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  1. @autumnight: I clearly remembering reading an interview where he said he would like to have a fan meet after a drama OR a movie but yes, I need him in a drama since Seobok will still be shown by mid 2020 and if ever he takes on Wonderland, filming will still start next year. The thing is, there has to be a good drama project that has to land on his lap!
  2. Shinhan Bank was the only financial institution to rank in the Top 10 and the only bank to earn high reputation scores, which can be attributed to its active promotion of brand image, receiving positive response from consumers by unveiling advertisements for "SOL" banking, a mobile banking service that uses actor Park Bo-gum. Trans by @sword0616
  3. "In the drama, I saw Choi Taek playing with his friends and building friendships. I thought it was the most different thing from me. I learned how to play Go when I was young and had no friends my age. " I felt so envious of Choi Taek, who has many friends," he confessed. Trans by @sword0616 ?igshid=1f81iexmi6
  4. Bogummy posted in his YT channel! How can one look soooo good with long, disheveled hair?! @Sakurafairy: That's the best compliment we can give Bogummy as his goal in life is to be a positive influence to people!
  5. https://m.blog.naver.com/winixpposong/221706568296… winix.com/product/productview1?c_code=010400&pcode=3612040706 @rahma92: Bogum Effect endures!
  6. @U-Çan: I haven't read any news about Bogummy confirming for Wonderland. Don't know if I missed it though but I am always checking Naver. @autumnight: I tweeted a news article months before and it says "coloring book". First time to read about a Kdrama with such an output.
  7. There was news, months before, of producing one and now it's out!
  8. Dropping in to post this BTS...1st year anniversary on the 28th! .
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