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  1. I was pretty active in college thus collected an insane number of tee-shirts. I've pared down to about 20 or so and kept them in a duffle bag until I got a best sewing machine for quilting Fast forward 3 years and 2 moves, I now have a sewing machine and still have them in the dang duffle bag. As I was going through my closet today I was questioning would I actually use the quilt, or would it just be another item of clutter that I have nostalgic feelings towards? Obviously pretty subjective question, but I was wondering if anyone ever got around to making a tee-shirt quilt, and if so, do you use it?
  2. Where is the best place to buy string lights to decorate a room indoors? We are redoing our youth group room to make it feel more cozy and less like a storage shed. Where can we find cheap but good string lights?
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