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  1. Thank you Sakurafairy for keeping this thread 'alive'. I love SJK but am just too busy and too 'old' (LOL) to have a post here on a regular basis. @ my dear Song Joong Ki: Despite the low number of posts in this thread and not many voices supporting you here, thousands and thousands and thousands of people love you, trust you and believe in you. We are just supporting you in silence
  2. I was upset too. That's why I retrieved my account. All those "foreign fans" are not SJK's true fans. P/S: your English may be better than many soompiers =))
  3. How can I give you millions of hearts for your post??? Thank you for your post and for your half-disclosed information. I wish to see more posts like yours here. @ Song Joong Ki: Although there are not many posts here since that day, please believe that your international fans still love you and support you without knowing the truth because we all trust you. Our love for you have not changed
  4. I lost my pwd for a long time and now retrieved my account just to show my support for Song Joong Ki. Regardless of all rumors and negative comments, I believe you are a nice person, in and out . I wish you well. Stay strong and grow stronger. I hope to see more posts and more support in this thread.
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