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  1. Bogum's Video Greeting Played During the School Festival of his Alma Mater. Eng subbed...He takes advantage to peromote the drama...smart Bogummy!
  2. Fan Art: Park Bo Gum at the Press Con Kim Jin Hyuk's Part-Time Jobs Credit to the creators of the pics
  3. This one baffles me...articles wriiten about the drama have described it as a sad and sorrowful love story but in the Press Conference Song Hye Kyo said: "Compared to Descendants of the Sun, the drama is cute and happy." https://www.soompi.com/article/1266831wpp/song-hye-kyo-shares-thoughts-age-difference-park-bo-gum
  4. Another Eng subbed video of the part where Bo Gum greets Joong Ki hyung...this time we see Song Hye Kyo's expression while he was saying it...it also includes their shy pose making hearts.
  5. This is another subbed version of the part where Bogum greets Joong Ki hyung but the bonus is we get to see Song Hye Kyo's expression while he does it. Also a portion where they shyly pose making the heart sign. @celebrianna: a petition has been made by @marykarmelina. Still waiting for updates.
  6. Happy 800th! Eng subbed part of the Press Con where Bogum greets Joong Ki hyung.
  7. Eng Subbed Part of the Press Conference where Bogum greets his hyung Song Joong Ki, recalling his advice and cheering him on for his Asadal Chronicles Project. Cute! He even asked which camera to direct himself to.
  8. This reporter went to the hotel where the press Conference was held. the hotel There was heavy security. "It is rare for Press Conferences to be strict with outsiders but I didn't find it unreasonable. When I entered the hotel earlier, I saw fans who were waiting for Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum at the entrance. There were so many people gathering in front of the hotel that it was obstucting the hotel entrance. http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1738748.htm Trans and tweeted by @sword0616 @mellinadear: Thank God we have this thread to release all our craziness for Bogummy! @dahae2006: Get well soon! Am also sick but still posting.
  9. @sal2, @nadya92, @autumnight @Lawyerh @sava2sava: Welcome to the Boyfriend/Encounter Drama Thread! Hope to have you all in the thread for the entire duration of the drama! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  10. http://m.dailysportshankook.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=198249#hi#_enliple When asked who was your favorite entertainer celebrity, Yoo Jae-seok topped the list with 5.9 percent (male 7.7 percent female 4.1 percent). He receives the most support from people in their 30s to 60s (6.4 percent to 7.2 percent). Second place is IU, which accounted for 4.2 percent, with male fans at an overwhelming 7.3 percent, and female fans at 1.0 percent. Those in their teens to 20s occupy 8 percent and 4.2% to 4.8% are people in their 30s to 50s. The third most popular is BTS with 2.6 percent, with women at 3.5 percent, men at 1.7 percent of men, and 4.8 percent of women in their 40s and 1.5 percent to 1.9 percent in other age groups. Park Bogum comes in at no.4, (2.0 percent), So JiSub at no.5 (1.3 percent), Jeong Woo-sung at no.6 (1.3 percent), and Suzy at no.7 (1.2 percent), Seolhyun (1.1 percent), Song JoongKi (1.1 percent), An SongGi (1.1%) Choi PulAm (1.1%), Twice (1.1%), HanJiMin (1.1%) all at 8th place, Kang Ho Dong (1.0%), Kim Hye Soo (1.0%), Lee ByeongHun (1.0%) LeeSeungGi (1.0%) all ranked in the 9th place. Trans by @4evgbogummy Tweeted by @sword0616 @httpgttk
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