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  1. @mimixemix@pellucid7 Ouuuuuuuuuuuuu....never heard of that one before..huge perky peach... Seriously....the drama showcase an abundance of his assets...watching him alone was yummy Coming right over Mr. Park!!! cr: wb
  2. Don't know who you think you are, Rose from Titanic? Standing at the bow of the ship contemplating whether to jump or not. I know your heart wanted to go on... and on and didn't want to, but your impatient mind said "jump!...jump!" Good thing I had to be like Lee Young Joon and quickly use my "handsome and beautiful" brain, act like the she-devil that I am..... to talk some sense, seduced, and lure you back to the ship..... MUAHMUAHMUAHMUAHMUAH!!!!!
  3. You are not using google translate right? The last time somebody uses it... it came out to be “big parks balls “... something like that I hope the assets you were talking about was his boobies.... but I think his “behind” is most attractive... lol. Sorry Ms. Park.... I checked it out a few times while watching the drama... MUAHMUAHMUAH!!!!!
  4. I gave you 5 other guys jumping that rope....you leave Mr. Park for Ms. Park then . There's your Mr. Kong Jong-min you once mentioned about
  5. I am sure @niharika111 meant no harm and happened to use the "wrong" word that may not sit well to some. No need for 10 people to jump at her/him basically saying the same thing. Please let it go.... Thank you Stop fighting it.....go with what your heart desire The thread is called "Paradise" for a reason!
  6. They are out in the ocean....not sunny but the sky was blue. This was from Ms. Park's stylist IG story. If you watch the original video, I think I heard MY's voice. One of the assistant IG post. "Phuket, good weather, blue ocean".
  7. You can't just jump off the ship! How can you be 100% sure of the good news and still think of jumping? Take his hand and don't let go....he'll make sure you don't jump Or else I will make sure to chain your life saver to the ship, if it sink ...you're coming down with all of us...... MUAHMUAHMUAHMUAHMUAH She"ll be around 35 in 2 years right? That's the age she wants to marry. I am only obeying what she wants Having 2-3 kids before 40 is very doable right Mr. Park? Afterall, you are a bulldozer
  8. I'm not selfish like you though We will end our shipping career here alright.....but I would like them to date secretly for 2 years (just love the dating years...LOL), let them accomplish what they want to do....then BAM! Give us that marriage announcement! I'll be ready to retire in 2 years
  9. I would be okay if she didn't understand English...but I was speaking Thai. She was half asleep when she was pointing to the computer, then went back to sleep. When I finished using it, I came back out and woke her up again to pay her!
  10. I'm not surprised by this. I remembered being at the Suvarnabhumi Int'L Airport in Bangkok and had to wake up the employee at the desk (who was sleeping face down) to let me use the computer. I told her I need to use the computer and she just pointed to it without saying a word and went back to sleep Ms. Park was just so flawless everywhere she goes huh?
  11. @polydadmiac Hahaha....Nah, this would probably be more close to her greeting since he won't arrive to the hotel til 3:00am
  12. So LYJ was not kidding when he said they’re not leaving the hotel room since he’s so powerful ... he probably ordered the weather as well .... muahmuahmuah!!!!!!
  13. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! This is the case of me trying to work and scroll through the comments at the same time, not catching things in details. LOVE how Lee Young Joon called those two, the fetus intern and the ox soup salt was it? LOL
  14. She's already in Phuket. Or am I reading your question incorrectly? LOL edit: Okay...never mind. Read it wrong...hehehe. Interesting how they both look like they traveled to Phuket alone without their entourages (stylists, other crew members). From other reward vacations I've seen, the teams travel/book the flights together in packs (actors/actress, staffs, etc). Maybe they have their own VIP bungalow
  15. Oh nooooooo...no..no. None of the above. I am just the anchor on the ship actually. When the ship dock, that's where I'll settle
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