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  1. I think MY has an emphaty. But her father and mother were not normal parents. They never taught MY about social environment. She wanted to be friend with KT but her mother warned her before she reached the door. I guess it was same with JR. She wanted to be friend with JR. She even ate with JR in her restaurant. Perhaps her parents threatened her.
  2. I watched ep 5 last night.it is wow. The mystery is revealed one by one starting from ep 5. So MKT is already know that KMY is the girl from his past. I read some comments and i have some guesses. 1. The female patient who wants to introduce her daughter to MKT is KMY stepmother. 2. The sound of lady searching for help is her stepmother voice 3. Her father is the bluebeard 4. Death of MKT's mother is related to death of KMY's biological mother. 5. Lady in black dress who wanders in hospital is not ghost. I have a plot in my mind but i will not write it. Not fun. I hope this drama has a happy ending for everyone. Except for that reporter who blackmails KMY and her boss. I hope, somehow that guy ends up in prison. That guy is a true evil
  3. In my opinion the one who has sanity in this drama is GMY. She accepted her pitiful life. She just very sad and lonely. I am curious about: 1.the lady who appeared near the window when GMY came to the cursed castle. 2.did she know that MGT is the boy from her pass? I need more ost!!!!
  4. I think it is not JR. If it was JR then why the camera did not show her face. If it was her the camera should show her face because the viewers already know that JR hates MY
  5. I don't know why but from this photo i get a feeling that seo yea ji is a shy person
  6. I don't think so. She will not have sympathy toward MY. This scene is so heart wrenching I wonder why the rating is not as high as I expected. But I don't care the rating. It is a great drama.
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