The writing never felt as it it hung together well, and the direction also seemed a bit here and there. Though, I think they must have been in live shooting for the final bits of it perhaps given how jumpy the scene cuts are. Even the acting felt bemused at points. However, I still enjoyed DC as a character, handsome and flawed, and having to deal with a weird new reality not to mention changes of emotions. MR felt less fleshed out somehow, and I'm not sure if it's because I never connected with her and the issues around her disrupted life as much as I connected with DC somehow. Then again, I'm still not sure that the drama overall did that good a job of figuring out the conflicting emotions for the OTP after the time jump, and it set up some interesting conundrums as a viewer. Given that DC was still in love with HY when he woke up, the fact that he was able to let her go so quickly, even with his thinking she had betrayed him, and then switch his affection to MR that made me wonder if he had really loved HY in the first place. It's why I thought that without the big freeze, HY and DC would have either separated or gotten divorced at some point. The conundrum for me is that as a romantic comedy, this drama seem to take quite a while to actually get their OTP attracted to each other. I don't know if the drama needed more time, or fewer characters to keep track of, or just the plotting really needed to have been better fleshed out earlier on. But, it's done now, and I still enjoyed watching it. Thanks to everyone on this thread who popped in. Hope to see you all on other threads!
  6. I have no idea what to write after catching up on the episodes. Talk about mixing the themes of fate, awareness, destiny (or in this case the writer's will), and some seriously major angst into one package. I didn't ever think that HR actually killed DO in Trumpet Creeper, but I had thought that he had failed to protect her in some way causing her to die. And, I guess that's kind of what happened. But, BK I have to mention that I think the reason I'm so conflicted on BK may actually be that I like the actor Lee Jae Wook who portrays BK. I even went and watched a few episodes of LJW romancing Lee Da Hae in Search: WWW to get over how he makes me feel in this drama. The last scene was so sad. The most interesting point to puzzle over, however, is what did the writer really write and how much awareness do the characters really have at any point? I mean, the writer could have written the Shadow world as well as the stage world after all, but the characters themselves may not know. I also keep wondering if the writer has written himself/herself into his/her own manhwa?
  7. I think you make many excellent points as well! And, I agree that PG is a child. Previously, he didn't want to go to his father because he isn't bonded with JR at all. He's bonded to his mother, plus he thinks of himself as being his mother's protector. What changed was overhearing YS' mother say how PG was a burden to his mother, and her (YS' mother's) primary objection to YS dating DB since she didn't want YS to raise a child who isn't his own. That hit PG hard. That was when he decided to live with his father instead of DB. I do think that was his primary motivator versus feeling unloved. I never got the sense that PG felt unloved by his mother, but his insecurity came in thinking that rather than his mother's protector, that he was preventing his mother from being more welcomed by other people. Remember, PG doesn't know about the Ong-vengers who have banded behind his mother, and that DB has made a circle of friends for herself after all those years, even if it's not the warm and fuzzy kind of friendship. Something from the previous episode, btw, was when PG's friend's Jung Ki's mother tells DB that it's only if DB asks her to look after PG would JK's mother also feel okay asking DB to look after JK now and then. DB took her niceness and her protection of PG to an extreme degree, as we had discussed on this thread even. To the point where she wasn't going to PG's games because she didn't want PG to be teased about his mother, and I guess she never made overtures to get PG to have playdates, etc. In a way, as parochial and prejudiced as the Ladies of Ongsan were, it seems as if DB didn't really give them a fair shake either, especially as the longer DB settled in and became known to the other women. Anyway, I also expected PG to live with DB again. I figured that once the Joker was caught, DB was going to go and get PG no matter what. And, PG needed his mother to come get him as that reassurance that she wasn't happy to get rid of her "burden", that she really wanted to him as much as she loved him.
  8. For a second there, I thought that episode 18 was the last episode, and I was going to be very surprised at the unconventional ending. So, I was relieved to see the preview at the end of the episode. I guess it's credible to me that DB could decide to forgo her own romance with YS (or anyone else, for that matter), and focus on being a good mother to PG, for at least as long as PG needed it. And, I can understand why she decides to break up with YS rather than saying that they'll give it time. Now that DB knows that PG was destabilized to the point where he lied to her about wanting to live with his father in order to stop being a burden on her, I couldn't see DB not putting a stop to the romance. She's the adult after all, and it's been shown over and over again, that she puts PG first. Even in this episode, YS acknowledges that he couldn't even comfort her in any way at the emptiness she feels with PG away. I don't think PG is being bratty, but I do agree that he is still a child. He's still an elementary school child who had had to mature very quickly, feeling as if he has to protect his mother. In that dynamic of DB and PG against the world, now there are other people who are intruding into that relationship. Of course, there have always been other adults around his mother, YS' mother, HM, etc., but no one male and no onewhom DB relied on as much as YS. PG already didn't like the strangeness of his mother sharing any intimacy with a male other than himself, but to think that he himself was the cause of his mother's unhappiness was clearly too much for PG (or any other child really) to be able to handle. And, so PG made the choice that he thought he had to make in order for his mother to be happy. I don't think PG left because he thought he was unwanted, despite the tantrum over the changed door code and the rant about marriages later. He knows that his mother wants him, that's why he took the trouble to make it seem as if PG himself wanted the life that JR was offering. However, an agreement between his father and his father's wife as soon as he himself moved in was a bit much. I don't care how coolly Jessica may have handled it, she pretty much sucked in terms of how she treats PG. I think she herself said it best when she said that she doesn't want to be seen as the wicked stepmother from the fairy tales and she also doesn't want to trouble herself too much with anything. Giving her props for not being horrible to him shows how low our bar is in terms of kdrama stepmothers perhaps? Saddest is PG having to live the lie that he's living with his "uncle", and only ever having packaged rice and sweet pickled radish for lunch. I loved the scene where DB scathingly rips into JR for allowing their son to live like that, both the lie and the nutrition. I loved how DB point blank asks PG to choose between going to the Major Leagues versus living with her. Ultimately, she knows her son, and once the Joker had been caught, she made haste to bring PG home, finally realizing that PG didn't go to JR because PG wanted to, but because PG was trying to be thoughtful of his mother's happiness. Heartbreaking that. The breakup scene between YS and DB was sad, but not as heartbreaking as the separation between PG and DB, at least not for me. First off, YS and DB are both adults. Even if DB has decided that she wants to be a mother and only a mother at this time, YS knows that it's not that DB doesn't love him as well. So, really, it's up to YS to befriend PG and reassure PG that they would become a family and not that PG himself would become an afterthought. I doubt that DB and YS remained separated through that long time jump when we see the grown up PG. And. that was a long time jump. I expect the next episodes will probably actually show how YS, DB, and PG become a family after all. Plus, there is the issue of DB's mother needing a kidney as well to resolve. I would hope that DB gives her mother the kidney, and that while DB and her mother are in recuperation, YS ends up taking care of PG, thus giving them a chance to get closer. But, that's just my speculation. I'm glad there are a couple of episodes more left.
  9. Pil Gu just breaks my heart as he "decides" to live with his father. It's so clear that he thinks that he is a burden to his mother. And, to make it easier for his mother to give him up, PG tells her that he should live some with his father as well, and does DB want PG to always grow up fatherless. So sad. As PG told his grandmother, he is the one who knows DB best, far better than anyone else. He knows his mother doesn't want to let him go, but in order to give her a chance to be with the one he loves, he leaves, and gives DB reason to think that he wants to go so that she will let him go. DB, on her part, was swayed, not by PG wanting to go so much, but by JR's words that PG shouldn't live in a place where he is under threat by a serial murderer. So, really, the culmination of all this has to be that the Joker has to be caught. PG doesn't actually want to live with his father, PG knows how shallow both his father and his father's wife are, and DB is devastated that PG is not with her any more. Still, it's going to get interesting in the JR household as his wife tries to insist that PG is JR's nephew rather than his son. I will be totally disgusted with JR if he goes along with that in any way, shape, or form. He owes PG so much more than to be treated disdainfully by his bratty wannabe celebrity wife. I find it hard to have any sympathy for JR's wife, and wonder that JR actually married her. It makes me respect JR even less for choosing to marry such a woman, especially when he couldn't even get over DB completely. Btw, I did rather love the Ongsan Avengers. So, a quick note about that episode title in Korean. Ther Korean version of the title is actually a pun using the first syllable Ong to replace the English A to make it Ong-vengers. LOL I guess the translator wasn't sure if viewers would get the joke if she translated it that way.
  10. Translation of the preview Doctor: Dan Oh, even if she doesn’t get that dangerous surgery, I think she’s going to be okay. JMC: He’s changed the stage again. HR: I’m definitely fine in the stage, but I keep getting sick in the shadow now. HR: Why do I keep feeling worried? BK: Remember it. What happened because you changed the stage. HR: The person who killed Dan Oh…was me. DO: Ha Ru, why are you avoiding me? HR: If the time that we had changed actually made you hurt more… BK: Don’t change anything. Please. DO: I’m sorry. I’m not going to do things that way. (think she means that she’s going to do as she pleases rather than as BK is asking her not to change anything further) BK: It’s said that if one dies in the shadow, their self-awareness disappears. I guess that means that one wouldn’t even feel the sadness over living without self-determination. Actually, that might be okay as well. HR: Dan Oh. Dan Oh, please let her live.
  11. Just finished watching the latest episode, and I found it a frustrating episode WRT the OTP. The misunderstandings and half-understandings were plentiful in the episode. There were 2 most striking instances: 1) When ND talks about how he has to protect his father to DJ. DJ who knows that ND is the king's son, and has seen ND by the king's side, assumes that ND is talking about protecting the king when ND is actually talking about protecting his adoptive father from the king. 2) The scene I had translated previously where DJ tells ND to let her go since being together could lead to harm. Not to mention that ND asks DJ if DJ knows who he is, and she answers in the affirmative, but they both took different meanings from that. Ugh. Those all set it up so that there was misunderstandings on both sides so that they could part from each other. However, now that ND has found out the secret behind DJ's identity, I'm hopeful that they'll tell each other the complete truth to each other and at least figure it out from there. I'm actually really happy that it's nearing the end of the drama so the misunderstandings are not going to persist for too long. If they had lasted throughout the life of the drama, I probably couldn't have stuck with it. So far, it had made sense to me why they hadn't shared their deepest, darkest secrets from each other even when they were a couple, but the misunderstanding bit needs to be cleared up for both OTP rather than working from their own suspected assumptions.
  12. This scene is so sad, and a demonstration of the ambiguity of the lack of pronouns in the Korean language. Translation of scene 144 - the break up which is puzzling to ND, but DJ talks about it in a relatively straightforward fashion. ND: No matter what I do. Even if you think that I’m the lowest of the low. I wish that you would stay by my side. (sad kiss) DJ: The one who is bad is me. That’s why this shouldn’t have happen. But at your words that couldn’t we just like each other even if only during the time we are together, I was swayed. I wanted to do that. ND: What are you saying right now? DJ: Let’s end it now. We have to do that. ND: Why? Why in the world?! DJ: No matter what happens, no matter what I do, you are not involved at all. Everything, all of it is my fault… ND: Tell me so that I can understand! DJ: I’m sorry. (walks away) Translation of scene 145 - ND chases after the departing DJ for a clearer explanation - and the scene with the ambiguous line. ND: I have to know. DJ: What? ND: Why you’re throwing me away, I have to know! There is something else, isn’t there? What is the reason that you’re acting so strangely like this?! Why are you being like this to me? Why do I…? Why do I have to lose you, too? Why?! (ND hugs DJ) ND: Don’t go. Please. What DJ says: There’s nothing I can do for you. You’re going to get hurt and be in pain, if you’re next to me. What ND hears DJ say: There’s nothing you can do for me. I’m going to get hurt and be in pain, if I’m next to you. ND: What are you saying? DJ: I don’t want that. I don’t want that to happen. So, let me go. The ambiguity of the lack of pronouns is really in that line that I wrote up twice. Taken in overall context, DJ is clearly talking about how she doesn't want ND to be injured by staying by her side. Once she's outed as a member of a traitorous family who also tries to kill the king, everyone that is close to her will face the consequences of her actions. That is also why she doesn't tell ND her plans for revenge. Initially, it was because she didn't trust him and he didn't need to know, but ultimately, just by knowing about her intentions would turn ND into an accomplice. ND doesn't have as much context as we do, so when she says the line about being in pain and hurting just by being next to one, he seems to take it as possible harm to herself by being with him. It's why he lets her walk off after all rather than continuing to press her. What's interesting about this particular line in the scene, though, is that DJ seems to be deliberately causing the ambiguity with her words rather than clarifying it for ND. If only they would open up to each other, they might realize that they both had traitorous intent towards the king, so they might as well stay together since they wouldn't be protecting each other any by being apart. Come on, drama, bring the OTP together again. Perhaps they could both help YM become king, and as their reward, they both retire far away from Hanyang to live out their lives with the widows near them in a new Widows Village. Just saying. Btw, for anyone not familiar with the Korean language, it's fairly rare to use pronouns in Korean. Usually, proper or given names (or nicknames) are used to address someone or even to refer to them in the second or third person. So, pronouns have to be inferred by context. It can lead to some ambiguity, though, even for the people in the discussion occasionally.
  13. A translation of the preview. ND: I’m going to make sure to save father. ND’s brother: Are you going to beg your birth father or something? ND Father: What are you planning to do? ND: I’m going to make them shed tears of blood. ("Blood tears" is a term which can have both literal (meaning that they will shed blood) and figurative (meaning that they will cry endless tears of loss and regret). In this case, ND seems about to take revenge by force somehow.) ND Father: He is the father who gave you birth. (This is ND's adoptive father reminding ND that he's about to take revenge on his birth father. I think he's trying to stop ND from his actions.) Woman: You’ve suffered much, our Aegi-sshi. (a term meaning a daughter of the noble household. This is the couple who has recognized their former lord's daughter, but lied to the king that she and everyone else in the family had died.) Man: You have to leave! If he finds out that you’re alive, then we will all die! DJ: I won’t run away. King: i’m going to elevate you in rank. DJ: A rise in rank? Woman: You’re having regrets when the king is right before you. (Not sure who the speaker is actually, but seems to be telling either DJ (or ND perhaps) that she/he is having second thoughts about their revenge now that it's actually within reach.) I think I need more sweetness between DJ and ND. I'm not expecting noble idiocy at this stage of the drama, so ND and DJ had better clear the air with each other and stick together. I'm just saying.
  14. Last episode was so good. Loved the fan service by having ND and DJ on their cute market date where DJ teases ND and ND is the one getting a bit tongue-tied, not to mention the bed scene interrupted by AD. It's progress, at least, that AD has finally given up on ND being her husband for being a playboy who is unfaithful to her. LOL Before the interruption, though, it was good to see that ND and DJ are healthy people in love who want to share their affections, physical and mental, with each other. Other than ND and DJ, though, I feel that the most significant development in that last episode may be that the Queen becomes aware that her son is not dead. I don't know that she knows who that is, since they were interrupted by the king when she was asking where her son was. Btw, the king is a bit crazy, which we knew, despite his relatively friendly demeanor when he's going around "incognito". He kills the shaman as the bearer of bad news. He ordered the killing of his infant son because he thought the prophecy called for his son to be king instead of himself. And, he kills his best friend for calling him out for being a bad king. Ugh.
  15. Translation of the preview. DO: Just because I don’t know when my heart will stop, it doesn’t mean that I have to stay depressed every moment. HR: I’m scared that I might lose you. BK: You’ve diligently changed the stage and this is the result, so what to do now? Because you’ve changed the stage, it now looks as if Eun Dan Oh will have to receive surgery. HR: Surgery? HR: This world that we’re in now, it’s not going along the same plotline as that book, is it? JMC: It is. Eun Dan Oh, she’s someone that you couldn’t protect anyway. BK: There is only one thing I know. That if you die, I’ll receive a wound that I won’t ever be able to recover from. Let’s get the surgery. HR: If you get the surgery, you don’t know if you could die? DO: Now it really feels as if I don’t have much time left. HR: I think we have to change the stage. Angst. Angst. I have to catch up on the complete episodes rather than just watching the clips, but not sure if I want to because I'm a big baby when it comes to angst. I'm just glad that HR and DO had a number of sweet moments, and that they are firmly bonded now regardless of what happens to them. I'm assuming that it will be a happy ending, though, because I couldn't bear anything else. I don't want HR and DO to end the Secret manhwa only for them to have to do it all over again in a different comic, hoping for a different outcome. For the viewers' sake, I hope that HR and DO will find a world where they can be together without swords of Damocles hanging over them.
  16. A translation of the preview DO: The version of us in that other world, we were definitely happy, weren’t we? HR: The scenes of us that I can remember we were always happy and heart-fluttering. BK: You and me, our fate is so persistent, seeing as how we keep get mixed up like this. DO: Are you also able to see the plot? BK: Didn’t I tell you that the one who could change your fate was me? DO: For me, from the beginning, it was Ha Ru. (meaning that she had always liked HR and only HR) HR: This fate of yours that you keep thinking you’re changing, if it really is fate or whether it’s all just going along as the writer wanted, have you ever thought about that? HR: Even if it’s all going as the writer had planned, I’m going to continue to be by Dan Oh’s side till the end. BK: She’s mine. It was fated from the beginning. DO: Actually, I don’t want to marry Baek Kyung! BK: There is nothing we can do about it. That blasted stage. I can change it, too. Whether your heart will change or not, we’ll have to wait and see. I haven't watched today's episode yet. However, it seems as if HR has remembered being in the Trumpet Creeper manhwa and has told DO about being a couple there as well. Something romantic about HR following his true love through fictional worlds. Yet, again, an existential question that BK brings up. Are things with HR and DO going the way the writer had intended all along, or are they somehow thinking and acting for themselves and thus changing scenes and plots as they think they might be? The wormhole in the art room is probably one of the keys to that question since whether the writer knows about the wormhole or not matters in terms of HR being able to follow DO to the Secret manhwa. However, I also like the simplicity of HR's intention that whether they are still following the writer's plot or not, that he will be by DO's side forever. BK is the jealous delusional one who has decided that since DO was written for him, that she is his, even as he only persists in answering the existential questions that he raises only in the way he wants to. I hope DO expressing her wish not to marry BK isn't just her saying it in her inner voice.
  17. I don't disagree with your assessments, and this comment made me laugh. It's just YS picked a guy who was and still is a narcissistic overgrown child. While HY picked a man who may have had some narcissism, but was full of energy and willingness to go after things. I think I feel sorrier for HY losing her man, for whatever reason. Probably because I like DC a lot better than I like BS. I do agree with you, though, that without the frozen experiment, HY and DC probably wouldn't have lasted. Different personalities, plus HY had ambitions of her own, even if she was far more timid about going after them. She also had seemed needier even back then. I think ultimately, their relationship would have ended in a breakup or a divorce.
  18. Wait! Cannibalistic bait????! @Sushimi, I didn't realize you could be so nefarious! *shivering in fright*
  19. A translation of the preview YM: You could have died last night. DJ: When you’re going to kill that someone, how can you expect me to live? YM: That you’re living feeling this way, does that guy know that as well? DJ: Ahh! ND: Just a minute. DJ: Is that norigae yours? Queen: Could you find something for me? DJ: You know that norigae from before, where did you get that? ND: All you know of Hanyang are playing and swinging, right? DJ: From a rube like you who grew up on an island, is that something to be saying? ND: You should have seen me ride the waves yourself. DJ: Should we go right now? To see the sea? Note: A norigae is an ornament that is worn from a woman's hanbok. I am rather liking the cute between DJ and ND. While I realize that there are more reveals and probably angst to come, it would be really good if DJ and ND held faith and stayed strong together as a team. Given where we are in this drama, I'm assuming that even when DJ and ND finally reveal their secrets to each other, that it will be a surprise to overcome and not the cause of any nobly idiotic acts. As for the politics, I'm also starting to wonder if this drama is going to stay true to history, or rewrite it as an alternate history. Anyway, I'll post again later after I get a chance to watch the episode properly rather than just a few clips.
  20. Finally got to watch the episode, and I liked it, even with all of the politics and angst. I suppose I especially loved the ending though. The scene was both sweeter and better than I had thought from the spoilers on this thread. I did another translation of the ending scene, because it was so cute. ND: Why in the world…? ND: Dong Ju DJ: There was something that I had to do. I held on that thing all my life and was able to survive. When I was done… when I had finished, I thought I would go by my mom’s side, and then I would probably be happy. That was my reason to live. But…but it looked as if I was going to die before i could even do it, and why was it you?! Why did you come to mind?! Why was I only able to think about you? You keep making me want to live! You keep making me… ND: I…when you’re doing so much to push me away, what it is you have to do, what it is that you’re afraid of, I don’t know that well. However, whatever that is, whatever happens to us, right now, we’re alive and together like this. So, can’t we just like each other the way our hearts lead us to? Just…you…I just like you so much. DJ: I like you. Fine! I like you! I also like you to death so much! (ND kisses DJ. Then DJ kisses ND.) DJ's angst is that she's no longer isnglemindedly pursuing revenge. Her plan was always to kill the king, knowing that she would die immediately after, and she was fine with it. However, loving ND gives her pause and makes her hesitate. Even before her epiphany in the well when she thought she was dying, and all she could think about was ND, she hesitated to take the opportunity to see the king when ND was being given his rank since her actions towards the king may also end up involving ND. Whereas, previously, as long as she had an opportunity to have a go at the king, she didn't care how or why. So, as she sees it, it's a choice between the revenge that has kept her going so long, or ND and giving up on avenging her family's deaths. And, ND who also has his troubles, clearly says that they don't know what will happen in the future, but right now, they are alive and they like each other. So, why not just like each other while they can, regardless of what may happen tomorrow. And, this is actually a theme of ND's, even more explicitly through this episode. He had earlier told DJ that it's because he doesn't know what tomorrow holds that he speaks as he feels now. He wants to be true to what he feels, and say things are pretty when they are pretty, and not lose the opportunity to appreciate it because of some future event. And, in their kisses for each other, they sell their young, passionate for each other, part joy, part desperation, and lots of love for each other. I think they both find in each other a bit of a safe haven from everything that they're going through separately. The only thing I wish is that they would now trust each other to tell each other what they've been carrying alone for so long. It will be a shock, of course, but they could be stronger together for it as they figure out what they have to do and what they want to do.
  21. Is the event over already? 1. There are sooooo many dramas with a fire incident in childhood! But, based on the number of letters Sushi provided plus some comments from +/- awhile ago, I'm thinking it's 2. This one I watched, though I remember fast forwarding through quite a bit of it. If that was the last of it, thanks very much, @Sushimi! If it's not the last, then thank you still, and I guess I'll check back in tomorrow.
  22. Not sure if there was a delay in the broadcast in SK perhaps? I noticed that episode 8 showed up a lot later on the sites than ep 7. Anyway, both eps 7 and 8 are available on various sites.
  23. I see your point. I was just being skeptical that TJ's ex-wife was a motivation for his friend. However, you could be right. And, yes, TJ is divorced, though it's not clear whether they got the divorce before their son died or after, but TJ at one point referred to his ex-wife so they are definitely divorced. Also, I don't think that he needed to turn TJ into a criminal. It had seemed to me that TJ was the one best suited for that first pharmaceutical theft job, especially since TJ would have a personal stake in it, as desperate as he was to save his son's life. That pharmaceutical, though, just represented a chance to make a lot more money to the BBB as far as I could make out.
  24. That is an excellent point! Hmm, this part about loving TJ's wife, I'm not so sure that I sign on to. I'm not sure what the Big Bad Boss' motivation is, though I'm sure that it's lust for power and money, but I haven't really seen evidence of TJ's wife being involved really, so not as sold that she's a part of it. However, that would also be a huge twist if she was without any hints being dropped at all. Or perhaps, they are all just red herrings.
  25. That's a good call! I was only thinking that the friend was helping the Big Bad Boss, not that he was the Big Bad Boss himself. As a close friend of TJ, the friend would totally know how to play him as well. I just wonder whether the friend really was powerful enough to have the police commissioner and politicians in his grasp as the show has alluded. It would be a very bitter twist for TJ if his trusted friend turned out to be the BBB though.
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