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  1. 7 minutes ago, meifang89 said:

    Are you certain about this? I don't see any scene that confirm this :blink:

    OMG! The last scene more cool than Twilight's Edward save Bella from car crash scene! (no offence to Twilight fans that's what I feel) :heart:


    I have believed all along that Sunny is the Queen and GR is the King. But in this episode, when GR sees the scroll with the Queen's potrait, why does he clutch his chest in the same spot where the Queen was hit by the arrow, as if he was feeling/remembering the pain? This moment gave me pause and made me wonder...

    People have asked what the Queen's sin was that would have caused her to become GR - maybe because she told KS to approach the King, knowing it would result in the death of innocent people?  

    At this point, I still believe Sunny is Queen, but maybe I am now questioning it just a tiny bit?




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  2. 2 hours ago, Anna Tan said:


    I liked how realistic the whole scene is. Did you notice BJ took a deep breath just before she confessed and just before she kissed JH? It shows her anxiousness in a very subtle way. like you have said it, she has never been in a romantic relationship before so all these actions show the first time someone is in love. I must say LSK is amazing in this role! 


    Both lead actors have done an outstanding job conveying all of their emotions. BJ's nervousness was adorable. And I noticed in the last episode that JH did the same during his confession right before he kissed BJ. It was like he needed just a second to psych himself up to kiss her.  So, so adorable!  These two kids and their relationship is truly swoon-worthy!


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  3. 1 hour ago, lynn1272 said:


    Yes! Count me in @yongpal! I am strongly with you, mentally and physically! And I am also in love with my latest favourite couple Kim Rae Won & Park Shin Hye aka Ji Hong & Hye Jung ~ HongJung Couple! 


    So, is there a meaning behind Hong Hong Hong? I've seen it mentioned multiple times but am unsure what it means, if anything.



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  4. 10 hours ago, windofwar said:


    Okay, if this article accurate (but they called UF rom-com, so... ) now I understood, what KBS doing. UF will be aired at the same time in Korea, China and America (both South and North?) (probably also in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries where they sold rights, expect Japan), so everyone will watch UF together exactly at 22:00 pm (Wednesday-Tuesday). And rest of us, who live in other countries, will be able to catch UF next day on youtube via KBS World stream.  


    Is that 22:00pm Korean time?  If so, I'll have to figure out what time that is on the east coast of the US.  Or is it at 22:00 pm in each time zone? Any idea?

    Edit: NVM - reread the article and another one and it sounds like it is all at the same time.  So now I gotta get up early in the morning if I want to watch it live.  

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  5. 2 hours ago, Cherrine Kim said:

    This koala hug that never happen right? It should be ohy1 goes back from stairs n hug him (with d same cloths)..



    Not exactly as it happens in the vision. We have the first Koala hug, which I don't believe is related to this vision because it is not in the same location. Then, the Koala hug at the beginning of episode 12, which happens on the stairs, but OHY is not wearing the same clothes.

    With so much attention to detail in everything else, this feels important somehow. Either this event is still yet to happen (maybe after DK and OHY make up?), or it is telling us not every vision happens (or happens like DK sees them), or we've seen that visions can change - maybe this one changed because of DK admitting he missed OHY (thereby opening up a bit about his feelings?)  

    I dare not guess. I will simply wait and see.

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  6. Just now, rnia93 said:

    though I don't like to see them break up, but honestly that is the right path to do for now, in this messy situation.. They need some time for themselves to solve their own problems.. and some distance to finally realize how they need each other. Just make sure to make them find their way back to each other, writer-nim.. pretty please.. T.T


    DK's vision of he and OHY1 passing on the street and then turning to look at each other for a minute before turning around and continuing to walk on - did that vision ever actually happen?  I don't remember it actually happening, so have always wondered if it was a scene of them passing each other after breaking up.  Does anyone recall?  (If not, I'll have to go back and check because it is starting to drive me crazy.)

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  7. 2 minutes ago, carolinedl said:

    JS and DK are talking in front of the house.

    Isadora comes back home, drunk, wearing a black dress and a huge hat (looks really weird IMO).

    She says that she sees that there is a day DK disappointed someone.

    JS asked Isadora why she did not hit DK. She says that the guilty one is not really him. I guess Isadora does blame OHY2 for all that happened!!



    Or DK's mom, for giving OHY2 the recording that started everything.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Cherrine Kim said:

    I dont know what i'm feeling now.. sometimes i feel DK isnt really love ohy1 that much compared to ohy1 feels for him..

    FIRST : dk ever sway after ohy2 told him d reason she left on their wedding day. That night he wants to call ohy2 but suddenly ohy1 call him n they argued again.. Ohy1 just distracted him from thinking about ohy2..

    SECOND : dk likes to use harsh words for ohy1 when he angry or mad at her.. i feel that he even doesnt know how to respect a woman or should i say a person?

    THIRD : dk seems like he didnt really appreciate ohy1's love for him.. a woman can feel touched by little things man done for her.. its happenes for most of woman.. d way how dk action back n forward to her made her totally confused.. if i'm d woman being treat like that, i'm gonna totally pissed out..

    FOURTH : dk didnt want to beg for her.. i dont know if it was his pride wins over that time or what? U just compared to htj, he sincerely beg her to forgive him, he even wants to knell if she wants him to do it.. it makes me more disappointed to dk..

    FIFTH : dk just texted ohy1 to say he sorry?? JUST SORRY?? Woaahh.. if i'm ohy1, i'm getting more mad at him.. how can he didnt take an effort try to meet her privately n explain everything?? He made her waiting?? it was ohy1 that called him back after waiting 2 hours not getting any text msg again after that JUST SORRY.. arrgghh... he is not gentleman at all..

    SIXTH : dk didnt want to fight for his love.. he absolutely knew that ohy1 loves him so much.. but he just throw her feelings in to d rubish bin? such a waste to love him huh? what happen yesterday when he promise her that he wont change his mind?? But just 1 day after, he broke his promise again?? Arrgghh really disapointed...


    Fear can be a powerful motivator. DK is so afraid of being abandoned again - first his dad, then the first OHY on his wedding day. I think he just can't bring himself to beg for this OHY's love because he is afraid she will leave him too - as evidenced by his internal dialogue as he went to meet her. Additionally, I think there is the element of his guilt, which keeps him from truly believing that he deserves to receive OHY's love.

    DK seems to be the type of man who doesn't really know how to express his feelings well.  He only apologizes because that is really all he knows to do at this point. When he asked OHY to tell him what to say, asking what others would say in this situation, he wasn't being rhetorical - I think he really was asking her to guide him to the proper response.  If they had not been in public, I believe DK might actually have begged when she told him too.  He just couldn't deal with the embarrassment of doing it in public (although he certainly was torn over it, wasn't he?).

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  9. 8 hours ago, angelflower said:

    DK is drinking with JS on the steps of his house.

    JS: If she asked you to kneel, then you should have knelt! Why didn't you kneel?

    JS demonstrates himself.

    JS: You can't do this? Why can't you do this? If she said to kneel, then you kneel. If she said to beg, then you beg. If she was going to hit you, then you should be hit. Is your embarrassment the main point here? After walking around like a crazy person last night, you should have been able to kneel a dozen times. Why didn't you? Why can't you?

    DK: I said sorry countless times.

    JS: Was "sorry" enough? "I love you", "I'll love you to my death" and then after you should have kneeled! You should have done everything she asked you to. If she asked you to roll down, you should have rolled too. Do you really like that woman?

    DK doesn't say anything.

    JS: I'm asking if you really like her!

    DK: Are you asking because you don't know?

    JS: I don't know! How would I know when you don't say a word? You can't even answer a simple question, if you like her, coolly.  Why do you live holding on so tightly to your pride?

    DK downs more beer.

    JS: Why are you holding on to your heart so tightly?


    This is what struck me both here and in the scene earlier when he refused to kneel and beg, walking away instead.  It is all about pride isn't it?  It reminded me of the conversation DK and OHY had right before they kissed the first time. When they argued about how OHY could still be with a man who put his pride before her.  I always felt that DK was talking as much about himself as he was about TJ.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, foxvanilla said:

    DK is probably in his conflicting thoughts, go back to her kneel down whatever to win her back, or follow the noble idiocy path.

    My spider sense was right about OHY2 from the very beginning, and if it is right again, HTJ is not going to leave DK alone. Pd-nim is richard simmons awesome. 




    Lol - what do you mean with the richard simmons references?

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