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  1. @minnieboogie you are most welcome.


    Yes @ChloéR you are right in the book QL was so emotional at that point. It was him who made the first move to speak out that he love YL and he was so afraid that the love will not be return.

    I also like the part when they were in QL study room, while YL was eyeing QL's dessert, they were both thinking of the same dessert. But QL knowing YL would want to eat the dessert which was meant for him, he purposely got it heated for her. That was also very sweet of QL.


    @lyserose any idea if the discussion in the Public Library of Singapore will be recorded? Would love to listen to it and understand more.

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  2. Happy Belated New Year everyone.


    Would like to thank @kyoko22 for the book link.


    The book is really close to the drama. But I love this part in the book on Chen Bi's arrest.


    When Empress Dowager wanted to arrest YL, QL stood up for her. He even took all the blame on Chen Bi's case and say it was his idea and has nothing to do with YL, and begging Empress Dowager to leave YL alone (in the book QL actually kneel down to his mother for the favour). When the Empress Dowager asked QL does he love YL, he admitted to his mother that he love YL. In the book it also mention how the Empress Dowager was shocked that QL would admit his love and she didn't even dare to look into QL's eyes when he admitted as she was afraid of the depth of love QL has for YL will be reflected in his eyes. And the best part was  YL  overheard his admission too.


    And YL was so touch by QL. YL did mention to QL she is ready to carry a child for the person she love.


    So in the book they actually did confess their love to each other.


    There are also some finer details in the book that shows how attentive QL was to YL..but I shall not ramble, but thank you for the book link.



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  3. 11 hours ago, lyserose said:

    Thanks as always.


    I have mentioned this before and mention in again here that it is really frustrating that this fact was never made clear to the viewers. I read that the scene (of Er Qing's staging the "rape") was deleted. 


    And secondly, I really feel frustrated that they left out the part on whether or not Yingluo came to know the truth over the whole thing - that Qianlong never slept with Er Qing, never was her lover (as Er Qing claimed so) and the child was not his. Yingluo brought up Er Qing and her so-called affair with Qianlong that causing Fuca's death when they had the big argument and subsequent falling out. So I find it impossible for Yingluo to easily forgive QL without knowing the truth even when she had already fallen in love with him at that time.



    Agree that it was pretty frustrating that we never knew if QL and YL ever did clear up the misunderstanding on Er Qing's matter. But on another hand I view it that even QL didnt know if he knew whether did he sleep with Er Qing (he was just too drunk) so when he dosen't know how could he tell YL.


    Somehow to ease my frustration, I try to view it that to QL, Er Qing was just a blip in his drunken moment, as such it does not matter to him if he sleep with her or not. To him she is irrelevant. That is why he told Er Qing we never had any relationship when Er Qing when and meet him to complain on Fuheng.


    In their big argument between QL and YL one of the point which QL brought up was his disappointment with YL for thinking such lowly of him and that he would consciously sleep with Er Qing. He did ask YL if this is how you view me? Which at that point YL never answer.

    And I would think that since YL understands QL she would have seen thru the entire plot when she cools down so the matter would have been closed for in order them to move forward.



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  4. Quote

    I also read it somwhere that when A concubine is to attend to emperor, they have to be carried in a blanket to his palace and leave after the business is done (1 hr limitation) . Emperor is not allowed to stay overnight at a consorts palace due to security reasons. Is this true? Because in Yanxi, we constantly see Qianlong always coming to Yingluo’s palace and staying overnight while other consorts who serve him (ie. consort Shu has to be carried to his chamber). 


    In Yanxi, I like how Qianlong always go back to Yingluos palace right after hes done with work. Yanxi is like his home, a place that he returns to after a tiring day. It shows that hes not only going there for basic needs. 


    @ChloeR I have also read and watch some youtube talking about how the concubine serves the emperor. But in one Taiwan show it did mention some Emperor's actually does not follow rules all the time.


    As for QL - does he return to Yanxi or even does he stay with Consort Ling I cannot find any history or video on this. If anyone does have any info, please do share as I would love to read more on the emperor's harem .


    Just to share, in one historical video, I think it was Lecture Room - it did mention that once QL banished Step Empress, he had quickly send word back to the palace to renovated the room which was occupied by Step Empress for the use of Consort Ling prior to their return. It seems the room can only be occupied by Empress as it was a room next to the King. I guess/suspect perhaps QL really does adore Consort Ling and does treat their relationship like a normal marriage. To a certain extend I can relate history to Yanxi alot and that is what I like about the drama.

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  5. 1 hour ago, believed said:

    One of my favorite things that they develop through the show is how well QL knows YL (and later on, YL with QL). 

    • When he says that he knew she didn't kill Consort Chun because she would rather let her live to make her suffer longer
    • When he says that they shouldn't tell YL the real reason why MY died because if she didn't know then, she'll have realized it now (he really holds her intelligence in high regard and I love that)
    • When he says that YL wouldn't hurt someone (in this case, Shun Pin) out of anger
    • When he says that YL told him the wrong painting was the fake because she didn't want him to get too excited and put all his stamps on it
    • When he says that he knows why she sent her daughters to live with the Empress Dowager
    • (There might be more but I'm blanking on them, but please add them if you think of any!)


    It's just sweet to see how much he picks up from her and pays attention to her, esp when everyone else completely miscalculates and misunderstands her. (Plus, it's so nice to see how much has changed from his super wrong ideas about her at the beginning of the show.)


    Oh and I forgot to say that another thing I love about these moments is how genuinely shocked Yingluo is by them, like she's always so surprised that he just understands her, given how much she hides herself.

    To add on

    1. I like it when YL and QL were dancing - he knew she made him dance the girls steps to make him happy

    2. When YL manage to guess QL's intention on how he will treat Step Empress Father.

    3. When YL approach QL to get justice for YongQi - QL was expecting her cause he say it wouldn't be in YL's character if she did not request for justice for YongQi.

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  6. 17 hours ago, lyserose said:

    In fact, during that passed 2 years, I think QL has forgotten about YL. The thing that I am curious about is.... Should QL didn't meet YL again at Yuan Ming Garden and Fuheng came back victorious from the war, would QL finally allow Fuheng to marry YL? 

    @lyserose In my opinion I don't think QL will allow Fuheng to marry YL even after 2 years. In fact I dont think he will even release YL out of the forbidden city.


    QL is a smart and proud man. For YL to have rejected him the first time in the snow (where YL pretend she would be willing to serve him provided she is given a status), QL would have later figure out that YL is not that kind of women, but yet he know that he has been rejected. Being a proud man, I suspect at that point he was willing to allow her to continue as maid but not leave his sight.


    Remember when QL was drunk and went to visit Fuca, QL saw YL and told her that even in his dreams he dreamed of her face. He also mentioned that he doubt anybody would want to marry her and as such he will have to feed her forever. Again, I suspect at that point QL was not willing to let YL go emotionally.


    So all in all, if YL did not become QL's concubine, QL will perhaps allow her to stay forever in Yuan Ming Yuan in which he can still see her but he will not release her out of the palace or grant her to marry Fuheng.


    Aside to that, I link the above to their later stage, since QL's pride was at stake, even after YL became his consort he was reluctant to be the one to make the first move on her, perhaps in away he is afraid that his feelings will not be reciprocated. So when YL became his concubine he avoided her for sometime. And thus, that also leave QL to ponder for a long time  - wondering if YL have any feelings for him.

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  7. Hi @lyserose I am not sure about the ranking, but in the video, it says that during that time QL only had 3 pin and he made Consort Ling the highest rank. So if I guess amongst all the ranking there are further differentiation. And yes "high five" I was also thinking that perhaps QL did not write any poem to Consort Ling was because she did not appreciate his poems, hahaha...Yes, you got the part of "chung ai liang ke nie ren.." but sometimes Chinese is so complicated, is love 2 women or pamper 2 women?? But one thing is for sure is that he showed his affections for 2 women and hurt one women till the end of his life.


    Okay I found 1 video which is close to the one I was watching earlier but still not the one I was looking for. This clip is a little boring, but for those who can understand Chinese it clearly mention how QL places Consort Ling by his side at all times (even when she could not fulfill his more basic needs...ahem) it also mention on the part where he prepared the room for Consort Ling after her remove SE. But I still cannot find the clip which  I watch earlier :wub:.... sorry....


    Happy watching....


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  8. Yes @lyserose what you mentioned about the 4 records I have also watched it in some youtube.


    In fact most of the historians acknowledge that Consort Ling was the most pampered concubine in QL harem. Well those videos mainly says that QL most loved women is Fuca, but after Fuca's death his most pampered is Consort Ling. They use the word "Chung kwan ho kong". I dont really know how to translate that, but basically most pampered in the harem. I do wonder why they dont consider QL love Consort Ling but only pamper, but base on those videos I do think that similar to the drama QL may not have mentioned his love for Consort Ling but his actions seems to have reflect his affections.


    Thanks @harooxxx I will search my youtube history, hope to find it and share....

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  9. Thanks @Cedric Ong you are great, appreciate the decree update, but the Chinese seems too deep for understanding :)


    I want to share a long post. I have to apologies in advance but somehow this drama just interest me to research more.


    Well just wanted to share this youtube post, not sure if it has been shared before. It is about QL 3 empress. The last part is on how QL actually raise Ling Fei from a humble servant all the way to Imperial Noble Consort. Note here is that, she is not only a servant but of Han blood. So the position she was elevated is really amazing.   After watching this clip, somehow I can relate the word Ling other than being smart also means understanding, which from the drama, YL despite all her mischievous deeds and antics, do understand QL.  Also in this clip, it was noted even when Ling Fei was promoted as Ling Ping - QL actually made her the highest rank of all the Ping Fei despite her lowly position.

    I actually watch another video earlier but I could not find it any longer, that clip, the historians actually mentioned that QL will bring Consort Ling for all his excursion. But there was one time when Consort Ling was sick, her name did not appear in the excursion list. But surprisingly, at the end of the trip her name pop out. Apparently, after she recovered QL actually ask for her to be escorted to join him. It shows that QL did not like to be separated with her for a long period. Also in that clip, it actually mentioned that when Step Empress was strip off her title, while on the way back from the trip QL already send words back to the palace to renovate the queen's chamber which was next to his room for  Consort Ling. How I wish all this details could have been put into the drama as well....(anyway if anyone do find this video in you tube could you please share as I was trying to rewatch)


    Thanks and my apologies on the rambling.


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  10. Yes agree, I also do agree with @ChloeR on YL underestimating QL's feelings for her. I remember the scene when she was under heavy rain and QL gave her his umbrella. After that, QL actually went back to the garden to look for YL but she already left the garden. And YL also never knew that QL wanted to release her back to Fuca (before QL saw YL and Fuheng). So I guess YL was not able to tell that QL already have some sentiments for her.


    Also does anyone remember that there was 1 scene when (YL was still serving her punishment as a maid) when QL saw Consort Chun at the gazeboo. I wonder if QL was actually on his way to visit YL but was just waylaid by Consort Chun?

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  11. Thanks @dramanoob8818 for the review and all who has posted, it is really fun reading and keep my Yanxi fever going on :) .


    I also do think that YL and QL are better match due to their character, temperament and intellect. They seems to be on a closer wave length and they can somehow read each others thoughts (apart when QL is jealous - which than he never understands YL and listens to other concubines).


    However, although I do think that Fuheng and YL does not match in terms of character, as mentioned by @Cedric Ong  earlier and the rest in the forum, but does anyone think that actually Fuheng at the later stage also changed?


    At the time when QL was jealous of Fuheng and YL - Fuheng steps in to make QL realized his mistake.  Didn't Fuheng later told his maid what he did was to fulfill YL's wishes ( I think that was what he said - cause my understanding of Chinese without sub is only 70%). Also he did not choose to elope with YL because he understands her and once again does only as what YL wanted and help YL revealed Chenbi's scheme. So could it be the younger Fuheng maybe overbearing, but the more mature Fuheng changed and molded to be an equally good match to YL's, but it was just too late.


    I have to agree with Chenbi - YL is a very lucky women, she has 2 man who loves her.


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  12. I do agree with Cedric Ong on the part on Fuca and Step Empress. I wish the same too.

    11 hours ago, Cedric Ong said:

    1) The Step Empress or Xian Consort always thought badly of Fuca for calling back the palace physician who was supposed to go treat her brother in the prison. She thought Fuca is a hypocrite and never knew it's Chun Consort who persuaded Fuca. I was hoping that she would know she had harmed an innocent person


    However I do enjoy the pace and how the script went with QL and YL. How QL initially favor YL but there was no trust and understanding, especially when QL believe on the rumors about YL and Fuhen. However at the later stage, how the trust and understanding slowly builds up. These few scenes really caught me :-

    1.  In the earlier part even before YL was his concubine, when she claimed that QL brother wanted to rape her - QL actually believe YL rather than his own brother.

    2. When 5th prince was said to be poison by YL. QL allowed YL to defend herself and to show proof of her innocence.

    3. When Chun consort was killed with the kite string. How QL knows it was not YL but he just wanted YL to explain herself. He was mad with YL because she didnt explain and not because he suspected YL killing Chun consort.

    4. QL suspected on Chen Bi rather than YL when chen bi use the scissors to hurt herself.


    It is like as long as YL is willing to say so, QL will believe. I am not sure if it was trust and understanding between QL and YL or its because QL understands his harem, or it could be both.....


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  13. I am so glad that there is this forum.


    Would like to have a better understanding on QL sleeping arrangement. From some articles it is said that the concubines are allowed only an hour with the king and the king does not stay overnight.  But in this drama the king actually does spend nights sleeping with YL. 


    So does it means the king actually decide to spend his nights with YL willingly and that is allowable or its basically fiction for the drama.

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  14. So glad that I watch this drama and came upon this forum.


    I personally ship yinglou n qianlong  more. The relationship was more of a cute comedy and was easy to fall for. I think they both fell in love gradually as they learn to understand each other over a period of time.


    I believe the king fell for yinglou deeply when he save her from being thrown from the horse. He put her first before himself. He opt to get yinglou treated and he stayed by her side to take care of her even though he himself was also hurt.


    As for yinglou I think she fell for the king when she was upset for not being able to arrange the flowers like the queen. She may not know it than but she wanted to improve herself and was willing to learn and I think it was for the king.



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