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  1. 38 minutes ago, Rom828 said:


                 i share your sentiments @gumtaek !


                 it's not yet Bo Gum's time to win an award; that his award winning season will come soon and it will be such a wonderful moment; these are what i think so that i will not be disappointed when there are news like this.


                 good thing that Seobok is coming soon. maybe his award winning moment will come after Seobok.  :smiley:

    That is my belief, too, @Rom828. Thank you for expressing what I have been telling myself. The thing is I have been telling myself this since early 2016. I guess I should be patient and believe that the best is yet to come. 

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  2. I want to be a good and mature fan...but allow me to rant a bit. 


    How can Park Bo Gum not be nominated for Best Actor in the Baeksang Arts Awards for Record of Youth? He was so great in the drama...


    Baeksang, you have hurt me over and over again since Reply 1988...


    And to think that you always ask Bo Gum to emcee the Awards Night...


    End of rant...


    God will bless Park Bo Gum a hundredfold even without Baeksang.


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