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  1. Hi everyone! I just binge-watched up to Episode 14 this weekend and can't wait for tonight's episode. So sad that there are not many viewers or commentators on Soompi. I'll admit that at first the only reason I wanted to watch this is because of actress Kim Sae Rok after I watched her on the Fiery Priest. It's so funny how different her character is here. I wasn't too interested in the plot originally because there have been many dramas and movies recently that touch on the issue of school bullying and pressure. But, I really like the refreshing take that this one took. I really like that the focus is on the crime and the redemption of Moo Hyuk. I don't care that he won't have a love interest. In fact, I prefer that he doesn't because that isn't what this drama is about, and I don't think it's necessary to throw one in just because. I loved that until about Episode 12 or 13 it really wasn't clear who the killer was. It could have been YBJ or the lawyer's bratty son (I forget his name). I loved how much YBJ's character has declined, and I'm waiting for the idol-wanna-be girl to finally get her comeuppance. Also, for @angelbeast90, like everyone else has already mentioned, there is no actual evidence. I would say that there is no direct evidence or circumstantial evidence. Instead, all they have is speculation. He left no physical evidence behind at the crime scene, and he wasn't even caught on any security cameras or car black box cameras. And right now, he has an alibi. What MH did by going over the timeline is not evidence--just pure speculation and you can't get to trial on just speculation. Even if we were to take the 2-3 students that he manipulated (bully, bullied student, and the guy who jumped off the hospital roof), it's all just speculation and coincidence. Nothing that connects everything together. And the two people who maybe could have tied him--his "girlfriend" alibi and the former school headmaster--are both dead now. I wonder if YBJ was perhaps caught on vehicle black box cameras going into the building where he pushed his girlfriend off the roof. Because now you have some evidence. Still circumstantial at this point, but it shows that he was in the building, shows the girl going into the building, and then YBJ leaving alone. My dad thinks it's the balloon with the note that will be found and will implicate him in the girl's murder. I just question the continued existence of buildings that have ready access to a roof that has no safety barriers up.
  2. I also loved what they did with JK's sister. It's like, the drama told us that this is a family of schemers, but the sister didn't look like much. I loved how they showed her mad skills. I'm also really annoyed with what the drama is doing with MY's character. She doesn't know. Everyone else around her knows, except for her. It's like a betrayal by everyone. JK won't tell her, her mother won't tell her, her brother won't tell her. Now, the detective working under her won't tell her. How will she feel when she finds out that everyone knew and didn't tell her. Except for HJ. It's even more of a betrayal bc she believes so much in JK. She thinks that he's this innocent person who she needs to protect against the big, bad world out there.
  3. I think that episodes 27-28 air tonight. And I think this is slated to have 36 episodes. So we should have a few more. It's sad to see that this drama does not have many viewers. I'll agree that it's not FANTASTIC, and I don't wait all week for the next episode. However, I like how innocent this drama is. And, I think some of the actors/actresses are doing a FANTASTIC job. PHJ's character is so fun to watch, I love the actress who plays the oldest sister (the one in prison)--too bad it seems like it was just a cameo. And YJG's sister is another great job.
  4. I was a little disappointed in the TP storyline. A part of me thought that perhaps he was part of the JS Group. THAT would have been perfect! And it was possible, too!. We only knew that the JS girl was the only daughter. But if Grandpa had disowned his son and DIL years ago, then most of the world wouldn't know that another secret heir was alive. And, a part of me didn't like Kang's attitude. Who was he to suddenly insert himself and demand that TP go back to his grandfather? He doesn't know what happened, has no clue what happened bc TP never told anyone. You know, TP never asked any questions of Kang and I think that Kang should have returned that respect to TP. Another episode where I was disappointed in President Wang. He only accepted DR bc of Grandma, and not really for DR's or WDR's sake. AND, really, really, really disappointed that he didn't out the mom and the fact that she's still interfering in everything. Most of all, I don't like that he's so easily swayed. Is he the head of the house or not? But, I predict that it will end with DR and WDR back together in the last 6 minutes. Then there will be time jump of 1-2 years. And the last few minutes will show everyone being together and happy. MR and DR will have both had babies (maybe even the Brat). GR's mom and MR's mom will be on good terms. Grandma will still be happy with MY and the MIL will be happy with DR. I take that back. DR and WDR will get back together in the last 3 minutes and the final 2 minutes will be used to show the happy epilogue after the time jump.
  5. Rough translation of preview: WDR: I’m going to remarry DR. Mom: Better to live alone than to live with a murder’s daughter. WDR: DR is not a murderer’s daughter. Please watch what you say. Brat: Richard Simmons (literally: bad guy). He’s going to pay (literally: I’m not going to leave him alone) Kang: how do you make this kind of “mistake?” Do you know how I lived all this time? I was separated from my infant daughter. My daughter was forced to divorce, being called a murderer’s daughter. She’s (I’m assuming he’s referring to DR, but it could be himself since he doesn’t use an identifier) been pointed at by strangers. Do you know the extreme hardships my daughter has lived through? Aghhh!!! Hurray!!! The Brat finds out that YR is cheating on her! I'm a horrible person. This is not something I should be rejoicing in. But seriously, did you see the Brat's face when her mom and GR went to visit and apologize to Kang? I want her to be kicked out from the Wang household.
  6. Any predictions on how this will end? By my count, this will end this weekend and really, almost everything has been resolved. Now, it's just about cleanup. I mean, obviously, GR and his mom will forgive Kang and probably even ask for his forgiveness for their past behavior. BTW, I've been impressed with GR's mom since last week. This week I was afraid that she had reverted back to herself when I first saw her reaction to HJ's pregnancy. But, I respected how she continued to treat Kang with formality and respect even after GR was out of danger. I like how she went to see Kang before he left and gave her forgiveness. She didn't have to, but she did. You see the real difference when you contrast her to DY, who is still just a big, selfish brat. I can even understand her feelings about HJ's pregnancy. As she pointed out to HJ, she's witnessed how DR lost everything and how even at the hospital, people continue to be prejudiced against her. Although that hospital scene with the women demanding that DR take Kang elsewhere was just typical K-drama over the top. Kang will cry and beg HJ for forgiveness. HJ will, of course, forgive him. WDR will assume that he and DR are getting back together. Dad and Grandma will be on board, and we all know why. Mom will still be opposed bc she never liked DR and she's blinded by the JS Group daughter. DR will tell WDR that she's not sure if they should remarry. TP: I'm still not sure why he's here. Sure, he added a nice source of support to Kang and DR, but the whole supposed romance between them felt forced. I knew it was coming, but when he confessed that he liked her, I just thought, "based on what? What do you even really know about her? She was a married woman when you first really knew who she was, and other than just baking together, what do you really know?" Anyway, I think he was added just for the extension and I'm glad that he didn't really intrude too much into the story. DY: this is the one that I'm still not really satisfied about. I bet she'll just be told that she's wrong and needs to fix her attitude and that will be that. Maybe she'll still suffer when Grandma has an episode, but that's about it. And, knowing that she's married to an unfaithful player. But, where's the satisfaction in that if DY doesn't know? My spiteful soul wants her to find out that he's cheating on her. I want her to see that she has no one now in that big house--not her husband, and not even MIL because her MIL's only power was her objection to DR based on her father. Now that's gone, MIL won't have any power until Grandma passes away.
  7. I LOVE this. I know a kumbaya ending is coming and I really did not want one for DY. She has done nothing to explain her behavior (I don't buy her I-grew-up-without-the-love-of-my-dad excuse that everyones uses to excuse her behavior), and I just don't want everything to work out for her. Of all the character, she has shown ZERO change, except to become worse. So I like this notion that she'll always be tied to a player and a cheater. Only, now I feel bad to her imaginary future children... I don't think that WDR is actually a mama's boy. He's actually assertive (hence their marriage in the first place), and he continues to defy his family by meeting with DR and doing what he can to exonerate Kang. He's a good son and a responsible son, but I don't think that should be confused with being a mama's boy. I agree that Kang's behavior is wrong. My reaction last night was: if you were going to leave DR, then you should have done it before she found out who you were. You're leaving now, after she's already lost everything. And how will YOUR leaving actually fix anything? She's already known as a murderer's daughter. She needs to leave as well in order to have a fresh start. But the thing about HJ... so, I don't blame Kang for not telling HJ at first. If you'll recall, he's always pushed her away and tried to discourage him. Later, he tried to tell her and she refused to listen. She actually told him that she didn't want to hear it because whatever it is, she's on his side. Kang should have insisted, especially since it's not like he was a petty thief, but my point is that they are both to blame.
  8. The uncle that came from the U.S. to visit (and the same one that originally attended the criminal trial) is the older brother of DY's dad. The ex-sister in law that the mother visited was the wife of DY's dad younger brother. So they cannot be the same people. We know this because they refer to the first uncle as "older father" which is the term used for your father's older brother. When the mother went to visit her ex-SIL, she called her "dong-suh" which refers to the any wives of your husband's younger brothers. The mothers are ex-SILs because it seems that both of their husbands passed away, and the younger brother's wife has re-married.
  9. I actually like YR. Yes, he was an immature player in the beginning, but I think his character has come a long way. I actually feel sorry for him to be married to YR. He has done nothing to help his brother: I don't think there is much he can do. Until it's revealed that Kang was not the one to kill DY's dad, there is nothing that anyone can do for the situation. But I also disagree that he hasn't done anything. He sticks up for DR in his own way, he was always respectful of DR, he tells his mom to back off WDR when he gets drunk, he tells his mom to leave his brother alone. In his own way, he is trying to help. He has done nothing to stop his wife: He hasn't done enough, but they are still early in their marriage and that one time that the Brat got really out of control (over HJ and Kang dating), he did try to stop her. He also tried to control her in little ways earlier, like making her attend her brother's wedding (even though she walked out), and other things here and there. Plus, there's a LOT that the Brat does that YR doesn't know about. He hasn't done anything to help his Grandma: I think he tried early on. While his mom and the Brat were running away, he tried to stay and be with Grandma. His argument was that he needed to stick around and build a relationship with Alzheimer's Grandma and not just run away during each episode. His mom made him leave, and he really hasn't tried since, but I think that also has to do with the fact that he's married to the Brat and Alzheimer's Grandma knows that. He just wants to be a chef at his restaurant. Well, what's wrong with that? It's not like he wants to be a drug trafficker (sorry, been watching too much Narcos), or a club owner, or a player living off his parents money. He was not the firstborn and he wanted to be a chef. So that's what he did. He never lied about that, and it's the Brat's fault that she wants him to be something he's not. Being a chef is his chosen career and he works hard and diligently at it. Unfortunately, I don't think that the Brat will ever get her comeuppance. The best we can hope for is that Grandma will pull all of her hair out. These K-dramas (especially these family-oriented ones and the makjang ones with the really nasty characters) always end in a kumbaya moment. The bad characters suddenly realize that they were wrong and the good ones all instantly forgive them. It's sooooo unsatisfying and the one real complaint that I have. The final episode will show the Brat laughing and getting along with DR and even Kang and MR. The only question is whether or not Alzheimer's Grandma will ever forgive her.
  10. The actual Korean title is something like The Only One Always on My Side. So not necessarily about a romantic connection, but about how there is that one person who is always on your side. I think it was meant to originally refer to Kang and DR (DR growing up an orphan and yet there was always someone who was on her side). But, these titles usually refer to a whole host of people, so it could also refer to how DR's adoptive father was always there on her side. Then after he died, it became her real father. I think it's also appropriate to HJ and her faith and support of Kang. It could also be Alzheimer Grandma's relationship with DR/MY. When I saw GR's mom going to her younger sister-in-law, my first thought was: "wow, she really lived her life badly." Her SIL's face said it all--she was NOT happy to see this woman. And while I can understand sisters-in-law growing out of touch when their husbands both die, it was a reflection on GR's mom that she has no one to go to. But then I saw her act as a mother should. After she exhausted all of her resources, she didn't go to Kang and demand his liver. Rather, she got down on her knees and begged him to save her son. And after he agreed, she tried to treat him with respect. Can any of us really blame her? Wouldn't any mother react as she did? Personally, I will be reserving my judgment for how she behaves towards him now that GR is no longer in danger of dying. If she were to revert back to her old, nasty self, then yes, she is irredeemable. However, if she is able to treat him as just another stranger, then I can't really blame her anymore. Yes, he saved her son's life. But, he also took away her husband's life. Yes, I know he's innocent, but from her point of view, she doesn't know that yet. She could be thinking that if he hadn't killed her husband, her husband could have been a match for as a liver donor. It's DY that is still a big problem.
  11. You're right that WDR pulled her out of the room. He was probably thinking that Kang's past would never be revealed. But imo, lying by omission is still lying. MIL asked DR directly, and DR allowed herself to be pulled out. She could have confessed to MIL later, but she never did. So to me, it's the same as lying because she made a conscious choice to go along with WDR and her dad and hope for the best that no one would find out. I'm not saying that DR is the only one at fault here, but I don't agree that she's completely innocent where the Wang family is concerned either. And, I think that WDR pulling her out was a cop out. Even if he had not, I don't think that DR would have confessed. If WDR had not pulled her out, I really do think that DR would have lied and told her MIL that there was nothing she was hiding.
  12. Sorry to cut your post short. I think we need to remember that Kang set in motion the events that lead to DY's dad's death. Yes, he was innocent of murder, but I don't think it's all that clear cut that he's actually not guilty. Fact-1: Kang tried to steal money. Fact-2: DY's dad acted as a Good Samaritan and tried to apprehend/stop Kang from running away. And, at that time, they thought that Kang was running away from a crime scene (injury/death of LS) as well as stealing money. Fact-3: Kang, instead of surrendering himself, engaged with DY's dad and struggled, trying to get away. It's foreseeable that someone may become injured. And the law is often times all about whether or not something is foreseeable. The LS stepping in and trying to stab Kang acts as a superseding act, but Kang is the one that is responsible for setting up the scene and circumstances in the first place. I'm not sure what, but I think Kang is still guilty of a crime on some level. Not murder, but perhaps even an accessory to murder? Or even a type of felony assault or something to that degree because Kang was in the process of committing a crime when DY's dad was stabbed. Second point (about the section I bolded). I think the fact that everyone (or most everyone) liked DR and Kang is part of the problem. Can you imagine how betrayed you would feel if you were any of the Wangs? They brought him into the family, he lived on the property, he was entrusted with the care of Grandmother (who was very vulnerable due to her Alzheimer's), Wang Sr even gave him a loan, the entire family (other than Bratface) treated him extremely well. So imagine the betrayal that they felt. And, quite honestly, the moment that the Wang family learned that Kang was DR's dad, I think that Kang should have either confessed (which, of course, he can't do), or left DR. It's a horrible thing to say, yes, but Kang at that time knew that he had a serious criminal record. Should that ever come to light, it was going to be a HUGE scandal. It's that sense of betrayal that the Wangs can't get over and I can't blame them for it. I don't agree with most of Madame Wang's thoughts or actions, but on this point I have to agree. I also would not want Kang or even DR at that point near my family. I would not want them in my house, and I would not want to send Grandma to their house either. They still haven't explained anything, she "knows" that Kang killed DY's dad, there is just no way that DR and DY can live in the same house or be an extended part of the same family at that point, and DR has told a HUGE lie at this point. Not just that DR knew her dad had a criminal record, but that she knew her dad was convicted of murder.
  13. I think you're complaining about the very essence of a Kdrama. Most Kdramas are predictable--about 90% of them follow a formula so any regular Kdrama viewer can predict what's going to happen. For instance, I can tell you that the Brat, her mom, and WDR's mom are not going to "see the light" until the last 2 episodes (or so). Maybe 4 episodes if we're lucky. GR getting sick is not crazy or out there--it's another trope that is often used. I personally think it would be a little crazy for Kang to run after HJ and live a little shamelessly. That word is appropriate here, because it really would be shameless for him to do so. Right now, he doesn't know that he didn't kill DY's dad. He's just on the cusp of wondering if perhaps something else is going on here, but it's not enough to convince even himself that he isn't guilty. He doesn't talk about what happened to anyone. Anytime anyone has ever asked, he just says that he doesn't remember. The only time he tried to tell someone (HJ) about what happened, she cut him off and told him that it wasn't important what crime he committed. To go on and have a relationship with your victim's extended family? In a better world, maybe that is possible. But, with where Kang and HJ are in their relationship (remember that it's still all very new and Kang himself has never really come to terms with his past), I think it would be inexplainable. Totally agree with you on this one. This is the first time that I lost all respect for Dad in this drama. I can understand his love and devotion to his mother, but I have to agree with his wife on this one. He is losing sight of everything else all for his mother. He's not thinking of the fact that he ordered his son to get a divorce, and of how painful and difficult it's been for WDR already. I think he totally crossed the line when he asked DR to take care of Grandma. Oops! I accidentally cut off your post about the new rich girl. I don't think there's too much suspicious about her. I'm sure that her marriage of one month was a business arrangement. 2 rich kids of rich parents that married in order to merge their businesses (or strengthen them), and the kids realized that they were too selfish and self-absorbed to get along. And that they had nothing in common. So, they divorced. And to give WDR the benefit of the doubt, I bet he didn't know about the meal. I bet his mom called him to come home and he innocently did and was ambushed with the dinner. Or, he was told that she was invited to thank her for bringing him home when he was drunk, and he thought the entire family would be there. As others have mentioned, I think that GR's reaction is the only one that's been reasonable. He has a right to confront Kang and be resentful towards him. He wants to know why Kang killed his father and to be told that Kang doesn't know? How is GR supposed to accept that? You killed my father and you don't know why? Or, you don't remember? As the victim's family, you want the murderer to remember that moment for the rest of his life because it's a moment that changed your life forever. To GR, it's unfair that Kang was able to just wipe that moment out of his memory. Yes, we know that's not what happened, but Kang is a horrible communicator. He's so stuck on not defending himself that he really doesn't defend or even try to explain. He can't even explain that there was a struggle, he was pushed, and he lost consciousness. If you listen to him trying to explain, it's very frustrating. On the topic of why GR is sick and if Kang has to save him, my opinion is yes. Kang may not have planned or intended to kill GR's dad, but it was his action in taking the LS' money and running off that set the events into motion. I think that even for GR, even if he were to learn what really happened, there would still be resentment. Human emotions don't get displaced overnight and they have now had weeks of thinking that Kang was the murderer. Just hearing that he was not does not suddenly make those emotions go away. They will still consider him "bad" for having tried to steal money in the first place, for being an orphan (because Korean society is like that), for having been in prison (even if he was wrongly convicted), and just for being an unlucky person. Kang has to save someone in GR's family in order to reset everything.
  14. I don't think that FIL is that wishy-washy. He was really left in a position where there was nothing else he could do. Each and every time, he stuck up for DR bc of his mother. However, the fact that Kang killed the Brat's dad is something that FIL cannot overcome. I don't think that anyone can. Even to ask the Wang family to accept Kang when he murdered just some stranger is a LOT to ask for. But due to the connections, it's impossible. And Grandma got to the point where they had to move her to a facility. This is just too crazy. This harkens back to old school K-dramas where incest for some reason was a popular theme. I think this would just take this drama to a place that one one could accept. No, the Wang family loses if DR ends up marrying TP (if he is, indeed, a chaebol's grandson). WDR loves DR and he's going to pine for her for a while. He's coming home drunk, he's depressed, and the entire family can see that he's suffering (except for the Brat). Too besides, they had to put Grandma into a nursing facility because of her Alzheimer's. Then there's the fact that DR was actually a help to B&F with her ideas. So, the Wang family loses out quite a bit. And the drama could end like that--DR goes back to school and becomes a successful lawyer, marries TP (if he's a richie rich, too), and the Wang family realizes what DR could have been to them as well. And, of course, WDR is still unhappy and his mother clearly sees that. And, the Wang family is left with just the Brat as a DIL. I saw another drama like that where the female lead finally said that enough was enough and left her boyfriend bc BF'm mom was so bad (when they weren't even all that rich). Female then married a super rich guy. Drama ended with old BF sad but moving on and BF's mom full of regrets. Not sure if that's where this drama will go. Bc the Wang family wasn't that bad. It's just the Brat that needs to be purged from the family. O- only. Apparently, any type of (-) blood in Korea is rare. Being AB may be rare, but AB can accept any kind of blood. So it doesn't matter that AB blood (+/-) is rare, because it can still accept O- blood (the universal blood and plentiful in many other countries, and usually kept in ready supply by all hospitals because it's the universal donor blood), A- blood, B- blood, and AB- blood. I'm a Korean who has lived in the U.S. for 95% of her life and I think that HJ's reaction is not right. She hasn't even talked to Kang about the murder. (Or, at least, it wasn't shown.) Going with the assumption that she hasn't even talked to him, all she knows is that he's a murderer (who has obviously regretted his actions). That alone should give her pause. He isn't just someone who went to prison--he's a murderer. He doesn't even try to explain or deny or anything. And because he doesn't say anything, it's taken as agreement that he's a murderer. Not only is he a murderer, he killed your BIL. So now, it's become a murder/crime that's actually connected to you personally. You are part of the victim's family. Finally, he murdered your sister's husband. Your sister, who raised you like a mother, who was a mother to you. I'm not sure how much of it is true, but the Brat's mom makes it seem as though they had a super close relationship before HJ moved to the U.S. and married Freddy. So this makes it even more wrong that HJ is asking her sister to forgive Kang. Especially as it seems that only a few weeks have passed since it was all disclosed.
  15. My take on this is that Hyuk was never being redeemed. The problem with LH is that he's not fully a person yet. He's like a chameleon, taking on whatever characteristics of his environment. Or, in LHk's case, taking on the characteristics of the people he surrounds himself with. This is what a child does. When LH was growing up in the palace with his evil mom and dad, he became like them. When he was with Empress SH, he was a better person. Only, the ED got her hooks into him. Then he was the ED's puppet and he got together with YR. When he began to side with SN, he started to think or behave as she would. Now, he's the ED's puppet again. LH never grew up or developed into his own individual. Look at Yoon--he's his own person. He knows who he is and what type of person he is. LH has no idea who he is. If given a choice, I bet he himself would have no answer. If you think about it, he's always been surrounded by women telling him what to be: his mother, YR, even SN. He doesn't know how to be a person without someone telling him.
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