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  1. @thistle @corey @lolly84 @Lmangla @celebrianna @sadthe1st and other chingus, thank you for all the updates and information. I really appreciate you all and love you all for this. I have to dump this drama as for now. I didn't fully watch last week's episode and I decided not to watch this week's episode as well. I had bad feeling since last week and now it has come to this. I get that this show meant to please Korean viewer and they used to have this break up, at least 2 times scenario in their drama land. However, the writer do not consider that right now, we, we the international viewer also play part in the revenue generation by watching the drama through the legal channel (those legal channel I'm sure fork out some money to be able to broadcast it to us the international viewer).The netizen nasty comments and such that bring them to their separation, I get that happens in real life too, but it seems being forced in this scenario. We do not get to see what happen to the dad doctor, to the bad reporter, no legal action taken against them? Dad doctor only being investigated? That's not too pleasing, only investigated, where there is no result shown to us? They want to break up? It's alright, go ahead but using netizen bashing as the reason and left a man that already lost his position just like that? It beats me, I can't understand it, and I thought HJ was a mature and already changed unlike before when she was younger, facing a problem she chose to forget about it. It's started really well, but now I feel disappointed and this is the drama that made me feel, at first I will watch it to the end but writer crash it. A lot of ridiculousness like @corey pointed out, lost contact for 2 years? hahahaha... I will wait and read everybody's update and comments here but I will drop this drama, before I rant further (I have plenty of rants but I tried to keep it in my mind).
  2. @Lmangla Omona! I'm at the High School graduate level, maybe I could be on the Diploma or Masters if you include some of the morning and evening dailies, I'm on par with some ahjumma in Korea hahahaha (high five!)...my family used to hate me so much because I also would watch the documentaries on KBS and those sad morning dailies (strangely they like the evening revenge dailies) . I watched how one of the actress grown so much from being in the documentary when she was a child and she become an actress, and make it as a career - proud of that sweet and kind young girl. Right now I'm only watching Find Me in Your Memory, @Lmangla I noticed you didn't vote All About Eve, it's a drama about broadcasting too, of course minus the complicated love story and office politics. I was reminiscing the past when I watched HJ trained by JH , it's like I was watching one of the scene from All About Eve again.
  3. Chingus, I'm here! How have you all been doing? We are in wild world right now, but thanks God that we have this drama to sooth our feeling (I know I feel it). Normally I just read everybody's post (as usual), but I'd like to support KDW more this time as I have been his avid fans since 2007 Unstoppable Marriage (boy, he was a cutie back then and one handsome man right now), hence I decided to write my nonsense here today. I always smile ear to ear watching him in this drama as well, I like how he can bring up the character. I have been stopped watching drama for some times due to boredom and personal issues, and here I am! I can't help but to think of a close friend of mine when I see the relationship between JH, TE and TE's dad. My experience with my friend told me that one can be a good psychologist at work but bad with relationship with friends and family. My friend was never loved even though both father and mother were/are in this psychologist/psychiatrist field. He and his siblings never been loved and suffered just like TE. I come to conclusion that being a good psychiatrist / psychologist do not guarantee a perfect family life, they also human just like the rest of us. I feel bad for TE as I feel bad for my friend, it's sad to see this in drama and real life. This drama remind me to a lot of parts of my life, minus actress and anchor-nim of course hahahaha. I hope next episode will not be draggy with the HJ memory back and she avoid / break up with JH, I hope she could overcome this obstacle and just like JH's determination to open up his heart for a new love. I would say JH has determination and consistency in pursuing his love, all these years he was simply doubtful of many things such as was his mom really happy being his mother. Thank you for sharing the BTS and lots of photos. I also fell in love with JH just like HJ upon watch him read the news of the day, he so cool!