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  1. :( So Sad Richard Wang isn't returning back for S3. Really like him as 1st prince. Couldn't find why -- does any one know why he isn't returning? Schedule conflict?
  2. That is so smart. I enjoyed S1, and kind of wouldn't mind to see a spin-off in an ancient series of the characters.
  3. Can't believe no one talked about this drama! I'm half-way through and really liking it so far. The France Arc in the beginning focusing on youth and friendship is my favorite. Right now it's kind of in between France/Shanghai transition of regathering all of the members of animal society back together. Been a fan of Chen Bolin since In Time with you and Crystal Zhang from Go Princess Go. Really liking the dynamic of how their relationship unfolds. Edit: Finished. The last 10 episodes were hard to watch despite the happy ending... I really wanted to like the Shanghai Arc, but I can't. I'm not as impressed as the France Arc that happened the first 20-ish episodes. I'm impressed by the cast learning/speaking French. The campus and the set in France is beautiful. I like the angles and some of the filming techniques. I'll probably only recommend if you really like the leads because in terms of Chen Bolin's character I'm liking his take on portraying it.
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