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  1. Hello fairies, 1st post here! I am a self professed SWAG/NJH-LKS shipper! I've been reading the past few pages of this thread; to put it bluntly, I have been lurking for the past few days already. So I've decided to drop by and say my greetings to everyone (: 

    This is not my first time in Soompi as I have supported other OTPs too but I came back for the SWAG couple. I couldn't help it! They really won and keep winning my heart as days go by i got to know more about them.

    I am a little late, I was busy watching the other dramas starred by hallyu stars but the moment I started watching WFKBJ for the first time, maaaannn believe me there was no turning back! I thought of finishing the other series but I ended up rewatching WFKBJ. Lol. Their chemistry is off the charts! They don't even have to talk, their chemistry sizzles just by standing next at each other. It is truly undeniable and effortless! Seriously, this thread should have thousands of posts alreadyyy! XD

    I am happy for their individual upcoming projects but i am hoping that they'll do FMs for WFKBJ before they proceed to their new projects. I know it depends on the country/ies that will invite them. The drama is a big hit internationally already though, including in my country so i really hope they do invite one of them to come here. Yeah, i won't dream of them together in a FM because i know there's only a slim chance of it happening even just to have one fanmeeting. Lol but still hoping. who knows? XDD *fingers-crossed*

    The only times I've shipped a couple, it's never been from a rational standpoint. I think humans are equipped with some invisible antennae that make us feel when love is present in the air - even if it's not in person but through a screen. It can not be explained logically. It's just a feeling one gets seeing the way the actors seem to transcend their characters and let their true selves and feelings emerge through the script. The kisses that Joon-hyung and Bok-joo shared were of course born out of the script plus actors portraying them are close friends in real life, but there is something about their body language and their eyes that betray them and let Joo-hyuk and Sung-kyung come out in a beautiful way. (: 

    I felt that they did feel glimpses of love while filming this drama. *sigh*! Too bad that in this science and hard evidence-based world all the intuition that comes from the heart is sometimes deemed useless! To think that this should be the most trusted source of information- what we know from our hearts!! (:  If I could feel this even with a screen in between, can you imagine what the staff felt? Or what NJH and LSK themselves felt? Yikes! (': Nevertheless, yeah they're too good amazing actors and I commend them for pulling our hearts closer to them.

    I love and support their genuine friendship and whatever the future has in hold for them. If it happens to turn to romance then that's great -- soooooo great rather! Whether they are gonna date or remain as friends, one thing is for sure - they will continue seeing each other and keep being each other's good support system.  :)

    By the way, yessss keep on voting for our SWAG couple! I have skipped meals just to vote and get the lead back. Voting is unlimited!! Really want them to win, they deserve it! (: Again, the link: http://www.hallyuvote.com/

    Nice to meet you all and please take good care of me ^^

    Edit: I realized that this is a long post. Lol sorry, i got carried away. I am ending this with a cute clip though and is one of my favorites! (':

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  2. Thanks much @joongkyo for the translation. ^^~ That article has been circulating on weibo and some say that that news portal has some credibility.. but hmm yup i'm with you re official confirmation.. Best that it came from both of their agencies. 


    Btw, I was so surprised to see this.. they're already on the front page of the Kr. news paper already?! I'm not so sure if it's the same article or not.


    -Credit SS/ Kikyo CP weibo-


    Hmmm.. but still .. do NOT rely on this.. 

    Been praying hard that they both attend tho.. lKGfgF.gif 

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  3. 1 hour ago, melissala said:

    It's 40 MINUTES left to vote.  Not hours.  Well, now 30 minutes.  We can relax. :P  They won.  The month long stressful ordeal is over.  Now they better both go right. :sweatingbullets:


    ROFL!!! YAAASSS MINUTES!! Hahahhaha! Oh NO i don't want another 2 days more to vote! :P  Hahahaha!

    Just too preoccupied with SHK's beauty i guess so typo. LOL Thanks Mel. Edited my post. Hehe. :sweatingbullets:


    Edit: @2cents thanks again for another info! Oh yah she's with the prestigious people as she is too.^^~

    Edit 2: TIME'S UP!! Yahoo!! We won!! We survived Baeksang!!


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  4. Download this app to watch the Beijing's CHANEL event live : http://shizhuang.ifeng.com/share/topic?id=116176 

    If you can and if it works for you. :)




    The app hung a lot on my tab so ugh.. I had to close it and besides I got bored too while watching without Kyo. Haha.  Maybe, I will try later.. ^^~

    Oh whoa so it's official that a DoTS Director's Cut DVD and Blue Ray will be released soon! I'm so gonna purchase the blue ray one. Yay! ♡


    And please don't forget to vote on Baeksang while waiting for SHK's appearance. Only 4 more hours left!! :lol:

    Here's an update: http://isplus.live.joins.com/100sang/Vote/v_sub1.aspx




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  5. 1 hour ago, Chewy Hoe said:

    Hmm from what I read and what pixies saw too. The Salon only said SHK choose the Color and never said that's SHK hands really. I don't remember her fingers being so Long...

    that is probably the hands of the manicurist and holding the name card to promote the shop. Why would SHK do that for them? 

    And I managed to find that video link of Baeksang trailer showing only SJK pointing a gun less than a second and no SHK but everyone else! 



    Thank you chewy and thepixies for letting us know! Yup.. Just realized.. I think those hands are not really SHK's. Sorry guys, will edit my post. Hehe. ^^~


    Hmm.. I made a comparison.. The hand on the right which some of us thought was Kyo's is (i think) same as on the left.. The bracelet/watch as well as the visible bulging veins on her wrist/forearm are the same too... I think they belong to one person -- the manicurist (most probably). Lol.


    Hope I made a point. rofl!


    And I'm with you re SHK holding the card to "promote the shop".. hmm ya nope!! :D

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