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  1. Where can we see the uncut Korean/Taiwanese version? So many scenes look cut (especially Mi Luo and Pei General scenes). What were those cut scenes of them? I don't think I can go back and rewatch the whole drama, but what scenes were cut off that would be important for the story? I also really like XF's makeup XD Can someone also explain what exactly the pig running is?
  2. Do we know why it's 25 instead of 26 if it's 2 episodes per day? The fight sequence during the reunion so far is still my favorite of the series thus far! I am really liking this song (Reincarnate) aside from "Blood Rose".
  3. Wow! That's pretty cool. I remember how in some dramas a 2-10min fighting sequence could take weeks! It's also difficult to read as my level of Chinese is not good. Can someone translate? Also reminds me of Duelist (Korean Movie) starring Ha Ji Won and Kang Dong Won. I remember there was this beautiful fighting scene in snow and looking like they were dancing XD Haha omg! I noticed the clenching fists a lot early in the series! Comparing HSDS, I think the fighting sequences are better here. I also appreciate the move-like cinematography. ---- Given I didn't read the novel and I'm watching without knowledge. I like this series so far. I feel like the actual story doesn't start until Is there an English translation of the novel somewhere? Does anyone know the episode release schedule and what's the newest episode to date? Also I read somewhere someone pointed out Lord Lei is XF's grandfather in goodbye my princess. I just get thrilled seeing actor/actresses from other series I just finished.
  4. Agree! My favorite is the visual contrast of red/white umbrella/costumes for the fight sequence between the ML and FL! My favorite interaction thus far was: At first I shipped young Qing Lan and Qing Ming, but now I like the ML/FL interactions. There's some sexual tension going on. lol It was also nice to see Zi Mo from Princess Agents (the girl who protected Yan Xun) and this other actress that was in Our Glamorous Time. Also came here after Good Bye My Princess. xD Is there a tragic theme for wuxia/costume dramas going on? Is it just me but Qing Yu kind of reminds me of So Ji Sub (features or eyes?). Really enjoying the episodes so far and I started watching because Jessica Hsuan was promoting it!
  5. Do you remember which episode in the beginning when WJ was tricked when leaving with Buhui? Who are the Wu brothers? Were they with the Zhu maiden (girl with dogs?/father?). Thanks for the Yellow Maiden explanation, makes more sense now!
  6. Gosh, gone for a bit and I couldn't catch up to 40+ posts I missed. I like how they condensed some arts to save time, but the editing is awkward in a bit because I got confused what was happening until figuring it out a while later. Except They could've ended a few more episodes to develop some parts and explain the plot and cut out some others. This made me realize there are ZZR's that exist in real life. Someone may look kind and is not or ZM's--someone who doesn't look kind but could be. AKA there's a lot of don't judge a book by it's cover theme going on! I'm so confused and I must've have missed something. Can someone explain who is the Wu maiden and the father at snake Island? Where did she appear and why is she significant in the story except dying for ZWJ. Also the yellow maiden who's YG and XLN's descent. Why does she show up? She gave me a XLN vibe when she appeared, but I couldn't get why was she important in showing up. Fun fact, was watching something and they asked how many times have ZWJ been tricked by women?
  7. I can't help but to rewatch parts of the 2000 version to try to remember what happened plot-wise and story-wise. The wedding scene is always one of the most memorable parts. GMD is still my favorite part so far and I like Joseph's portrayal of ZWJ over Lawrence Ng's version. I do have to point out ZM's outfit is closer to what a Han female would wear vs. in older versions she's in her Mongolian attire. I kind of wished we could see her more in the Mongolian attire. I also noticed this watching the 2000 version where some Er Mei disciples are dressed as regular females and some dressed as nuns. I like how they made the uniforms the same this version, but the old version is able to let us know that some of the students could marry and some have taken vows to become nuns. To answer someone's question, MJ was married before she took a vow to become a nun. According to YX, her husband battled him and ended up losing his life so MJ thinks YX is at fault for her husband's death so she hates the Ming Sect. Later at the burning pagoda arc, ZM's master/ming sect spy guy lies that ZZR is their illegitimate child and they were old loves to save them. MJ gets mad and wants to kill them all to save her reputation --in the end she rather die than to be saved by anyone involved with the Ming sect. Now--why doesn't ZZR explain that she and ZWJ were childhood friends and everything? Wouldn't MJ understand? The scene were ZZR yells at ZWJ to not touch MJ kind of goes on to explain how MJ is even more important that him. Sharing this variety show episode I randomly saw. This looked like it was aired recently this month! Must watch for Jin Yong fans. Kathy Chow is in here as ZZR (she acts a scene as both ZZR and MJ), and one of the games they played a race up GMD. Heavily has casts of Semi-god semi-devils, but these key casts show up in a lot of Yin Yong novels (plus an appearance of Jin Yong's 2nd son). Go to 1:14:50 for HSDS theme song -- not a fan of the rap at the beginning haha.
  8. Have to agree with the poster who mentioned that ZM would've kicked the boat instead of pushing it pathetically. At the same time, I interpreted the kiss to be kind of not appropriate for him to kiss her when she was weak? It's not the right thing to do aside from the fact they are on opposite sides. Granted, I only finished up to 29 and am not caught up yet. Based on the preview, this parallels so much with XWJ's parents where his mother didn't want to go back to "home" so she can stay with the father. On a side note, just have to share Wakin Chau singing Jin Yong's classic OST songs! <33333 I love how he switches between Cantonese and Mandarin. 難念的經 is my favorite OST (Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils), but '83 LOCH is always my favorite adaptation. Loved how '17 LOCH paid homage to the '83 OST songs and how Michael Miu (Yang Kang in '83) played Wang Yau Shi ('17 version) vs how Kathy Chow played (ZZR) HSDS '94 and now MJ '19. :DDD If I'm not wrong the OST is also homage to '94 version.
  9. I finally caught up (up to 26 recently). I had to rewatch episode 1 three times because I couldn't find subs. Been watching everything raw, reading subtitles and using context to understand. Last and first version of HSDS I watched was the 2000 version with Lawrence Ng. I remember this was my least favorite of the Condor Trilogy but so far I am really liking this new version! Super nice to see actor/actresses from Ashes of Love, Journey of Flower, The Eternal Love (web series), Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Thousand Miles of Peach Blossoms, the 2017 Condor Heros, etc! I know everyone is swooning over this version of Yang Xiao and Lin Shen did such a great job. His acting with his eyes and expressions are on point. YX's character always been sort of creepy in previous versions based on my impression/memory, but I really like now smooth and cool he is here! xD And certainly chemistry with the girl who plays JXF (she's gorgeous too). Though I'm not feeling any chemistry with 6th uncle and her daughter BH..... On a side note I thought the guy who played ZMJ's father was kind of cute. His love story with YSS was very believable and kudos to young ZMJ because I cried a lot with him bonding with all his family members. The Wudang uncles, JX god father, etc. I think it's great they took time to build the back story even MJ er mei sect's leader Kathy Chow got some decent screen time! Upon checking, Kathy played ZZR in a previous version ('94) so it's kind of cool she now plays the shifu of a character she played in the past! After watching this, I think ZZR's character is really complex and she can't just be simply called "evil" when she turns. Her character has quite a development unlike other characters. I think Bambi Zhu is fitting as I find her version of ZZR similar or embodies Xuan Nu (TLTW TMPB) quite a bit and maybe parallel's with Night from Ashes of Love. Both start out nice before turning evil. The GMD scenes are great. It was up to that part I started to think that the story was getting interesting! I am really enjoying this version compared to 2000, which is very faint in my memory (and bad CGI lol) XD I couldn't help but to look up some parts on YT for comparison reasons. It's so cheesy, but at the same time I really like how side characters here got to shine and were developed. Like someone mentioned, it made me care more about them when I watched this series. Can't wait to see some ZM interaction since she started to show up near mid-way into the series.
  10. This is so cute I had to share the actor/actress offscreen. I skimmed to watch most of the parts a second time and really want a season 3. Looking at the BTS, I think the actress did a great job in bringing the comedic mood into the drama. She's so cute! Would be so interested in seeing her in another series. Since the bodyguard was a prince from a lost kingdom, I kind of do wanted to see him in a prince attire x"D This is so underrated and would be nice if it gets subbed.
  11. My 2 cents after completing this drama. Yes the plot is silly. It has the rooftop prince vibe, but storyline has a Fushigi Yuugi-ish storyline thrown in with Chinese mythology/cultivation type story. The acting is acceptable because all these actors have acted in some dramas before. I think they are used to support roles more. They are inexperienced in acting as leading roles. The leading girl was Hua Zheng in the 2017 Legend of Condor Heros, so they do have some experience under their belt. I do have to say I find the kiss scene terrible and chemistry not so strong. Like the acting is awkward when the actor/actresses interact with each other. When they act their characters on their own I think they did a pretty good job. I remember seeing parts of the scenes on instagram and that drew me to completing the drama. It's not so bad where I would have to stop and give up. There are dramas I gave up because it was getting so bad. I do want to praise how beautiful the opening credit was edited, the music and the costumes. I think if they had more budget and it was a longer drama it would have potential. Does anyone know the name of the opening credit song (the instrumental in the beginning)? About the characters, I see why people like Murong Yu because his character is interesting -- more so than Qin Shang, which I get annoyed when all he does is to resort to violence. In terms of acting I think Gao Tai Yu did much better than the guy who acted as Murong. Considering the actress playing Le Xue as the 2nd leading lady, I'm kind of sad her screen time is short. I like her character and it could have been developed more to be more complex and have more depth. There's also less background story about "chaos" and the plot was being "told" instead of being shown. If I had to recommend this I would only for the editing, music, costumes and the way the scenes are shot. The script could use some work. Instead of having 3 emperors--given 24 episodes 1 or 2 would have been enough. 3 was overkill. I came here after finishing "About is Love", which I recommend if you're looking for something cute.
  12. Based on his weibo, it looks like he worked out for the bodyguard role X"D I just discovered his debut song when he was part of this boy group.
  13. So I really like Simon Gong (lead guy) and Alen Fang (bodyguard). Behind the scenes of Alen's shower scene. Looks like he's also in Queen Dugu
  14. I think that's one reason. The other is XD a parody of video games. Like officer Jennys and Nurse Joys in Pokemon games. I noticed they were the same at the brothel and as regular civilians. I didn't realize they were the same as the servants at the manor until I saw the meme/post haha. It's the female lead in the drama that pointed out that the game designers were lazy --hence that's why it was funny.
  15. Yeah if you think about it, if LJ picks a different guy to like he would technically become the male lead in the game. I only watched the WM loveline, but looks like Jin Chen (King's right hand guy) and another guy whom I don't think showed up in the drama are also selectable interests in the game. Found this on the official drama webio page. So hilarious I had to share. Original post: https://s.weibo.com/weibo?q=%23红黄蓝绿NPC天天见%23&amp;Refer=weibo_weibo Basically it's saying that the game designer got lazy with the Non-Playing Characters, that their faces all look the same (Think Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny's in the Pokemon game/anime). From the picture, regular civilians, maidens at the brothel, servants at the prince's manor, government official's wives, are literally played by these same 4 actresses
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