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  1. They did. These are just not yet released. It was twitted by one of the production fan meet staff. It says Anne Curtis had her photo-op with Bo Gum and that she was so thrilled and happy.
  2. Trying to look for his fan who won the diffuser and figuring out what her name was...by the way it's MEG. credit: Logo
  3. Through the "2019 Asia Tour," Park Bo Gum has captivated fans as well as local media. The cities' local media have repeatedly reported on his UNPARALLELED FAN SERVICE, his lively appeal and why he is able to win huge public love, and have lavishly praised Park Bo Gum. Local media broadcasted live the the actor's arrival at the airport. They praised the actor's warm-heartedness and sincerity through media interviews, as well as in the press conferences related to the event.Fans also expressed deep fan support, saying that the actor's sincerity toward fans is different and that Park' Bo Gum's love always moves his fans. Trans and tweeted by @sword0616
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