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  1. Wooyoung sunbae is third wheeling as always And the title of the video is My ID is Gangnam Beauty episode 17 hahahaha how cuteeee
  2. To be fair though, I think most of the cast wanted to get close to Eunwoo. I mean who doesn't want to get close to the face genius and be friendly with him? I would want too Maybe JWR was being too obvious with it hahaha Well, if you question her behavior, then we can just check her behaviour for her next drama hahaha. But credits to her though I think she did a great job in portraying Sooah and she is one of the reasons the drama is successful. She made everyone hates Sooah. And Eunwoo was getting bolder teasing ISH towards the end of filming. It was like watching him teasing MJ and Jinjin in Astro. So yeah he was really comfortable with her. I enjoyed their bickerings throughout the filming.
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