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  1. Chemistry is sizzling! Haven't seen good TW dramas since In Time With You and My Lucky Star
  2. All caught up to 49. Qing Yu/Xiao Tai are just so unfortunate. Really shipped them and they were adorable, but now they're starting to really becoming really annoying to watch. Haha....so many comments about Xiao Tai's annoyingness. Either it's the script, but the character is right now too flat aside from jealously fuming her. They would've been interesting or complex villains with more character development, but at this point meh. I'm looking forward to the big battle between snow tower and moon sect! EDIT: 51 spoiler
  3. Finally finally caught up to 41. Really liking Yi Qing's look when he dressed up as the Moon Sect member to slip in to see his mother from afar. That braided detail compared to his usual simple hairstyle is so badass looking. Have to agree with @xienrue that the romance is a bit awkward. I think that is probably due to the bad editing. There are hints that they like each other and is obvious as @celebrianna pointed out. Either bad editing or the transition of how they developed the romance from hinting to making it obvious wasn't transitioned well. It was so obvious that they like each other because Yi Qing was always grabbing Jing's hand. O_O think she realizes her feelings for him when she finds out that he has been the "doctor" that saved her. What do you all think? And YQ obviously fell for her beforehand. Good point about Jealously being the theme. I think this could be paralleled from the previous generation where YQ's father and mother plus the Moon Sect Hua Lian's relationship. HL was jealous of XW because of YQ's father so she hates XW but also is conflicted with her friendship with XW. I like naive Xiao Tai because the little bits where she fought with Qing Yu were really cute and I enjoyed watching the banter and try to get back at each other. However, I find Qing Yu to even be annoying too now because he loves XT so much he could even disregard his martial brother/sister relationship with Jing. He was closer to Jing before meeting XT and abandoned her (that's how Jing got strong). How could he hate on Jing -- that really got me annoyed. Another theme I noticed in the drama is: Identity. Many characters have multiple names and those different names signify different identities. Secret identities, real identities of selves, identities with the sect/organization they are part of and etc. These different identities give these characters different persona's and meaning to how they carry on the conflict and move the story/plot along. Example: Shu Jing Yong/Ah Jing is the real identify of our female lead, she holds revenge, but Qing Ming is carefree and doesn't hold grudges and have no plans for revenge. I really like the song "Blood Rose" because as 夕影 Xi Ying is YQ's theme. Blood Rose is Jing's theme. These lines resonate with her feelings: 恨自己是一个哑巴 如何才能告诉她 那些关于我 的传说 残酷而寂寞 "I hate myself for being mute. How do I tell her? Those legends concerning about me are cruel and lonely." The second video @bluehibiscus posted is hilarious. Basically a collection of clips where Jing misunderstands him. Haha, aside from Jealously the majority of the plot is built on misunderstandings which lead to conflict and revenge! Revenge and filial piety are always central in WuXia novels. I started watching Story of Yanxi Palace and wondered why it was so popular and I realized it's because of how badass the female leading character is and the character development. The conflicts get solved and it moves on, but many conflicts in LST drag on >.< I'm hoping it picks up once we get the Sand Valley reunion.
  4. OMG Thanks for sharing the playlist. I totally missed the special short clips! Mr. Gao is such a cool homeroom teacher haha! Hao Wu Yi sweetheart, you mean Dai Xiong? The guy who cheated on her right? And thanks for explaining! I can't believe I missed this special too. The drunk sandwich scene is also one of my faves~ And this scene of WY and QY's friendship.
  5. >.< Xiao Tai was starting to get on my nerves too. I'm still at 33 (need to catch up). At first I really like the interactions she had with Qing Yu and they're cute together! But the whole I love martial brother and I can do what I could attitude put me off. Also waiting for Qing Lan to just find out and remember Qing Ming! I'm guessing he has some feelings for Ming He that's why he couldn't kill her despite him devoted/loving just Qing Ming.
  6. Finally done. Some questions so their homeroom teacher, Mr.Gao became a bartender/owner of a bar after quitting teaching? Can someone explain the stars at his bar? I don't get the significance aside from the fact that he had bought the stars? I really like how GC proposed his marriage to WY. It was really cute they used the spot where they asked each other out and re-act the same lines! I wanted more Dai Chuan and Alicia afterparts aside knowing they got together during the wedding. Like years after, did they get married too? And hilarious that QY was the first love of this guy. Poor dude b/c YM totally ripped up that love letter. hahaha. I also find that the mink guy to be a funny villain and the bond with Dai Chuan is great when they later decide to team up.
  7. Caught up to most recent 30. Dying for the last 5 episodes! My favorite character thus far has to be Dai Chuan! He's so sweet and I'd like to see him in another drama. I think the actor who plays him does such a great job. One thing that bothered me is when Dai Chuan has interactions with his sister (YM's mom) and the dad, but rarely do we see dad interact with YM's mom. O___O Is it just me that finds it weird? There was a scene where QY invited everyone over to celebrate her step-dad's birthday and everyone called her mom "Auntie"--even QY. Mistake? o.o I also find QY's family dynamic and interaction so touching. I teared when step-dad got into an accident and how he would always protect and take care of QY. Guan Chao brother interaction with QY is also so touching when he would protect her and watch out for her back despite fighting and making fun of her. There's Dai Xiong (Wu Yi's ex)...Wonder what happened to him?
  8. Caught up to 31, it's getting kind of draggy. I feel like it's lacking once Hua Lian dies. I like the actress that plays Ming He, but she lacks in Jessica's presence. xD Interesting that mascara was not used for her makeup in the drama.
  9. Where can we see the uncut Korean/Taiwanese version? So many scenes look cut (especially Mi Luo and Pei General scenes). What were those cut scenes of them? I don't think I can go back and rewatch the whole drama, but what scenes were cut off that would be important for the story? I also really like XF's makeup XD Can someone also explain what exactly the pig running is?
  10. Do we know why it's 25 instead of 26 if it's 2 episodes per day? The fight sequence during the reunion so far is still my favorite of the series thus far! I am really liking this song (Reincarnate) aside from "Blood Rose".
  11. Wow! That's pretty cool. I remember how in some dramas a 2-10min fighting sequence could take weeks! It's also difficult to read as my level of Chinese is not good. Can someone translate? Also reminds me of Duelist (Korean Movie) starring Ha Ji Won and Kang Dong Won. I remember there was this beautiful fighting scene in snow and looking like they were dancing XD Haha omg! I noticed the clenching fists a lot early in the series! Comparing HSDS, I think the fighting sequences are better here. I also appreciate the move-like cinematography. ---- Given I didn't read the novel and I'm watching without knowledge. I like this series so far. I feel like the actual story doesn't start until Is there an English translation of the novel somewhere? Does anyone know the episode release schedule and what's the newest episode to date? Also I read somewhere someone pointed out Lord Lei is XF's grandfather in goodbye my princess. I just get thrilled seeing actor/actresses from other series I just finished.
  12. Agree! My favorite is the visual contrast of red/white umbrella/costumes for the fight sequence between the ML and FL! My favorite interaction thus far was: At first I shipped young Qing Lan and Qing Ming, but now I like the ML/FL interactions. There's some sexual tension going on. lol It was also nice to see Zi Mo from Princess Agents (the girl who protected Yan Xun) and this other actress that was in Our Glamorous Time. Also came here after Good Bye My Princess. xD Is there a tragic theme for wuxia/costume dramas going on? Is it just me but Qing Yu kind of reminds me of So Ji Sub (features or eyes?). Really enjoying the episodes so far and I started watching because Jessica Hsuan was promoting it!
  13. Do you remember which episode in the beginning when WJ was tricked when leaving with Buhui? Who are the Wu brothers? Were they with the Zhu maiden (girl with dogs?/father?). Thanks for the Yellow Maiden explanation, makes more sense now!
  14. Gosh, gone for a bit and I couldn't catch up to 40+ posts I missed. I like how they condensed some arts to save time, but the editing is awkward in a bit because I got confused what was happening until figuring it out a while later. Except They could've ended a few more episodes to develop some parts and explain the plot and cut out some others. This made me realize there are ZZR's that exist in real life. Someone may look kind and is not or ZM's--someone who doesn't look kind but could be. AKA there's a lot of don't judge a book by it's cover theme going on! I'm so confused and I must've have missed something. Can someone explain who is the Wu maiden and the father at snake Island? Where did she appear and why is she significant in the story except dying for ZWJ. Also the yellow maiden who's YG and XLN's descent. Why does she show up? She gave me a XLN vibe when she appeared, but I couldn't get why was she important in showing up. Fun fact, was watching something and they asked how many times have ZWJ been tricked by women?
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