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  1. Now...now...should be for Ms. Park's eyes only The closes to milk would be Gongcha...don't be too picky..just take what he can offer
  2. No milk left in the fridge... But Mr. Park can offer you some hot water that he didn't finish...muahmuahmuah Ms. Park needed that glass of wine for the next scene. So you can't have any....
  3. I don't remember putting this on the first 200 pages or after....can you put in there for me? Thanks And fighting! The patience you must have to go back! I you.
  4. Ms. Park, turn around.... Let's give our shippers some love shots (Please pay attention to my sexy stare at the end....)
  5. YES. Extremely upset. I need to have a talk to whoever took the picture...lol Even this scene ....the precious was all covered
  6. I can't believe she is so obsessed with it And she is showing it again!! Then stop flaunting it Mr. Park! I must admit, I'm too Perfecto....
  7. Even if it ruin my innocent "handsome and beautiful" brain....do tell, I'm curious now! Hmmmm.....tangmopan drink
  8. Question: Do you guys want Parkpark's individual news/events posted in the shipping thread at all? Some may be annoyed by it and I will stop. Let me know
  9. If you unzoom that picture a little bit....it appears to be a thin metal bracelet. You can see it's detail better on a phone. It may also be the same set of bracelets (small and big) she wore from SG to Thailand (from picture at the exchange).
  10. JILLSTUART SPORT Newly released Wished his hair was like this as Lee Young Joon It wouldn't be too far from looking like the character, but I think he looked so much better showing his forehead.
  11. Mr. Park arrived in Incheon Airport Noticed something...but I'll keeping an eye on a little longer before I blurt it out
  12. If you are going to quote me...quote me right. I didn't say onion peel, I said THICK...THICK skinned. Oh I know our girl is strong and she's going through this just fine. She looks radiant and quite happy these days (of course, we all know why). Just don't want to see a headline that says "PSJ and PMY, nestling up in their own villa...ONE NIGHT IN PHUKET".
  13. You are right....what was I thinking trying to do the "little" damage control when it's already huge and cannot be fixed. And I wouldn't called a rabbit hole. It's a gigantic sink-hole....thank you very much
  14. So it's just speculation and assumption? I can see them staying in a private villa, but saying they stayed together without any proof? Isn't this how rumors spread and people taking things out of context starts?
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