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  1. Basically someone always dies in every 50 epi drama. How original *smh* . The story's getting boring every week and if it wasn't for publisher Jin, I'd have ditched this show long time back. It started off really well and went into a train wreck lol
  2. I'm already scarred by the preview My dude's gonna die.... I hate sad endings. I f*king hate sad endings *sobs*
  3. So everyone's terminally ill in this drama or what lol? First ML and now the prosecutor? Don't get me wrong I love the drama but this is just too melodramatic & ott. On top of that I can't empathize with the prosecutor and his motive most of the time. His judgement of character & actions are clouded by his emotions and if anyone should stay far from their profession, it's him. I'm waiting for a good justification for his behaviour cuz otherwise his whole grudge and vengeance over a doctor who presumably killed his son's murderer doesn't make much sense Coming back to the lead couple, I'm pretty sure ML wanted to hear exactly what he heard from FL. He definitely didn't want sympathy nor empathy from her. ML isn't gonna accept his feelings nor confess anytime soon I guess although I hope he does. He clearly doesn't want to burden anyone and definitely not FL who he feels protective of. I maybe thinking out loud but why do I get the feeling that FL could be adopted? I could be wrong lol
  4. ^^ Come to think of it this doctor guy does resemble Sam Wilson aka Falcon in MCU lol. I was wondering why he looks so familiar Waiting for raw version of tonight's epi is like waiting for rain in a drought. Well not exactly but still... you know what I mean
  5. JB is unrelatable in amplified manner. Who the frack proposes to a woman when the woman's mom is in a frigging hospital? I couldn't stop laughing although it was more stupid than funny lmao Publisher Jin's turning green already. Tomorrow's episode will be fun!
  6. Ohh I'm super excited for today's episode. Gonna watch it raw cuz I can't wait for subs lol Judging by the new stills nobody seems to be in danger due to the virus thingy. I love how the lead couple cares for each other in their own way although neither have realized their true feelings yet. He's in danger 24/7, yet acts on impulse to protect her while she wants to protect him more... aww these two <3 If this isn't love, what the frack is it Ps. I love the ost which plays during their scenes
  7. JB is a pushover and I never really liked that character. Well now there are too many annoying characters come to think of it I initially started watching the show for FL but my interest gradually turned towards publisher Jin. Hence, everything else is history lol. It's become a habit to skip other scenes and watch only him
  8. Not that I'm fond of her kiddish moves but I guess she can afford to stay childish because my publisher Jin is mature for both of them. I can understand why he fell for her although I'm dating him in my head lol
  9. I'm loving this drama. What a great cast! Suck to know that male lead has the same illness
  10. Finally my publisher Jin (my BTS heart lol) gets some good screen space. He was too funny to watch. Poor lad, he's no idea what's in store for him lol. Ahh I wish he'd stay back without running off
  11. Woo Jin should marry me and live happily ever after I skip most scenes and watch his stuff every week lol. The stylist is doing a good job because I love his outfits. Same goes to Peter, Mi Ri and CEO's young wife. Fashion on point! The girls' mom reminds me of Mrs. Bennet from Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen's novel). Her only goal in life is to get her daughters married I think the mom should let the daughters be and find her own happiness
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