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  1. Hope he gets some nice fresh cool air there before cutting his hair & being Itaewon's Sae Roy. I'm seeing many Kstars opting for vitamin sea these days, both within Korea & abroad
  2. Cheers to our Yong Hoo & also to TDF as a box office in many countries. Hope it'll continue to soar abroad PS: No. 10 is Son Hyun Joo who will star as Sae Roy's father in IC
  3. New release (probably the re-edit just like the Korean version ). Also ABH seems to be having new hairstyle, so looking forward to our Sae Roy's chestnut hair
  4. She's just updating her IG about this kkk You're a bit slow Mi Nyeong ssi, we alr saw them all And I have a feeling he'll update soon ^^ PS: Tho Céci is not as prestigious as Vogue or some other magazines, being the Cover Girl for the September issue is still
  5. This lookbook is no joke guyz, I just can't with the cardigan look Full link https://ziozia.topten10mall.com/kr/front/magazine/lookbook.do?dispBannerNo=5383&paramPartnerNo=1
  6. as @twoparkcouple this is one of his adlib. Joonie seems to have a thing for that "oppa" call from her In one of the BTS when they were practicing for the scene at Miso's house (her father was hiding under the blanket lol~), during the discussion MY said "I got it, oppa", he also did this, asking her to repeat it so he can record it on the phone
  7. So official cfm from ABH for joining IC. My bet is he'll will get along well with Joonie due to the similarities/ mutuality they share Seo Joon ssi, what have you done that everyone stay villain against you, first WDH and now ABH Hope we'll hear from her soon too
  8. Helu guyz, it's us ParkPark twinnie again on the 3rd pic, these kids are srly identical from this angle don't u guyz think so ... (the original link for the 3rd pic doesn't work for embedding so I'm leavin' them all here again )
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