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  1. That's what I meant when I wished for a same age female lead. I took note of his female leads in his last 2 dramas. Is this Video Star recent? He really likes Park Bo Gum.
  2. @rahma92: I think the fact that Encounter's Cha Soo Hyun was a divorcee didn't sink in well with the viewers aside from the age gap.
  3. Since we have been discussing about dream roles for Bogummy, I would like to share my "wish list": 1. I don't know why the desire to see Bo Gum play the role of an "autistic" man persists. Like the male protagonist in a Bollywood Movie, "My Name is Khan". 2. I want to see him in another romance but this time with a same age female lead. A school romance. it's his wish. I want to wear school uniforms. I want to do something like the movie 'Our Times.' Park Bo-gum 3. I don't know if Seobok is considered a super hero. If not, then I would like to see him take on a super hero role. It's his wish, too! Most superhero characters we see these days are from foreign countries. I would like to play a superhero that shows off Korean power. Park Bo-gum
  4. Hope to have more details about Wonderland. @rahma92, @Boj: If there is a good drama project with a beautifully written male character offered to Bo Gum, I am sure he will accept it.
  5. Yup, have been camping in the thread since early 2016, I think. Missing the old campers who are not here anymore but happy that you and many new fans are here to camp with me.
  6. Oh. I don't remember having read that interview. I like seeing him in a drama but I am grateful enough that he is considering new projects. My concern is always a solid script in the hands of a good PD. I read that the PD is critically acclaimed and he is also a scriptwriter like the Seobok PD so I am concluding that he will also write the Wonderland script.
  7. Bogummy is a bonafide hard-working young namja, remember? And he has a good nose for roles and projects.
  8. As far as I can remember, the articles for both Encounter and Seobok mentioned that he was positively reviewing the offer before the confirmation news came out.
  9. Official Position from Blossom Entertainment: Park Bo Gum is positively reviewing it. Tang Wei, Chinese actress and wife of PD Ki Tae Young is reportedly being casted in the same project. She is also positively reviewing the offer. Suzy and Choi Woo Sik confirmed to join the project. http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20190925/97586954/1 From experience, when the official news says Bogummy is positively reviewing it, he's confirmed but let's wait and see. Welcome back, @autumnight!
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