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  1. I'm logging into Soompi after a long time. Life has forced me to make a comment here. The show is the best one of 2018. For me it is.


    Here is episode 06 preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_FGS-MFqBo


    I give 1st 2 weeks 8.5/10  That means i am highly enjoying this fierce and strong show. Director has done quite a good job here and i don't agree with some views that Life lacks in direction compared to the previous show of the writer.

    But i do have Minor Complaints about direction.

    1. Background Music is forcefully trying to build the serious and intense atmosphere. Music has great effect on human beings and highly influence them but here director+ sound director's intervention is not only underwhelming the whole situation and scene but also creating annoyance.  Advice to Director is stop trying to manufacture something grave out of something ordinary.

    2. Life is a Medical drama and we have like 5 minutes of any medical stuff done in 4 hours 15minutes.. Some blood here and there surgeon outfits, glace into operation room and done. More medical acts needed here.

    3. Director forcefully tried again and again to confuse the audience, to create a spectacle of something serious going on. Again -ve response from me.  All of it to build a mood of tension and doubt.


    4. Heroine was here to promote that Yellow Liquid.


    Ambiguity is the best part of this show. From relationships to profession.This is the type of show where you don't have caricature good vs. bad, hero vs. villain scenario. Here everyone has some dirt on their life resume. The show is more about how you acknowledge that dirt and how you motivate yourself to do better in future.


    There is much to say about the show and characters but i don't have the capability to write long posts. Eagerly waiting for next episodes.





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