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  1. Question why he kill her. Why he was in love with her or yg is the son. That she didnt tell her. What is the truth why he kill her. Also jang since the beginning wanted yt? Be on his size why. The last two episode
  2. I do think also cM is firefly but my version is that cs is the decent of him (but decidw too look different) I saw the movie among the gods the last 49 days. One character decide to change his appearance in order to guide the person that he love. I think that what cm did in order to help me to move to the after life. He sin was following order as any soldier who do. Also think me left behind him in order to stay y
  3. Ok they mw need to find a person with the greater sin that her. What was her sin that she kill innocent man or. A village. The onther thing that gcs said he meet a old friens that he kill?
  4. Do you think that the superior dck look fishy why he know the leadger were he is the map on thr phone.
  5. The best ending ever that so sweet love it.
  6. I know he make the perfume for her that is sweet but please for me he. Suppose to be with jin has sorry I want a drama series not handsome guy get the gorguess girl. Think like the first love was like me fat and he love her for that. He make her fell comfort it he doesnt change jer lik e her ex husband did and daughter. Was ashame they way she look. Please drama please give it to hae no yin radon I think both actress did a great job.
  7. Please let them be together. Seo with Min Jae Hee please the last 2 episode wow
  8. I think so that why he and his dad was able to make it bloom the tree. This is what think that ghost that she kill at ep 2 it look like the dad of kcs
  9. Please I hope they gave this ending that jae will be with seo. Not skinning version of her and the evil husband I wish I could get arrested.
  10. This part was so funny I from the Puerto Rico I started watch yesteday really I being all the 10 episode. Yesterday and the last four on Vicki. I love this series is one of the best because I like the story, the massage, shin rok so I love him I think I really good comic side adnaly not evil character or two face on his part. I wish he get those role mole. He play amazing evil character you love to have him.
  11. I think true also because of the boy Izzy make revenge against all those people that hurt her that Izzy was original a boy and came to heaven as girl. She was love with both of them
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