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  1. I agree with YLY. Heroine somehow looks like prejudiced against men. Anything Her Boyfriend aka Fiance did was turned into an accusation from her side. Where is the trust and hero had to grovel each and every time and take the initiative. The inbalance in relationship was too much and heroine's professional troubles not only looked superficial but were solved willy-nilly. Its now time for the 3rd girl to get some heartache. Lady Boss is a boss because she has seen life and she is the older mode of heroine. Its just that she doesn't have someone who could keep her at right ethical and mora
  2. It takes 2 hands to clap. Married couple story is the most consistent one and Liu lang has done wrong to both. But you also have accept that Wife did play some role. He's from a conservative family and put his social respect and pride above everything else. He didn't accept wife's suggestion of being called not-a-man. Instead wife had to make fake certificate. Here again it was a public spat and he felt being humiliated and so retaliated. Unjust and unfair towards wife but that doesn't make him physically violent person. Intern is wrong on many levels but that doesn't absolve L
  3. I entered just to make a comment on this show - 19 episodes watched Hero always takes higher moral and ethical ground compared to heroine several different occasions - Heroine is tempted, hero provides her a just reason and few times heroine listened it but later she took the director position. At times hero is able to keep heroine on the right path but even he knows he can't control her desires. Not only that, Heroine has accused hero several times already. Heroine face troubles, that look good on paper but then get superficial, plot tool solutions and problem solve
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