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  1. To LMH: how do you know KGE falls asleep as soon as she lies down? To KGE: how do you feel during your first scene kiss with your crush? I am still new to MinGo shipper and wanted to take part in this if it's ok. This is my second Kdrama couple I ship after SongSong couple. I was never a fan of LMH nor KGE but I watched two KGE drama previously and only The Heirs. I just don't know when I started to ship this beautiful couple. I didn't watch the first episode immediately but waited after the third episode. I think after i watched the prescon and started to realize there's something between these two . I haven't been on this forum after songsong couple got divorced and don't want to waste my energy again to ship for another couple. But i just don't know something about our MinGo that making me start to ship again.
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