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  1. I've always wondered how K-pop became more popular than J-pop. As a fan of both, I first started listening to both K-pop and J-pop back in 1997. But I felt during the late 90s and for much of the 2000s, J-pop was the dominant choice for Asian music. It was incredibly hard to find anything K-pop or K-drama related in the west, so few people knew about the genre. But by late 2009, the shift from J-pop to K-pop took place, as the Hallyu Wave was in full swing. I feel some reasons are: Lack of accessibilty of J-pop in the west K-pop is more Westernized, while J-pop sticks to its roots K-pop went global while J-pop didn't care, nor try K-pop has awesome choreography in their music videos I did a video on this below to go more in-depth and breakdown how K-pop overtook J-pop: I'm wondering what's your guys' and gals' take on how K-pop became more popular than J-pop. Why do you think this happened? I'd love to get a discussion on this, as I think many K-pop fans were originally J-pop fans.
  2. Hiya guys and gals, I've always wondered how people first became interested in Korea and learning Korean. After living here in Seoul for seven years, I met a lot of foreigners and always wondered why they moved to Korea. And after asking a lot of people, I found that the vast majority of people became interested in Korea for one reason. So I created a video called "How did you first become interested in Korea and learning Korean?" (video link) ----- I'm interested in other people's journey in getting into Korea, so I have two questions: 1. How did you first become interested in Korea and learning Korean? (Like what was your gateway to Korea.) 2. When did you first become interested in Korea? I'd love to hear peoples' take in either the video itself or comments below.
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