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  1. My dear chingus, I guess I will meet you all again in the next drama's thread. I always waiting for the recap, analysis and lots of BTS updates from all of you. Thank you for helping me getting through this drama.
  2. @ck1Oz I'm sorry to cut your post. I find that your posts portrayed my feelings about this drama, and your analysis about the menu also intrigue me to cook again hahaha. I tried very hard to like this drama because I want to support KSY and KHS, but I can't, just like the writer's past works, very difficult for me to like the drama. Somehow all her works too difficult for my simple brain to digest. I'd like to thank all of you chingus here for all your posts, it's like I can understand the show without having the need to sit and waste my time, I really love you all. I will stop watching but will stay on this thread as I already have my personal problems and this drama not helping my mood/thoughts at all, at least My only one helped me to distract my thought from all my problems and reminded me that family love do exists. I guess the writer's story never suitable for international viewer like me. I will be back when it's around episode 70s or so.
  3. Hi ladies, I'm here too! I been following this drama, which quite refreshing for me after the previous drama. This drama captured my heart because of the story line and of course the actors and actress. We still have a long way to go and I can't wait what the writer has in her sleeves I hope not too much cliche - common plots in kdrama land. Anyway, I always love everybody's analysis here and with all the predictions. I can't wait for the next episode to come.
  4. I have no complain for this drama. It made me and my son laugh, kind of seeing ourselves in extreme portrayal (we did skipped the sad parts). I always enjoy reading all your posts. See you all in other thread. And Happy Chinese new Year!
  5. Hi chingus, I watched today episode even though I know there will be heartache for me because of dumb and dumber’s action, and the breakup. I will write more tomorrow, as for now, I have a feeling that KDR will quit her job and continue her studies. It’s just my feeling, because she can use the nasty treatment from WDR mother as a push to achieve her dream and show them (WDR mom and DY) that she can get a better career and position in this world without the Wang’s company.
  6. I tried to keep on being a silent reader here, after my last post in this thread, but can’t help it to write something now. I totally with @tali58 @Lawyerh @ardently and @dramaninja I did not like this drama, watched it to support SKJ and big mistake. I don’t see worshipping depression and hardship in life as something for you to be selfish, all about you and only you, when you happily married not even a single letter or call to your ex boyfriend, and when you depressed suddenly he is on speed dial? She was nice by going to the blind date? No, she’s not, because she left the guy rudely. This was the trigger for the breakup between JY and SE. SE was wrong by suggesting the blind date, but she agreed to it and smiled (I wonder the meaning behind the smile). If she was nice and sincere at least she could finish the meal and tell the guy thank you but she had to apologized as currently she has no intention of having a serious relationship. JY being still in love with her, was angry and dismayed that SE dare to set the love of his live for a blind date, how dare she (this is my interpretation of his deep anger), it’s not a trust matter, it’s because he still love her deeply. I was and still struggling with depression, not a beautiful part of life. (I wrote this because I know there will be comments what this person know about depression). I have a depressed bipolar mother too. But most of us do not have this me and me alone attitude. For JY, it’s ok to dump your fiance a day before the parents meetup, waste her time because you were touched by her effort and you think you could love her. You cared and spend your time with her, it can turned to love, even you know that you still wholeheartedly love another person (for me, he didn’t keep his love in a little part of his heart, he keep his love with all his heart). I don’t buy his tears, why he need to cry, he cried because of his parents not because of breakup from SE. As I mentioned before, not funny to portray people with the disorder as on the first few episodes and miraculously he live normally when he on the second charm period, no consistency at all by writer, bad writing. Good thing I didn’t spent 100% of my time on this drama, even with SKJ on screen, it’s just too hard to bear. I would have appreciate the drama better if suicide scene changed to bravely face your “mistake” and hand in hand work it out with your spouse. Suicide? That’s shallow, also showing the viewer that you are alone in Korean society, no friend to talk to but your boyfriend. What happen to the good old friendship, a friend with a shoulder to lean on? And I also agree with knetz, this writer and director should not make any more drama. First love never die? I feel bad for the youngsters who watch this drama, some of them might or already keep this concept in their mind, this is the love story that they want and expect for their life. I know because I deal with those youngsters who keep all the dating information from kdrama as reference to their real life, and they took it by heart disregard all logic. And I’m ready for those who love this drama with all their heart to flame me but I need to get this out of my chest (we are allowed to agree to disagree right?). SKJ should pick his next project carefully.
  7. I think if evil prosecutor only do the killing of the child, she might didn’t know the child she killed had been switched, as the victim and EJ’s sister same age - I assumed around the same build and it’s dark too in that forest. It’s kind of ironic for the real Ms Ma to die like that, she trying to get the most from both our Ms Ma and husband but end up being killed. I also hope for our Ms Ma to live a new life as Ms Ma the writer after she cleared her name and find the killer, she will be happy with WJ, MS and EJ.
  8. @maribella now all started to become clear for me, why Ms Kim hate Mdm Na so much. Being substitute to receive bad luck and left to die, these two already enough revelation for her revenge for me. I still don’t like how Ms Kim did her revenge though, such a cruel mother to do that to her own daughter. I think Moon’s family obsessed with CR because they hate to see her with EH (lower status person, and Moon Jr lose from him?), Moon Sr also feel she useful seeing she capable of running the company and he need to take advantage of it until come the time to “remove” her, he know Makepacific’s employee respected her and she even help to run/solved the problem his own construction company on early episodes. Boy I’m glad to skipped some episodes @maribella that’s why I missed the DNA testing part LOL, I rewatched 2 specific episodes, else I will still have headache, all thanks to you chingu
  9. @gutibear I have the same thought too, we had the same suspect. My problem is in the beginning I can’t think of any motive, in my simple mind the motive must be some kind of promotion for the killer at work (and of course fame), money and greed always the first motive for killing, followed by love. Second suspect is the husband, he fit with love as motive. And I remember some of you have theory the daughter still alive, I have the same thought too and it means the husband very good in keeping her away from society in their life circle. I hope more revelation coming, and yes the detective is stu... LOL he played it well here, maybe because he always act as villain in other drama/movies so he can bring this stubborn detective character to live.
  10. @Ameera Ali I like YEH since Vineyard Man, I watched it when I was pregnant and some laugh never fail to help me with my miserable days back then. You should check her past works, some quite interesting. I don’t really care what she did to her face, it’s her decision and it’s dog eat dog world up there, one must stay in shape else lose out. She got good personality (based on her co-star’s interviews) and it’s good enough for me. I did concern about her big trouble few years ago, I worry she will never return to our screen! Now with this new project, I’m relief that she’s back, plus the story line is light for a faint hearted prone to screaming ahjumma like me
  11. @shebagirl exactly my thought, why slap JH and scream at him, blamed him, and that stu... (pardon my language) KY just stand there with her golden mouth kept shut. Likewise, they really deserve all of the incidents. I annoyed too with how cold the Kangs when they hear about Emily’s and JH predicament/“accidents” caused by SN. And KY never once open her mouth to tell the truth about the kidnapping today, what’s so difficult to explain to her family she been kidnapped and JH not DY murderer, he tried to help them despite his injuries...gosh. I doubt KY will wise up after this incident, SN much more advance than her.
  12. I’m not sure about the daughter, Secretary Kim has a lot of secrets it seems and she started to reveal it to viewers. About the daughter, maybe I’m wrong but she didn’t mentioned any name, the shaman too only said the girl - the girl and the girl (who is this girl), aaaaa my head dizzy thinking about all the possibilities LoL. @sava2sava Lee Yoori as usual showed her solid acting skill here, I kind of like the drama minus some silly plots in between, but hey, I’m still here. If you have time to spare you could try to watch this one, in the middle the plots were as usual a little bit of company problem, a fight for her love and her “family”. I don’t like grandma, and seems she hurt so many people in the past (including Secretary Kim perhaps). @maribella I’m waiting for a big twist too, and hoping for a “fair” ending for us viewers.
  13. @celebrianna @sava2sava Somehow I have a feeling this drama has few missions, trying to change the stigma of an ex-convict and giving the caregiver of dementia’s patients a heads up. Both are difficult and sensitive subject and not only need family to be strong and open minded, also need society to be one as well. Previous drama already open up the door to this sort of “new” knowledge and they need to push it to another level. In my country we have a lot of programmes for ex-convict to integrate to society and most of us especially the youngsters are okay with it l, the elder still divided but they somehow on the level of accepting now. I think that’s what the writer aim with the drama. I just hope there are no super sad scenes ahead, the last tears I dropped caused me a quite sick week, please writer-nim, don’t give us a super sad heartbreaking scene(s). @msaamia you will hooked more after episode 20 By the way, I like how grandma pulled DY’s mother’s hair too! Don’t mess with grandma!
  14. @jayakris I believe JE back to DG’s arms, they must have been together in DS’ house @joke lanfoo @sivaneson That’s my point, kidnapping is serious crime, even not done with your own hands. In some country it carry death penalty. I’m an avid audience of korean show, not only kdrama, and they do have a lot of law and regulations, but somehow...I can’t comment further else some of you will take my comment as a baseless rant again Been a while since I read comments from @UnniSarah @sava2sava and some other chingus that I can’t name (sorry, my memory starting to fail me-maybe I also got amnesia or dementia just like most of the drama’s plot LOL). I will miss you and the others too! Hope to see you again in another drama (not the next dailies for me though).
  15. @sava2sava @jayakris I’ve been wathing kdrama since 90s and this time the writer really pushing the ridiculous unlawfulness in kdrama to the new level. In other drama we would see at the end of the drama there will be retribution for the criminal, even having amnesia or few weeks in jail. And vigilante from the characters in other drama are always fun, thrilling to watch, however this time JH only asked SH go to police and confess LOL. Woohooo, after a slap here comes the suicide rescue scene. And the kicking HN out from EA’s house really happened, because she has golden heart and consideration to the elders, she learnt to accept the sudden changes (the quality I like from her). Anyone buying SH’s crocodile tears? She crying only because her daughter is in danger, not because she regretted what she did. @joke lanfoo @girrlitas some mentioned above, welcome to kdrama LoL I wonder what is the meaning of HG’s mum’s face on preview
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