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  1. English Title: S.C.I. Special Crime Investigation Chinese Title: SCI谜案集 (Romanized spelling: SCI Mi An Ji) Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Romance Based On: SCI Mi An Ji, Vol. 1 by Er Ya (BL novel) *Mi An Ji literally means The Collection / Journal of Mysterious Cases Directed by: Shi Lei Starring: - Gao Han Yu as Bai Yu Tang - Ji Xiao Bing as Zhan Zhao - Jiang Long as Bai Chi - Meng A Sai as Zhao Hu - Ma Xiao Jun as Wang Chao - Fan Wei as Gong Sun Ce - Wang Mei Ren as Bai Jing Tang - Zhang Fan as Zhao Jue - Wang Ruo Xuan as Jiang Ping - Luo Yu Kun as Ma Han - Hu Xiao Ling as Zhao Zhen - Ku Ming Wah as Bao Zheng Broadcast date: 2018 Broadcast network: Youku Number of episodes: 24 Trailer/Preview: The "cat & mouse" pairing.
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