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  1. Hello chingus! This is my first time joining/replying to this thread! and i'm very happy that i'm not the only one who thinks that there is something between JoonU. i just recently watched their drama SHR and right after i finished the drama i find myself getting information or news about these two because tbh they really have a very strong chemistry i don't know but i immediately find them interesting. and the bts, awards night, fan meetings, concerts and the recent KB woah! i'm so happy about their strong friendship/relationship . i can say that i have a strong instincts when it comes to couples who play in a drama like songsong couple that time i had a feeling that they were dating and apparently they were and announced their marriage but i'm so sad about the divorce news anyway lets go back to JoonU couple, i just wanted to say that i can also see something special between the two. their stares, support to each other and more. i can say that they have a special friendship. though i really want them to be dating in RL haha but i know in time they will find their way. hoping for more interactions between the two. i have a strong feeling that JG likes JE a lot and vice versa thank you for this thread! i can freely say what i feel about these two beautiful people!
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