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  1. The 1st Chinese drama whose every episode i watched. Good Music - Ost - songs - Sfx Good Acting - From Both Main male and female actor, Especially from Male Actor. Average Direction and Average Script - Criticize both director and writer for it. Chinese Dramas like to teach or advocate or shoutout Good Character, Moral Values, familyhood. Quite good propaganda Chinese shows are and same goes for this show. Whenever opportunity arises writers stands up and start analysing Love. Episode 40 is quite strong on teaching about what it love and who is the right partner. Who is evolved, how is some evolved and does title really is the right one for these characters? You can joke about their future kids but are not ready to show how Lu Fei and Ruoman are living together is just ridiculous. This show deserves at least 1 more episode. I find it more surprising that Main Characters have less screen time together than they have with side characters. Qing Qing took 18 episodes to go. Wow . I have no problem Qing Qing appearing in this episode, still, Spending time on Qing Qing than main character just shows how much writer liked that character or maybe doing some service to the actor of Qing Qing. @litopanda agree with most of your comment but most of the foreign aka english audience highly dislikes Ai Ruoman. I wanted a direct confession from Both Lu Fei and Ai Ruoman but writer has so much love for NOKIA phones that this is how we come across watching both express their feelings. If you treat it as Original then i don't think you will be that disappointed. @40somethingahjumma He Xin certainly needed some screentime here but director was short on time and writer thought high school classmates gathering was better way to Announce the relationship of Lu Fei and Ai Ruoman. The kiss scene could have been better with more dialogues and less Presentation of main scenes. Seems like Cousin got some love life too. This show touched my heart. Made me almost cry. @creidesca That's what writer's intention was and we the audience understand it but i think Writer did brain disease intentionally as a taunt. Yeah, making fun of cliches was good. Also, there are is 1 scene they didn;t air which i think happens after Raincoat confession from Din Yuyang > Kissing Ruoman. Another scene which we got from flashback is Ruoman vomiting and then carried by Lu Fei and Graduation scene and Ruoman in upset in a room and Lu Fei shouting at her. Some scenes are made for flashbacks but i think Channels cut few scenes to manage the time of 45 minutes per episode.
  2. I watched Episode 38-39 now. Good episodes. I think He Xin has come out as the top character of the show with Lu Fei and Cousin. I remember when Ruoman had tol Lu Fei how boring and ordinary his job as Dentist was and when the same words are used Din Yuyuang for her profession she feels offended and hurt. Can Spill it, but can't take it. Clearly a Bully. It isn't like all things have gone Din Yuyang's way. He worked hard to achieve all of thee goals and still has clearly designed future objectives. He's a bit too logical and practical. He always created a level and compares everyone against his own set rules. He expects you to be on his level which was again clear from Camping trip. He believes with hard work you can achieve all things. @40somethingahjumma Ruoman is ambitious . She clearly voice out her views in earlier episodes while criticising Lu Fei's views on life to profession. Ding Yuyang acted as if the whole wedding was quite an hassle. Like boyfriends do when shopping with girlfriends. No knowledge, complete indifference shown. So these dream kiss scenes put the truth on the table for both Lu Fei and Ruoman. Thankfully this time Ruoman acknowledged the feelings of love. I was even getting annoyed whether Ruoman has come up with another excuse that Lu Fei now is in love with He Xin so she can talk about Ding Yuyang with him casually. But, now it clearly feels that Ruoman was just ignoring it to the level of like there was nothing to begin with. Dad consulting Lu Fei to do marriage preparations. cruel dad Ding Yuyang asking Lu Fei to become Best man. Wow petty Yuyang. Sunnie, surely is an annoying character. More often that not giving wrong suggestions and advises to Ruoman. Episode 36-37 have quite good emotional scenes. HUG scene was decent but cousin stands there and then dramatic music starts to rise - only if they had avoided these little mistakes. Mother illness - It was joke. Mad or crazy? visit doctor > Litterly having brain issue. Operation and WOW mom has complete change of views. Emotional scenes but all of this was intentional done humour. Writer the obvious surely understand the audience and dialogues absolutely bring out what the audience is feeling.
  3. I give up. I'm so much invested in the show now that i can't even keep my patience. Watched 38 and 39 preview videos + SMG video. So Episode 36 and 37 - Lu Fei's issues and problems Episode 38 and 39 - Ruoman's problems. More like 1st world problems. Sometimes it feels Their is no "Our" in this love and title should be "Ruoman's romance journey" @yitiantulong You say hug is great with cherry on the top "all moments together" and here i'm ready to throw rotten tomatoes and eggs at her. Only after watching the episode i'll decide how much of importance that care and concern is. In Previews that hug scene looks quite dramatic and funny.
  4. @creidesca @dramaninja tempted to see the spoilers + preview videos but won't. I want to enjoy these 3 episodes with surprises all around. Qing Qing pales in comparison to Ruoman's stalking. School to collage to job. @40somethingahjumma Gold diggers aren't only restricted to Asian countries. The 1st narrative i mentioned is quite famous among guys who are put into "Only friends" category. I also think Ding Yuyang is attracted to Ruoman's strong personality and independence and he actually finds Ruoman similar to him. But, this guys surely is annoying. Likes to turn everything into a competition or business.
  5. I just watched the episode 34 and waiting for complete translation of episode 35. @40somethingahjumma Amazing post from you. I am surprised how come A girl who strive for Independence can't see how much she depends upon a guy. She's just Financially independent. She has all the time to concentrate on her job because Lu Fei is dealing with all the daily chores. The only stress she got was from her job itself. She never learned balancing Job with real life. In school days she just had to study. In collage the same and after stepping into adult world she's just continuing it. I liked episode 34 because it allowed Ruoman to introspect her life. This again proves your body is your best friend. Active mind needs healthy body and Lu Fei the housewife did pretty good job there. I agree with you that Ding Yuyuang is helping Ruoman see her flaws and faults. But, Seriously, Ding also needs a good partner that can correct him and that person isn't Ruoman. Earlier i asked whether Writer is Male of Female because Writer through Ruoman is playing a narrative pretty strong among guys, especially Asian guys. Girls being overly familiar with guys, take advantage of them, and the declaring they are mere friends. The narrative of Girls being practical and gold digger is already in hearts of guys these days. Opening scene of Man Man running to see Lu Fei was emotional and then as usual both missing out each other. Ruoman needs to sort out what exactly she wants from Lu Fei and Ding Yuyang. I don't want to see another heroine running away from her wedding. At the start of episode it looked like Ruoman was missing Lu Fei because of daily life affairs. But then, the real feelings starts to appear one by one. We have yet to see Humble Ruoman + she needs to throw her overly inflated ego. I feel bad for Little daughter and He Xin. It is really pleasure to see Lu Fei come across such good people who him feel the family love as well as made him comfortable.
  6. @creidesca ohh yeah. I missed that dude. Still it feels like Ruoman read too many Dating Books. Useless short term couple relationship with no consequences for anyone. @yitiantulong Ruoman is her own enemy. What exactly she wants? I just saw 36-37 previews on Youtube. As expected Crucial Hug scene is from hospital. People are asking for efforts from Ruoman but its clear their won't be much of anything. I am just feeling bad for He Xin and Cute little daughter. There needs to be a Serious direct Confession + discussion + sort out problems + resolve between Lu Fei and Ruoman. Yet we have not seen even 15% of character growth of Ruoman. Everyone hates the - Ding Yuyang aka boyfriend is cheating on me. Accept the heroine, hero. Here I want humbled Ruoman than hot air arrogant ruoman. In the hearts of Audience He Xin is the real Heroine. Just watched SMG interview video - Lu Fei's mom is TROUBLE.
  7. Just watch episode 32-33. almost cried and nose tap started to run. @40somethingahjumma @yitiantulong i asked that question because no where its shown Ai Ruoman had any romantic relationships with anyone. But her most monologues are about love and strategies of love games. She was so desperate for physical intimacy with An Zhuo and as guys put hell lot of value in with whom-girl-slept-with, I thought writer would make some comment on it the way he/she has done so far. I do like Chinese dramas dialogues. Some might find those quotes and dialogues too preachy to digest but they surely bring various ideological perspectives into the picture, enough for us audience to ponder over. I liked the quirky and sarcastic jibes writer took on various social conventions and stereotypes. Writer is literally Mr. Obvious too. What we the audience know, how we audience feel is provided word-to-word. The way Lu Fei spoke truth about Ruoman's nature and personality is the type of thing audience like and writer has surely is playing push and pull games with audience. Writing is pretty inconsistent and lacks good amount of logic but i think writer was able to keep the audience engaged to a level. It not easy to face all annoying characters and all these frustrating situations. He Xin is best for Lu Fei but heart doesn't measure things like that so even if Heart chooses Ai Ruoman, it isn't a bad decision at all. Ruoman isn't half bad. As for Ding Yuyuan - Ai Ruoman - They both are quite similar in some ways. Yyuyang still acts like the 1st party in the relationship. breakup or divorce is imminent for them unless both mend their actions. I believe their relationship can work if they are ready to improve themselves for each other and for their love. Their identity will directly compete with their attraction for each other. Another issue is both having similar relationship problems. objectively they are compatible with each other but do they really compliment each other is the big question here. Can they really support and improve each other? We have big questions here. As i said earlier Lu fei spoiled Ruoman more than her father. Ruoman became too dependent on Lu Fei. Its only Lu Fei who could take on Ruoman. No other Human has the capability to deal with personality of Ruoman. I agree that Yuyang brings hard truth infront to make Ruoman realise her some of her faults. But Lu Fei has criticised Ruoman before and the cajoled her. @rainmaker5 Idealistic love talking about giving and thinking about returns or fruit of your efforts but in reality this whole world is made of give and take. Everything has a price, I agree with you that Ruoman needs to put efforts to get back Lu Fei. But, at the same time one part of heart says - its not an competition, there is no need to measure the efforts put by people, there is no dealing taking place here. I am quite uncertain about this specific feeling. Lu Fei loves her and that gives her right to fight. Doing little things here and there looks like another strategy of love games. A direct I LOVE YOU is enough and a resolve to solve all the present problems and possible future problems with the one you love. Those efforts are to dramatic which most romantic dramas like to pull but i don't think they have much importance here in this situTION.
  8. So the wedding dress scene i spoke about earlier is spoiler from one of the OST. Episodes have become quite spicy now. Episode 34-35 youtube previews are enough to make you happy to see relaxed Lu Fei enjoying time with a little cute girl and Heartache at the same time watching Ai Ruoman. Ruoman and Yuyang both have strong personalities and key relationship flaws so it easily visible that there will be a fallout. Sooner or Later. Has Ruoman already slept with Yuyang? From everything we have seen she clearly is a newcomer in romance category. She looked quite desperate with An Zhuo but did she took relationship to next level with Yuyang? That after rain time spend at her home and she was in her night wear at his home drying hair. like had taken bath just few minutes ago.
  9. @yitiantulong females of this show are crazy and have anger issues. Mother has lived a stressful and painful life and lashes out at others and always loses control. Lu Fei isn't known to clear things out. So no matter what Ruoman vs. Lu Fei's mother was given. Lu Fei's clear signs can be misinterpreted and that's what Ruoman has done so far. Its not far fetched or unconvincing but after that cheek kiss ruoman started to notice things around her. Still one part of heart strictly follows the slogan of we-are-friends. In this regard both Lu Fei and Ruoman are similar. @creidesca I want to know what Lu Fei said in that specific situation in that particular episode. You have to do so much to find the reality of scenes cut-or not. Its looks quite unfair and bad if proven that different mediums have different airtime of episodes. Ruoman is spoiled even more by Lu Fei than her father. I was scrolling SMG interviews again to find a specific scene and there Ding Yuyuang proposes to Ruoman in public and Lu Fei watch it all with tears in eyes. So Ruoman trying a wedding dress scene is my imagination or i really saw it is my current search activity.
  10. The show is not in ratings competition. Struggling around 0.3 average. @creidesca This is official channel that is updated videos on Youtube and they also post those 4 minute previews. Its cousin who brought that half torn letter forward. 追剧FUN is another channel that posts small scenes from next episodes. Episode 32-33 will be quite entertaining the way Ruoman acts and the way pushes Lu Fei when he visited her. 感谢订阅中剧独播 This is official Youtube channel that updated complete episodes. I saw Mom's violent act in SMG电视剧 Channel's video posted yesterday. Yeah Ah Zhuo is back and we might get time jump aka time skip. 無二音樂 - All the OST are here at this Youtube Channel
  11. @Kim Yunmi @litopanda i like long detailed posts thoroughly trying to examine something specific except for those "long quotes". Those quotes take good test of your patience. @creidesca Where did you get all those spoilers. Thankfully i escaped a part of that spoiler. @40somethingahjumma happy to see you here. Operation Love is has few initial similarities with the show but that one is a pretty simple story. You guys are doing good job comparing Taiwanese vs. Korean vs. Chinese. I think Chinese Show has just taken the concept and made an original show out of it. This show can have similarities with over one dozen "childhood-friends-to-lovers" stories. S, I treat this show as an original show instead of a remake of something made earlier. @cheekychipmunk_stv completely agree with your comments regarding Lu Fei. How unlucky a person can be? He needs atleast one healthy and stable relationship. platonic or romantic. Now about the Scriptwriter - What He/She is upto. Why do Chinese dramas lack any form of coherence and logic? Writer went all over the place and wasted so much time to not come up with anything substantial or rational. These thoughts kept circling around me - Is writer a feminist? or women rights activist? or just soft towards social issues and problems women face especially Working Women. I have never seen so badly written female characters. This is the 1st time i even used colourful words for "few fictional characters". I just don't understand the idea of women writer wants to present. I even thought, 1. Male Writer - he hates women because of no. of reasons and actually thought those real life women had these characteristics and intentionally wrote female characters like that. 2. Female Writer - Came across such characters in real life and hated them and made her female characters like these one as excuse. Does scriptwriter hates Lu Fei? Why add more misery into his life? Or does Writer wants some revenge on audience? Concept is already in your hands and you just have to churn few ideas to make the story appropriate for your own culture and time. Still, You mess up and create this kind of Product. Actors are trying to do their best but when source is lazily written, you just can't ignore the obvious shortcomings. @yitiantulong Episode 25 last few minutes are so emotional. I almost cried. Lu Fei can't even cry in his own home. But i think his words did hurt Ai Ruoman a lot too and she retaliated back with direct abuse. We all know how good she is with words. The girl likes to tear apart others. When did this happen? For everyone active - Does viki cut few scenes? I can see some lousy editing from director but at in episode 28 someone was throwing stones at Ruoman's window and episode 29 started Ruoman getting ready to leave for Beijing in the morning and father getting all worried over white hairs. He Xin - Lu Fei pair works and is quite good one. I don't think there is enough time left for the significant growth Ai Ruoman requires. So it all will be - love above everything and Lu Fei will choose Ai Ruoman with all her faults and shortcomings.
  12. @creidesca @SugarBear @cheekychipmunk_stv Lu Fei is now free from that clingy, needy and frustrating Qing Qing. She is the 1st female character for whom i can use colourful expletives. I even let off 2nd female and all those mother-in-law characters but this Qing made me furious. Writer deserves some words too. Every character out there acted as Qing's cheerleader. I saw Episode 16 raw and it feels good to see that we the audience are getting rid of Qing.I found most of the female characters in the show annoying, except cousin of Lu Fei. Even Lu Fei need to be criticised the way he handled this self-claimed girlfriend issue. I found it specifically annoying that noone asked Lu Fei whether Qing was his girlfriend. Lu Fei being fence sitter to an extent was alright but he let situation slide and let the situation become this level of trash. I can't at all accept the behaviour and views of mom either. She's outright abusive. I'm more surprised by that fact that parents aren't even divorced. Terrible parents. Heck, I think Lu Fei prefers heroine's parents more and they surely love, trust and rely on him more than their own daughter. Mother spoke about Qing's act of moving into Lu Fei's house but its clear from episode 15 that She married his father because of pregnancy itself. Hypocrite. Seriously, Lu Fei needs to make things clear with many people around him. Specifically to mom and the Heroine or he will never be happy all his life. Lu Fei's an idiot for allowing Qing Qing to make so many decisions and rumours but he can only stop being passive if he starts being assertive in front of his mother and later with heroine.
  13. I'm logging into Soompi after a long time. Life has forced me to make a comment here. The show is the best one of 2018. For me it is. Here is episode 06 preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_FGS-MFqBo I give 1st 2 weeks 8.5/10 That means i am highly enjoying this fierce and strong show. Director has done quite a good job here and i don't agree with some views that Life lacks in direction compared to the previous show of the writer. But i do have Minor Complaints about direction. 1. Background Music is forcefully trying to build the serious and intense atmosphere. Music has great effect on human beings and highly influence them but here director+ sound director's intervention is not only underwhelming the whole situation and scene but also creating annoyance. Advice to Director is stop trying to manufacture something grave out of something ordinary. 2. Life is a Medical drama and we have like 5 minutes of any medical stuff done in 4 hours 15minutes.. Some blood here and there surgeon outfits, glace into operation room and done. More medical acts needed here. 3. Director forcefully tried again and again to confuse the audience, to create a spectacle of something serious going on. Again -ve response from me. All of it to build a mood of tension and doubt. 4. Heroine was here to promote that Yellow Liquid. Ambiguity is the best part of this show. From relationships to profession.This is the type of show where you don't have caricature good vs. bad, hero vs. villain scenario. Here everyone has some dirt on their life resume. The show is more about how you acknowledge that dirt and how you motivate yourself to do better in future. There is much to say about the show and characters but i don't have the capability to write long posts. Eagerly waiting for next episodes.
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