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  1. I don't drink....but can I offer some delicious sweets for your eyes to feast one? Hopefully this gifs last for awhile... Everyone is wonderful and great in keeping this thread going. I am off to my hibernation mode again Auraaaaaa......
  2. We can never unsee this sexy "Peach", even if we try...Apparently you haven't forgotten about it and it will forever be implanted in our brain
  3. Don't Worry, she didn't say goodbye... because she haven't abandon ship... Patiently waiting (in a canoe) for the time... She could at least stop by and say "HI" right?
  4. My every moment was you When I loved and also when I was in pain Even at our moment of farewell You were the whole world to me and every moment was you Without you, I don't think I can explain the story of my life so far... WELCOME TO 'OUR HAPPY PLACE' - where you can 'let loose your delusional mind and have fun'-
  5. I ultimately caved in to my shipper's heart and had to dedicate and show some love to two extraordinary actor and actress with AMAZING chemistry on the currently airing drama Seven Day Queen. I introduce to you Yeon Woo Jin and Park Min Young "All the tears of the world has come to me because of my love for you"
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