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  1. I'm officially the woman who can't be moved and I diagnosed myself with PDD—postdrama depression. I've been spending my days watching BTS clips and my fave scenes. Like literally as soon as I get home from work until I go to sleep. I might start re-watching the whole series again at this rate lol. Anyhow, anyone else here heard that there's undubbed version of MG2018's first 8 episodes? It's somewhere down the underground Chinese forums and I badly want to watch these. Hearing their real voices would be great.
  2. Ashdkslzbsks they just released the BTS for London scenes. Can these two adorkable small and big idiots/fools get any cuter? My heart
  3. Ohh, I thought you were, hoping to meet you though in Nov if you're coming back there (hope that doesn't sound creepy lol) I'mma teleport myself there if Dylan (and MG2018 casts) will go. Exactly my thoughts haha! Glad I wasn't alone. I would give the production team plus points for including scenes of what married couples do in the most subtle and innocent way lol. This is true. I find it personally disturbing though when he hit her with the food box. First, you don't waste food but most importantly, you don't harm girls. He, for sure, had anger management issues but it has since then improved up to none after they became an official couple. The wonders of what love can do.
  4. @rocat and @mouse007 Are you both based in PH? I once saw him in a LED Ad in MOA Arena when I visited Manila sometime last month. That's probably what you saw? I almost screamed like a dying hyena coz I was too excited when I saw it lol. There are rumors circulating too that he's coming to PH this November (some staff from the TV network who acquired the rights for MG2018 said so) but not pretty sure if that's really gunna happen and if with other MG2018 casts. Hoping for both!
  5. I think she imitated how South Koreans wrap towels around their heads when on saunas/hotsprings. I'd agree with @auroragb though, it reminds me of Star Wars lol. Am I the only one who got hyped up that he is actually half-naked here and SC is there, holding the water hose? I mean he is most likely just wearing trunks and just thinking about it makes my imagination run wild. LMAO. Omg pardon my crazy thoughts .
  6. I don't know if I should feel glad or sad that I've now finished watching MG2018. But one thing is for sure, I want to say that I want to file a complaint against the production for their imprudence resulting in damage to my sanity and in emotional breakdown. #ImOkay #NoNotReally #HowToMoveOn Thoughts about the last two episodes: • Flashbacks took more or less a total of 15-minute screen-time. Yep, I literally counted it because what else am I supposed to do apart from skipping? Lol. Though it's nice to look back, as mentioned before, it would've been better if this was used for new scenes. Example: to properly transition to the wedding part. • I'm still confused as to why AhSi is hell bent in marrying Shancai first before saving their company. They could've possibly avoided the hunger-strike if he shared his secret plan first. Anyone who could share their thoughts about this? • Speaking of the wedding, I only have one question. WHYYYYYY? When AhSi asked SC's hand from her parents, it was said that they value relationships between families (or something like that) There are people in the wedding who aren't supposed to be there, yet the parents are nowhere to be found. • The wedding prank is acceptable to me, if and only if the parents were there. I mean I find it funny when the parents connive with the craziness of their child/children, 'no? • I felt so warm and fuzzy during the post-wedding scenes. The life that they deserve. Yes, even with the PPL lol. Thoughts about the drama as a whole: I'm in love with it. I can't just say I love it. Because they're a whole different thing. When you're in love, you know there are flaws but you still accept them. I can throw rants here and there about scriptwriting, execution and all that, but at the end of the day I know I'd still go back and watch. I cared less if it was really faithful to the manga or not. I just want to enjoy it. I admit that most of the time I'm getting too technical whenever I watch a film or a drama (I finished a degree in media/communication arts and can't really just avoid it) that I often forget that the reason I'm watching is to enjoy and escape reality for a while. For me, I'd say that MG2018 is by far the best adaptation of HYD. It made me feel a lot of things, I cried with the characters, I laughed and got frustrated even. Also, the actors/actresses owned their roles. They really got a very good chemistry. The relationship/friendship between F4 was also highlighted, something that wasn't given a focus in other versions. I live for the bromance, aside from SC and DMS love story. Okay, this is getting too long, I'm so sorry for writing a whole essay lol but really, I think I can write a whole gd of a novel regarding my thoughts about this drama.
  7. Just dropping by to share some info. Apparently, the MG Movie Version (one of the special episodes) released yesterday is literally just clips/scenes from the drama that they cut and put together into a movie. So Chinese fans felt scammed. I mean, who wouldn't? What did we do to deserve this from the production team??? Lol Anyhow, will share my honest thoughts about the last episodes and the drama as a whole when I get to finish watching the rest with subs. Hope we can still keep this thread alive, because really, I don't think I'd be able to move on from this anytime soon, just like what @kokodus said. Major separation anxiety it is.
  8. They said that SY is indeed his first kiss— on-screen that is. But who knows, maybe in real-life too lol. Which I don't mind either because I lowkey ship them like most of us here. I get your point too about kiss scenes being awkward. Perhaps it has something to do with the choice of the director/producer on what to include in post-production? I mean look at the wedding scene, there are outtakes where Shen Yue ACTUALLY KISSED HIM BACK (I'm not mad, I was just excited at that thought hahahahahaha) but they chose another one that is not too bad either. I wonder how many scenes are like that... a really good take but they had to put the sloppy ones. On a side note— SY is definitely still lacking in that department. Re Dylan's kissing— SY said in an interview that he's really a good kisser. OMG I feel like a byuntae talking about kiss scenes and analyzing them hahahaha!
  9. You write better than the scriptwriter hahahaha! Would love to see this on screen tbh, I'd probably go cray cray—laughing and giggling at the same time.
  11. I think they're special clips that will be released in MGTV? I'm not really sure, coz I can't find the post where I've read it Here are the info/schedule: Aug 30 - CaiSi Couple Aug 31 - Meteor Garden Movie Version Sep 1 - CaiSi's Essence Edition Sep 3 - Shen Yue & Dylan Wang's Growth Diary Sep 4 & 5 - Featurette Version If anyone knows about this, kindly shed us some light lol. TIA.
  12. I watched the final episode via livestream last night, I was so emotional (still am rn). I'm gunna miss our smol idiot 'n big idiot and their banters. I can't believe it has come to an end. I'm just so glad that I've watched it since first broadcast until the very end tonight. My Monday to Wednesday nights will never be the same again. Watching full raw episodes and then rewatching them when eng subs come out. I have so many words and I can't thank the people behind this outstanding work enough for their hardwork. Will definitely rewatch this over and over again. This gotta be my favorite adaptation of HYD manga so far. I'm going to miss seeing DyShen, my happy pill. Looking forward to their future projects and of other casts as well. *cries in incomprehensive Mandarin* I remember someone asking for a photo where SC is in black dress. Is this it? Apparently there will be extended version in September? I read somewhere that there will be special episodes next week, but I'm not sure if this is the extended version they're talking about... or extended with actual additional new scenes because that's gunna be a bomb!
  13. This happened in MG2018 too, though lines are a little bit different. I can't remember what episode (my memory sucks lol) but I'm pretty sure this is in the drama as well. This is before DMS decided to move next door to watch over SC. ••••••••••••••••• **Btw, this is completely unrelated but just a soft reminder that when quoting a post with photos/videos, pls delete it/them first before replying/posting as per Soompi thread's rules. Something to do with bandwith, etc.
  14. Whoah there, she's consistent. This time, I'm becoming frustrated now, I don't understand anymore how can she do that, like c'mon? AAaAaaHhhH. Btw, is this episode 48?
  15. Hold up! I know I'm late to the #BreakTheHeartsofMG2018FansParty but... I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT DYLAN WANG AND SHEN YUE HAVE DONE SO EXCEPTIONALLY WELL IN THEIR ACTING IN EPISODES 41/42, I'M IN TEARS? During the hotspot scene, they didn't really need to say any heartbreaking lines. The way they looked at each other with those longing eyes even before they separate ways spoke so much volume. It's already enough to get me bawling my eyes out. They're literally sitting across each other but it felt like the distance between them is that of Shanghai and London. WHAT A FEELS TRIP THAT WAS. I would agree with @feliset, if I didn't know what would happen next, I might've gone crazy waiting for the next episodes. Okay, back to the regular programming, I gotta finish the next episodes first til the latest so I could join the fun conversation here again. Just had to swing by to share that I ugly-cried, my eyes are hurting. Lol. PS. About that brushing-of-lips kiss type SC gave to DMS before he was dragged to London, I felt like it's because she's shy to just do it like that? Uhm yeah , it's not like she didn't initiate a kiss before but I can understand that she's not really an expressive type of girl. As someone who's also not that affectionate personally, I can feel her struggle. I would've done the same thing if I'm in her shoes, even if internally I wanted to do something more. Lmao.
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