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  1. The story has been exciting so far though now I feel like they might really ruin QH’s character growth haha. I hoped it would end in a failed first love and everyone moves on what I’m most excited for is Molan’s marriage life hahaha. I want to see her get her comeuppance.
  2. I think GTY has his impulsive moments, but not all the time (i.e. going off as Bai Ye with his daughter until Ming Lan talked some sense into him). Maybe he's just not impulsive towards Ming Lan so far. I know we all like it in the drama but GTY using Rulan felt the same as Ming Lan using her Second Older Brother (at least she disliked it afterwards). If the scholar turned out to be an unpleasant person then we can't confidently say no one was harmed. I don't want to put GTY in a pedestal. We only see his scheme succeeding and Rulan bring happy but in truth, at the moment he made those decisions what certainty did he have that it was best for Rulan? It was only good for him, and it was as Rulan wanted but neither of them know really if she had the best future with the scholar.
  3. I think people also fail to acknowledge a few things. It’s laid out clearly the differences between GTY and QH. We also have to take into consideration the thinking at that time. Unlike GTY, QH had no problems with his family prior to this. How many years had he been raised to follow propriety, to do the proper thing to bring his family honour, etc. GTY on the other hand had been fighting with his family and had more experience with manipulation and strategy to get what he wants. The way QH handled the situation was the way he knew how, with his knowledge, and his experience (or lack thereof). It also reflects strongly that GTY’s suggestions or way of handling that he’s used to not caring about what others think, same as how he didn’t care about what others thought except for desprate attempts to get approval from his father. However everything else be damned. He had the advantage of a competitive and unpleasant upbringing that he could think of extreme plots to handle the princess. Again, he makes decisions based on his own knowledge and experiences, which if we talk about manipulation was many. Isn’t he older than them as well? I’d say even he has the advantage of age together with experience. Isn’t this a very modern way of thinking? Wasn’t it at their time, the most important thing was country and family honour, and responsibility to your family? Again, quoting you it’s not a perfect world. Sometimes determination just doesn’t get what you want. Breaking the rules doesn’t bring certainty. Maybe a lot of people admire GTY for his fearlessness. But isn’t QH’s loyalty to family or sacrifice equally admirable especially for QH’s parents? I don’t think we should cheapen his efforts at trying to do what’s right by Ming Lan AND his family with the principles and teachings he believed were also right just because his method was successful at one thing and failed at another. When GTY asked QH if he’d like to do things as he suggested, with the kidnapping, could he just easily shed more than a decade’s worth of belief/upbringing and feel confident that the plot would work. Maybe he didn’t believe GTY’s assurances. GTY is rewarded for his reckless and bold decisions and plots, but isn’t he also just lucky as a character? Even he wasn’t initially able to handle problems right in front of him (Manniang) and he had to learn from his mistake. QH just had to undergo the same — learn from his weaknesses and be better for it in his future. At the same time, both men live up to their decisions responsibly (I.e. GTY caring for his illegitimate children anyhow despite the culture at that time, and QH fulfilling responsibilities for his family and being the only son, etc). I think they are both admirable in their own ways, though differently.
  4. Oh man I know what you mean. I felt this way at the earlier eps when he was woo-ing her because it /was/ funny and if I forget about the murder, it was fun to see him faking hahaha. I could feel the chemistry beyond the screen *_* really loved that bit when they were both singing on stage (after all, both actors have a great voice!)
  5. I think it was precisely because she earned his trust and affection, somewhat, in the beginning. So the hurt/betrayal he felt at learning the truth felt worse than a normal person's betrayal. He's just too extreme. It's like, hurt him once he'll lash back a million times, hence the tortures. But it's interesting to see too that he is unhinged in that extreme sense. Now that Sunny's caught his interest, it looks like he flipped 180. There's no gradualness to him at all haha.
  6. I logged in just to say I am in the same boat! tbh I stopped watching after the first few episodes because I thought that the writer was missing this chance to develop a complex relationship between Lee Hyuk and Sunny, especially back when he was still trying to pretend. I wanted to see more interactions that would’ve introduced this conflict earlier: an earlier LH who wanted to kill off Sunny but was either touched or curious about her. I think it would’ve been better to show these scenes earlier, so even Sunny’s quest for revenge won’t feel too easy if he’d been helping her unexpectedly before he tried to kill her. better late than never, I guess. LH is a complex character that I would’ve been more invested in had he been written by a better writer haha. I feel like the writer can’t balance or pace things very well because the gradual changes happens in chopped moments, instead of consistently. I.e. that time when Sunny was angry at LH in his study, and it was his first time seeing her feisty, stubborn side that Shin Sung Rok showed this slightly taken aback expression after Sunny left the study. And then...that development stopped for a while. So after a drought, the recent episodes show us LH’s other side again - that person who, when not fighting his family for greed and survival can respond to goodness in others. Then he could contrast it to his relationship with Yu Ra even before he learned of her betrayal. That moment would’ve been a highlight of how Sunny is different from how the women around him treat him (as the only one who didn’t use him, or expect anything from him). Oh well. I will leave myself to just imagine the could-have-been’s. I don’t expect Sunny to fall for him ever again since he’d really done disgusting things, but it would be nice if the show could integrate these grey areas smoother. Even criminals in RL are layered and gray — serial killers who are otherwise loving fathers or sons, etc. Ah well, this is makjang drama after all. I shouldn’t try to find something like Hundred Million Stars haha.
  7. I find this drama super funny and I love it. I marathoend the available subs on YouTube and I'm holding out, patiently waiting for more. I don't mind slow subs but I really hope this series gets more attention and love. It's just hilarious in a good way, and I enjoy the main lead and her friends. It's a good break from all the sadness and melo from the current palace dramas.
  8. Consort Meng is really funny (and underrated). There's a few episodes subbed on YouTube but the rest is in Mandarin.
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