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  1. Because of my trolling...... She's gonna beat me when we meet in Phuket But she'll still be so cute doing it....lol
  2. Looks like you're rushing to get back to work and no rest Mr. Park? After a 12 hour flight? You are indeed AMAZING... Ms. Park likes a guy who's hard-working, so I've heard
  3. Also, looked more fresh than when he boarded...must be the Laniege mask I need to get my hands on those..LOL
  4. What did he do...change in the plane? I've been in a first class bathroom onboard a plane before, but the one from London must be the size of a walk-in closet if he changed in there....LOL He boarded wearing this...lol
  5. Obviously Mr. Park knows...or else he wouldn't be so BOLD posting that IG today. Cuz she's worth it...
  6. This was what they were talking about.... @saved2K What a "coincidence". Guess who's the 2nd from the left? Compare to Mr. Park 2nd from the right? Just.....NO.
  7. Aigoooo....I'm sorry about the previous post...that's not what you've asked for Here you go....the viki interview with Eng subs.
  8. Hahahaha...I can't help you if you can't prove it dear. Like I said, this is the one time I would be happy to be wrong! kekekekeke... But we will both be happy in the end...NO?
  9. @mushforbrains I feel the same way. I am being very conservative about this ship. As far as I'm concerned (and this is for my own benefit only ), their mutual attraction and relationship blossomed during the filming of the drama. I choose to believe in their denials until it's confirmed by themselves that they are truly dating. Should their denial be false down the line, I also understand why they had to....to protect and support each other.
  10. Hmmmmmm.....Maybe a certain someone, shared his sleeping mask with her.... Mr. Park: Since I look so handsome...it's only natural her beauty will match me
  11. Because I got the AURRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! From you know who!!!! Must be true.....people glow with happiness when you're "in love"
  12. How in the world does she still look so good after a 13 hour flight?!?!? Ms. Park arrived in SG. (Okay....the security man beside her caught my attention....MUAHAHAHAHAHA)
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