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  1. @saved2K It's different this time. People knows her schedule and she's being watched closely. I didn't discovered her when she was popular before, so could you say she got her popularity back?
  2. Are you sure you didn't see Ms. Park in Paris? I could have sworn she was there walking the street of Paris
  3. Hahaha...he might be so scared of shippers, he'll be in a separate room j/k. He knows we all respect him That has got to be a typo NO? They're really bad with numbers. Remember the 5 days 3 nights in Phuket? LOL
  4. If he decided to keep staying in between them, he might need the air condition turned on higher due to the heat coming from the hotness on his left and right....that sexual tension will burn him alive
  5. @pellucid7 Hi...welcome!!! You are NEVER too old to be a shipper. Was there a rule or age limits to spazz about these kind of things? LOL
  6. Hahaha...he probably has already accepted his fate by now Most likely he won't be sitting with them the whole time of the commentary, probably only the beginning (like the Healer commentary).
  7. I bet not... Those two are like magnets....they're probably automatically drawn to each other no matter where they are in the room....keke
  8. Ms. Park: "I would've been so upset if he's chilling with his friends instead of having his 7th anniversary celebration with his fans or come meet me in Phuket"
  9. Hahahahahaha....now...now. Most of the time I tried to pull you down from floating too far up to Cloud Nine And may I remind you who pulled you back in the boat? LOL.
  10. This is why Mr. Park is always so jealous and upset.... Hard-working cow is always with her... Mr. Park: "What an ungrateful cow...."
  11. Paris to Seoul "I need to go quickly to see Ms. Kim" London to Seoul "I need to go quickly to see Ms. Park" Not yet Mr. Park, she's not here. Just wait a few more days okay?
  12. Even the Press covered his arrival ... DASHING...like he's on the runway (last one...I promise....not good to overdose with this hotness)
  13. Yep...here is the compilation of him and Ji hyo. I think he was cute without acting like he's being cute...LOL So multi-talented....Acting, CF king, and also great in variety shows.
  14. @sugohaeso This was the adorable moment when I took noticed of him. I haven't seen any of his dramas, so can't call myself a fan....but liked and enjoyed all his episodes in Running Man. Loved his personality.
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